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Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Feb 20, 2009
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Ann Coulter
She is a famous woman. Coulter is the legal correspondent for HumanEvents and writes a popular syndicated column for Universal PressSyndicate
. Coulter also shows columns at www.townhall.com. She gracedcolumns, TV political shows, and other forums. On many occasions, whensomeone opposes her viewpoint, she claims that someone is a liberal or a traitoreven in an angry or yelling mood. I will have to tell the truth on this matterbecause she’s a fraud. She’s a neo-con not a conservative
 A neo-con supportsunrestrained war without Congressional approval or conclusive evidence,they support illegal laws like the Patriot Act & the Victory Act, theyembrace big government bureaucracies like Homeland Security, and theysubscribe to imperialism. Neo cons love to embrace other precepts that realliberals, real conservatives, and real independents strongly reject
neo-cons were once liberals like Michael Savage. On the summer of 2003, Alex Jones interviewed Ann Coulter on radio and refuted all of her points(and I don’t even agree with Alex Jones on every issue). Alex Jones is thetype that promotes paranoia and fear when we shouldn’t fear man at all. Weshould only fear God alone. We should live our lives with joy, determination, peace, and meekness. To this day, Jones won’t expose the Jesuit-inspiredPassion unbiblical film (which was directed by Alex Jones’ friend MelGibson. Gibson believes that non-Catholic Christians are going to Hellsince Mel is a Traditionalist), the Constantinian
Order, and other missinglinks in history.
Ann Coulter was very ignorant of basic historical facts such asbelieving that the original Patriot Act didn't violate our rights. Later, she said thatshe never read the Patriot Act, she denied that a Patriot Act II proposal exists,and she denied that Bush's grandfather (named Prescott Bush) funded the Nazi's(including other Bonesmen. This occurred during World War Two). Journalist JohnBuchannan went into the Library of Congress tofurther document the PrescottBush/Nazi ties.
 An old newspaper confirmed this information about PrescottBush (plus his allies) aiding the Nazis as well. Ann Coulter dismissed the existenceof the
CFR (Council On Foreign Relations),
denied that the U.S. Governmenttrained the 9/11 hijackers at the Pensecola Naval Air Station (according toMSNBC), and denied that Bohemian Grove is a secret, occult-inspiredorganization. Ann Coulter denied that Bush wants to take away our guns andbasically implied that anybody who defends the Constitution is a nut. Wow. AnnCoulter claims to have patriotism, yet she adhered to authoritarian policies of Bush(while criticizing Barack Obama when Obama is following the same thingsBush was doing previously).
 The Patriot Act with its blatant ambiguous,illegal sections (including sneak and peak provisions that violate the Fourth Amendment) so violate our rights, that an elementary school person canunderstand this.
 Are many neo-cons blindly following Bush for the sake of adhering to ideology?
The truth doesn't care about ideology. The truth sometimes ends allegiance toideology. My allegiance is to God alone not to ideology.
If a man or woman is"left" or "right" and agrees to fascism, there is no choice but to rebuke, reject,and carry on.
She dismissed the existence of the Council of Foreign Relations? Isshe smart? The Council of Foreign Relations even have their own website that I'vevisited plenty of times atwww.cfr.org/.wow. She is real good deceiver, I give thewoman that. Bush once wanted the outlaw of automatic handguns from law-abiding civilian citizens (that was stopped in 2004). Now, Barack Obama has theAttorney General Eric Holder who once supported the illegal D.C. gun ban. 9/11was a pure inside job wherefore intelligence agencies and other governmentofficials contributed to the destruction the Twin Towers and partly the Pentagon,
and in PA (via NORAD standing down, etc.). After the attacks, CFR member GaryHart called for the establishment of the globalist New World Order. There isconclusive evidence for the training of terrorists in Florida and foreknowledge bythe US government, so that really isn't an issue anymore. That's commonknowledge. Ann needs to wake up to what is going on. Defending the Constitutionis a nut? wow.
The Constitution is part of the laws of the USA. Historically, Nazities existed in the governments of America and Europe (way after WWII).Research confirms this from the website of www.maebrussell.com. MaeBrussell is another truth seeker of the 1980’s who died of mysterious reasons
.Here’s some people that refutes Ann Coulter’s book called “Treason” bypresenting fascists who had links to Nazis. [This is not a true representation of theRight, but extremists who are blatant fascists]:
2 images of Reinhard Gehlen. This “ex-Nazi” was one of the founders of themodern CIA. Gehlen was of course awarded by the Knights of Malta.
General Reinhard Gehlen
-He was Hitler’s chief intelligence office against theSoviet Union in the fake “Cold War.” Allen Dulles, an USA intelligence officer duringthe war and he had ties to the CIA. Allen Dulles chuckled on Gehlen that “He’s on

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