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surgery Lec 2

surgery Lec 2

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Published by Eman Nazzal
surgery Lec 2
surgery Lec 2

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Published by: Eman Nazzal on Feb 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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anagement of wounds; Everybody of us are responsible to get awound.-we divided the
Traumatic wounds to :
-Sharp, pen
etrating: by knife, sharp thin wire.-Blunt: stone-Bullet:
Types of wound
We have a division of wounds due to the cause of it, and if thecause settles inside the body, or stroke the body without settlinginside:
Cut wounds
: during shaving, cutting meat.
Learning points ofthis lecture areabout:Wound, ulcer,fistula, cyst
The wound either betraumaticsurgical
happens byaccidents
made bysurgeons
most of our talk will beabouttraumaticwounds whichcause by Caraccidents, byFalling fromhigh places,,,etc.
Lacerated wounds
: when someone strikes u by a stone or stick andu get a wound, and u can describe that wound that its Broken andirregular.
Crushed wounds
: when a stone fall into someone or car hit him.
Wounds with skin loss
: by a drill, piece from skin loss in place of accident.
Examination of Wounds:
it’s a very important step, u must care of 
-By examine the wound I can know :-
the extension of the wounds,-how its deep, -if there is any associated injures
Associated injuries:
In emergency room there is a lot of cases about peoplecome with a horrible look, their heads covers with blood
when uput them on the table and remove the blood, cut the covering hair, may
found that’s
a very small wound
u must examine the woundcarefully, maybe inside that a small wound there is a stone, glass,breakage of bone, so the examination of the wound is very important, toknow the extent of the wounds, and to know if we have associatedinjures
the people concern about the superficial wound, but oftenthere are things inside are more serious,
we must care about the
, and
that there location in, or near theinjured site.
A patient
with an injured wrist by a knife, we haveunderneath that area artery and tendons that moven the fingers, thereis a nerve that moven the muscle, and the nerves that get us the
Examinationof Wounds
 It's asimportant ashistory if the patient wasunconscious.
and any one of them may get associated injure, so we haveto examine
Abdominal cavity
: Eg;
patient have an injury in the abdomen by athin sharp wire as example,,, so we must be aware about everything inthe place of injury
, to impose
the injury was near the spleen, we mustthink about the stomach, the colon, the kidney, even if it lookssuperficially not deep, but in deep may there is a server bleeding
Chest cavity
we must be aware about the lung the heart, maybethere is a collection of air or blood in plural space
cranial cavity
: Eg;
someone striking with stone, he come tohospital walking as normal, the wound was small, the Dr suture it
after six hours the patient come back in a coma, after a newexamination, the Dr found that the patient has a broken cranial bone,there is sub- cranial bleeding, that compress the brain
Types of Suturing:
Primary suturing
:if the wound was in the skin and clean we sutureit
Excision and primary suturing
we cutting from the wound andthen do suturing
Delayed primary suturing
I want to delay the suturing to nextday or like that.
Secondary suturing
suturing after a week, I can't suture it todayor tomorrow.
-Skin grafting
so u haveto ensurethere is noassociatedinjuries

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