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MS Word Tips

MS Word Tips



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Published by Ketan
These are handy tips for shortcuts in MS Word
These are handy tips for shortcuts in MS Word

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Published by: Ketan on Feb 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Handy Tips on Microsoft Word
 These tips are necessary evils, but most works in almostevery Windows program, and most are easy to remember.So get to work memorize, memorize, memorize…
Adding Horizontal Dividers in Word
To add a variety of horizontal dividers in Word, type
characters and pressenter.
Hyphens ( --- )Underscores ( ___ )
Equal Signs ( === )Hash Signs ( ### )Asterisks ( *** )Tildes ( ~~~ )
 Type Out a Table in Word
You can create tables in Microsoft Word by simply typing out a string of PLUSSIGNS (+) and MINUS SIGNS (-).Start the row with a PLUS SIGN (+) and then type MINUS SIGN (-) until youhave the column width you want. To add a new column type PLUS SIGN (+)again. When you're done type a final PLUS SIGN (+) and press ENTER. Wordturns your text into a table. To add more rows to your table, move to the last cellin the table and press TAB.
Filling Word Documents with Pretend Text
If you want to fill a page(s) with text to test something like printing, but don'twant to spend time pasting the same phrase over and over,Type in
and press "enter 
.Where x and y are replaced by numbers.X would be the number of paragraphsY would be the number of sentences in a paragraph.The text that gets generated is ‘
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’ 
Select a vertical block of text
+ drag
Quickly Replicate Text or Graphics in Word
Here's a quick way to make copies of text or graphics in Word:1.Select the item or text you want to copy.2.Press and hold down the CTRL key.3.Then use the mouse to drag the item to the desired position.
A copy of the original item is made right where you want it. This is helpful whenyou're creating a document that will include a lot of repeated text or images.
Quickly Change Font Size in Office
To quickly change the font size in your Office application (Word, Front Page,Publisher or PowerPoint):1.Highlight the text you want to change2.Press:CTRL+SHIFT+> - To Increase the sizeCTRL+SHIFT+< - To Decrease the size
Use your keyboard to quickly change the case of text in Microsoft Word
Select the text you want to change and press SHIFT+F3. Each time you press theF3 key, the text case switches between Title Case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase.
Insert Current Date and Time in Word
You can insert the current date or time in a Word document using keyboardshortcuts. Here's how:1.Position the cursor where you want to insert the date or time.2.Do one of the following:
To insert the date, press ALT+SHIFT+D.
To insert the time, press ALT+SHIFT+T.
Close all word documents without closing Word
+ click the
menu then select
Close AllShift
+ clicking on the
menu give one more option
Save All
Return to the last place you were working
Return to the last place you were working or the place before that or before that.Press
repeatedly to return to last 5 cursor positions (even if one of those positions is in another open document).This one’s even cleverer, when you first open a document, press
to jump to the last place you or someone else edited before closing the document.
Cycle through all open documents

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