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Classroom Management Portfolio

Classroom Management Portfolio

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Published by Lee Reighard
Classroom Management Portfolio
Classroom Management Portfolio

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Published by: Lee Reighard on Feb 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Classroom Management and Communication Plan
 Lee Reighard 
Classroom Rules and Procedures
Student Discipline Policy:
We are all here to learn from one another. Anything that detractsfrom our learning process will be a violation of our classroom code of conduct.
Student Communication Policy:
If you have any questions or concerns, you must come andtalk to me. I can only solve your problems if I know what they are.
Anti-Discrimination Policy:
You will be expected to treat
with the utmostrespect. This includes me, your classmates, other students, other teachers, and the public ingeneral. Any remarks or actions that denigrate any gender, race, ethnicity, religious group, or sexual orientation will be treated as a serious violation or our code of conduct.
Academic Honesty Policy:
Any proven incident of cheating or plagiarism may result in animmediate ‘0’ on the assignment or test in question, and will be brought before the AcademicReview Committee for further disposition.
Tardiness Policy:
School Policy States that you are required to be in the classroom when the bell rings. Any unexcused lateness will be a simple violation of the code of conduct
Late Work Policy:
All work will be completed in class. If you are unable to complete the work in the allotted time, please see me and we will make other arrangements.
Extra Credit Policy:
As assignments are not given for credit, there will not be extra credit. If you are unsatisfied with your grade, however, please see me and we will make arrangements for how to improve it.
Absentee Work Policy:
If you know you are going to be absent, you MUST talk to me beforehand in order to address missed content. If your absence is unplanned, you must come seeme the day you return in order to arrange a time to go through missed content.
Food & Drink Policy:
Water will be readily available in the classroom, however you must waituntil a natural break in order to obtain some. Snacks and gum will be allowed provided they donot serve as a distraction. If they become a distraction, they will become immediately banned.
Bathroom Policy:
 No more than one male and one female student may be gone to the bathroomat any given time. Please limit your time to five minutes.
Sharpening Pencils, Throwing away trash, etc.:
Please limit these things to natural breaks.Please have both pens and pencils so that, if you break a pencil, you can use a pen.
Every rule has exceptions. If you feel that your situation warrants an exception, please see me and we will discuss!
Violation ConsequencesSimple Violation – 
This is considered to be the most minor type of violation of the code of conduct, however consequences are still a part of these violations. 3 violations equal one
Serious Violation
First Offense:
Verbal Warning – Will discuss the offense withinone day and discuss ways to avoid future infractions.
Second Offense:
Written Warning – Will go into student’s classfile to be discussed during parent teacher conferences.
Third Offense:
Becomes a
Serious Violation.Serious Violation – 
This is considered a major offense which requiresdeeper intervention.
First Offense:
After class discussion about actions. Possibleinvolvement of parent or administrators
Second Offense:
Involvement of parent or administrator. Possibleformal intervention with school behavioral staff.
Third Offense:
Becomes an
Aggravated Violation.Aggravated Violation
 – These are the most serious types of offenses.These occur due to either multiple serious offenses, or any single eventthat could my construed as dangerous to anyone in the class.
First Offense:
Immediate removal from classroom environment.Possible intervention with Administration.
Second Offense:
Immediate intervention with both parents andAdministration involved. Suspension possible.

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