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Moraga Rotary Newsletter- Feb 19 2013

Moraga Rotary Newsletter- Feb 19 2013

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Published by Frank May
Here is the newsletter for the Rotary Club of Moraga, CA for Feb 19th, 2013. Our speaker today was Chris Lardge discussing Lawrence of Arabia. Our greeter and invocator was Grant Shoaf.
Here is the newsletter for the Rotary Club of Moraga, CA for Feb 19th, 2013. Our speaker today was Chris Lardge discussing Lawrence of Arabia. Our greeter and invocator was Grant Shoaf.

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Published by: Frank May on Feb 23, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FEBRUARY 19, 2013
NEXT MEETING: February 26, 2013Noon at Soda Center, SMC PROGRAM:
RotaCare,with Steve Polcyn and Helene Glaser 
Greeter & Invocation
Kevin Reneau
COMING UP ~~*March 5 --
Stewart McCullough: Foster Children’s
needs**March 12
“Bo” Morse: Disaster Aid in the Philippines
 *March 19
Mike Rosa: Staying Behind the Handlebars*March 26
Chief Bob Priebe: Effects on Service Levels*Regular weekly luncheon in Soda Center **Monthly evening meeting at Soda Center 
President Frank May
rang the bell to bring the meeting toorder, noting we have served the community and the worldfor 32 weeks over 45 years.
Grant Shoaf 
gave thethought for the day regarding Presidents Day, and led thePledge of Allegiance. Our one guest was
Chris Lardge
,our speaker. Announcements:
President Frank
implored Clubmembers to bring in auction items, buy horsesponsorships, and be available to sign up for jobs at Niteat the Races, just 3 ½ weeks from the meeting date. Sendin your reservations and checks, too. Most importantly,invite your friends to join us.
Tony Schoemehl
announced that
Rotary Field Day
isscheduled for the afternoon of 
Wednesday, May 15
atJMI. We
’ll need every member possible to work this
popular community service project.Recognitions:
President Frank
noted that no Rotariansshowed up on his birthday list, but acknowledged
that PegRender, Leslie Lynch, and Carol Irwin
all had birthdaysin the last week.
made a comment that fortunatelywas inaudible to the newsletter editor.
George Renworth and Dick Vance
have their bags
packed for Giants’ spring training in AZ. They announced
the Giants were a lock to win the World Series again nextyear, but didn
’t put up any Happy Bucks for it just yet.
Lad Lynch
held the winning raffle ticket
, but he couldn’t
locate the lucky marble, and thus missed out on $67.
- - - - P R O G R A M - - - -
Our speaker today was
Chris Lardge
, a local residentwho has made a hobby of preparing presentations aboutEnglish historical figures (even if they are never identifiedwith certainty). His topic today was about Thomas EdwardLawrence, a scholar, historian, soldier, and author, whowas more popularly known as
Lawrence of Arabia
 The movie of that name was released in 1962, a bit morethan 50 years ago, and won 7 Oscars that year including
“Best Picture”
. The movie took about two years to make,and was unusual in that there were no women in the cast.The first choices for the lead role were Marlon Brando and Albert Finney, but the eventual choice was Peter 
who had only been cast in one movie before.
O’Toole at 6’2” was much taller than Lawrence at 5’5’’
Lawrence was a teetotaler, where O’Toole was the
. O’Toole’s father’s occupation in Ireland wascharitably described as “bookie”, where Lawrence’s father 
was a landed gentleman. Actually
, Lawrence’s father had
two families, but wasn
’t married to his mother, Sarah
Chapman. The fact of Lawrence
’s illegitimacy wasn’t well
known until he was much older.Lawrence was the 2
son of five; the oldest became amedical missionary in India for a career, two others werekilled in WWII, and the other brother attended Cambridgeand became an architect. The family traveled around andthey lived at various times in Scotland, the ChannelIslands, and France, and eventually settled in the city of Oxford.Lawrence was a bicyclist who in 1908 traveled about 2000miles in France to tour crusader castles, and walked about1100 miles in two months in the Syrian desert. Whileworking on a degree in Modern History at MagdaleneCollege at Oxford, he participated in several archeologicaldigs for about 8 months of the year. He was quick to pickup languages and became fluent in French, Arabic and Aramaic, which became militarily useful when Great Britainfound it essential to defend the Suez Canal, their lifeline totheir colony in India, against the Turks.
Lawrence’s most famous deed was in WWII when he
persuaded desert tribes to invade the Red Sea port of  Aqaba, without orders and on his own authority. Aqabahad good defenses from seaborn invasion, but had nodefense from inland. After the war, Lawrence and his war exploits got lots of publicity from Lowell Thomas, he was able to appear in

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