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How to Install Windows Xp Step by Step

How to Install Windows Xp Step by Step

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Published by Shiesa

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Published by: Shiesa on Feb 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to install windows xp step by step
Here is a basic guide to install windows xp ( for beginners ) . Before proceeding withthe installation, please make sure you have a compatible hardware resource ,Windows xp installation CD/DVD and Windows xp Key .let’s start ..Put the Windows xp installation CD / DVD into the CD / DVD Drive .» press
Delete Key
( Depends upon your motherboard / Brand ) . Select CD-ROM Drive[or]» You can change first boot device to CD-ROM in Bios Setup ( Mostly F2 key for Biossetup ).
Installation will start now. ( Follow the Screenshotsand steps ). windowsxp-step-1
Step 1» The Setup starts now ( you will see the screen like the picture 1 )Step 2» Inspecting something ( secret.. , Do not press anything until you see thenext step screen )Step 3» Press
for new installationStep 4» Press
to Agree terms and conditions ( Don’t try to read , it’s huge )Step 5» it will show the unpartitioned space of your Hard disk ( picture shows thespace in MB ie,40GB ) . press
to create a partition ( press Enter if you want to usewhole hard drive as a single partition ) .Step 6» Now you need to decide how much space you need for OS drive (ie, Cdrive) . For WindowsXP 25 GB is enough , just type 25600 (25 GB = 25600 MB) andpress
.Step 7» Now it will show the allocated space for OS drive and remaining space lefton the hard disk . just press
( we can create more Drives later ).Step 8» Now choose the type of Format . just choose NTFS ( Quick ) first option andpress
( Beginners , no questions ).Step 9» Setup is formatting the OS drive. ( No need to do anything until step 13 )Step 10» Setup will copy some files for installation .Step 11» System will get restarted after coping files .Step 12» Setup will install something in the background ( hey wait , not exactly inthe back. just relax).Step 13» Just leave as it is and press
.* Here it may ask windows xp product key . just type a valid key and press
(After validating your key it will goto next step).Step 14» Type your name and organization name . press
.Step 15» Type name of your computer and type administrator password or leave asit is and press
(We can change later) .Step 16» Select your Time zone and press
.Step 17» Again it will install something in the background .Step 18» Now you need to setup network connection . choose typical and press
( no one wants to assign IP , if you need you can choose custom and do it onyour own ) .Step 19» Leave as it is ( I don’t want confuse you at this stage ) . please press
.Step 20» It will install , register and save etc….. ( No need to do anything )

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