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The Debt

The Debt

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Published by Jon Vincent Deacon
A supporter had some ideas and asked me to publish her ideas. The idea behind this is to develop some viable solutions to real problems. She in no way intends for this to be an absolute, but it is just some ideas of hers. She cares. She is open to some suggestions as well--so feel free to comment.
A supporter had some ideas and asked me to publish her ideas. The idea behind this is to develop some viable solutions to real problems. She in no way intends for this to be an absolute, but it is just some ideas of hers. She cares. She is open to some suggestions as well--so feel free to comment.

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Published by: Jon Vincent Deacon on Feb 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A compilation of ideas to put into effect
February 1, 2013
First and foremost, what can we do about the national debt? Increased taxes for the richis definitely an option, the middle and lower classes are currently having a hard time puttingdecent meals on the table for their families. How can you protect those who have more thanenough while leaving those of us trying to figure out how to refill our oil tanks in the cold? If you are not agreeable on the latter you are not for the people.The people want an increase of at least twenty percent on the upper class. This is acommon sense decision there is no reason to hoard millions and billions while paying yourworkers 8.25 an hour. If the upper class population has an issue with this they are more thanwelcome to relocate to another country. If they leave that leaves a hole for a middle class orlower class business man to carve out a business.We would like to see higher taxes on corporations and lower taxes on small business.Small business makes up the majority of our jobs, yet the government repeatedly stomps onthem. If they could pull in more revenue they could hire more employees, and most smallbusinesses are personally involved with the community they live in. So this would increase jobs,and strengthen communities.We need to raise taxes on imports, decrease taxes on American made products. Let usface it, most of the world would love to see Americans lose it all. We are a proud people, there isnothing wrong with that, because of the
lax terms with China and other goodsproducing companies our jobs have moved out of our country. This has happened at an alarmingrate, there is a movement within this country to purchase American made let us make it easier!Open our oil fields, this increases jobs, decreases gas prices, and gives America therevenue to pursue other fuel options. There is no doubt the world will run out of oil in the not sofar away future, so why do we continue to support countries that may or may not support antiAmerican terrorists? We need to do this now, before Americans lose what little we have left. ByAmericans I speak of the average American citizen, whether born or immigrated, not of thosemaking millions off of the American people in the Capital, or the board room of a corporation.
Obviously those people that have stood upon the average man’s head to raise himself above all
have plenty to eat, and can raise their heat above sixty five degrees on a negative eight degreenight with a wind chill of negative twenty are doing quite well.No more food stamps for the poor, let us build up a new system. I would like to seecommunity managed pantries. Built off donations from local food companies, farmers, builders,and such. This is the responsibility of the people, and should not be controlled federally butlocally. As a local program we can better understand the needs of the people in o
ur area. Let’s
face the truth the federal government has not done a great job. TANF is Temp aid for needy
families, yet we provide no aide if both parents are present in the house. It’s time for a reform if 
you no longer consider having two parents present a family. Of course we want to outline andplace plan into action before we cut off food stamps. I personally have heard a girl scream at a
February 1, 2013
lady from the state “This is why I keep having kids.” When she found out her cash assistance
was lowered. We need to empower case managers in these cases with more than filling outpaperwork. Let them evaluate a person screaming this and deny them help. Ignorance is not anexcuse to depend on the government to raise your children.
Stop touching social security, I don’t
think I need to go further with that one. This wasnever the
money to spend, you cannot cut the funds because the government stolethe funds. Time to pay it back, with taxes.No more raises for any government officials, and possible pay cuts after the people havereviewed what each person in Government is being paid. As the people we are the hiringmanagers, and we feel as though the Government is overpaid. Being a politician is not a career,
it’s a calling. Yet we can no longer trust politici
ans. Of course a group of average Americans willbe elected to review these contracts and terms, with procedures as to how we will calculate theworth of each elected official. Also any politician found to take money from a corporation isimmediately FIRED. This is not acceptable, currently our politicians in office have more moneythan the next 4 generations will be able to spend. Why do they hoard money, other than to lordover people? We are all done with it.Ex-presidents, congressmen, senators, are already rich they do not need to keep collectingsalary from our tax money. If a retired public representative finds themselves in financial strainwe will have a procedure set up to ensure they can continue to live in reasonable comfort.Legalize Marijuana immediately. Do I really need to point out that this a grown from theearth substance, and should have never been illegal? This will create jobs, reduce crimes, andprobably prevent a few bar room brawls. On top of legalization, we want all prisoners chargedwith a crime related to marijuana released from prison, and jail. Let us make room for actualcriminals. This drug has not hurt anyone but the government has stood in front of making it legalbecause, God forbid, we get the seeds and grow it in our garden how do you tax that?Reduce the number of permits needed for building, and for adding to your homes.Seriously if I want to finish my basement, in a house I own, why do I need to check with thecity? It creates revenue, yes. But doing this dissuades people from home improvement,preventing those they would hire from having that job. I am not saying just the cost, the wholeheadache of getting a permit is not worth it to some people. Plus some luxuries are stamped outto cover the cost of paying the government for permission, once again blocking new jobs. Stopstomping on the middle class.This is a policy in the works. It is now released to the American people via social media,any questions or additions you would like to see should be emailed to cjpain@comcast.net any discussions will be on Facebook page we are all in this together. Please do not resort to standingoutside with signs so the rich can laugh at you as they eat their steak. We need to implode from

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