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2008 And The New (Old) Nature Of Critical Infrastructure

2008 And The New (Old) Nature Of Critical Infrastructure



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Published by: dan@doxpara.com on Feb 20, 2009
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copyright IOActive, Inc. 2006, all rightsreserved.
DNS2008 and the new (old) nature of critical infrastructureDan KaminskyDirector of Penetration TestingIOActive, Inc.
 What a year!
Significant flaw found in DNS –You might have heard about itPretty extensive simultaneous patching operation ensued –Microsoft –Linux / ISC –Sun –Cisco –All released patches on July 8
Expected patch rate: 50% of servers after a year Achieved patch rate: ~66% after a few months –Patch rate is higher in terms of actual users protected – not perfect, buthigher Do we need more? –Yes.
I have never been a DNSSEC supporter.I’ve been researching DNS for many years, andI’ve been – at best – neutral about the technology. –I just didn’t think it mattered, and theengineering effort never seemed to be goingwell.What changed? –Software engineering realities became tooobvious to ignore.

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