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The Voice of Freemasonry

The Voice of Freemasonry

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Published by Joe Vidulich
Volume 30, Number 1, 2013
Volume 30, Number 1, 2013

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Published by: Joe Vidulich on Feb 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stewardship may be our greatestresponsibility to the Craft and responsibleStewardship our greatest contribution.
Volume 30, Number 1, 2013
An Ofcial Publication o the Grand Lodgeo Free And Accepted Masons o Washington DC
Art and Photo Credits:
Photographs or images appearing in this issue, unless otherwiseindicated, are the work of the ofcial Grand Lodge Photographers, WB Jose Boggio, WB Burt Levyand WB Pablo J. Cordova; Masterpiece Studios of Olney, Maryland; the contributor or subject of therespective article; or obtained from open sources. Design work for the 2013 Grand Master’s pinby RWB Roman Volsky.
The Voice o Freemasonry
Volume 30, Number 1, 2013
Grand Master 
Grand SecretaryThe Voice of Freemasonry
is anofcial publication o the GrandLodge o Free And AcceptedMasons (F.A.A.M.) o the Districto Columbia. Unless otherwisenoted, articles appearing in this publication express only the privateopinion or assertions o the writer,and do not necessarily reectthe ofcial position o the GrandLodge. The jurisdiction speaks onlythrough the Grand Master, andwhen attested to as ofcial, in writ-ing, by the Grand Secretary.The editorial sta invites contri-butions in the orm o inormativearticles, reports, news and other timely inormation (o about 500to 1000 words in length) thatbroadly relate to Masonic law, lore,customs, history, symbolism, philos-ophy, responsibility o membership,etiquette, current events, and/or gen-eral public interest. When possible, photographs that illustrate these in-ormative articles should accompanythe submission. Pieces submittedshould be typed, double-spaced and preerably accompanied by a com- puter disk in a neutral PC ormat or  via e-mail to:
 Articles are subject to editing and,when published, become the prop-erty o the Grand Lodge, F.A.A.M.,o the District o Columbia. Nocompensation is allowed or anyarticles, photographs, or other ma-terials submitted or publication.Permission to reprint articles willbe granted upon written requestto the Editor rom recognized Ma-sonic publications and others. Whenreprinted, articles should note: “Re- printed with permission o 
The Voiceof Freemasonry
in the Nation’s Capi-tal, (volume), (number), (year).”Please direct all correspondence to:
THE VOICE OF FREEMASONRY 5428 MacArthur Blvd., N.W.Washington, DC 20016-2524Graphic design:
JP DESIGN :: print | web
 In This Issue
The Voice o Freemasonry
t is with pleasure and great honor that I address thismessage to you in my ofcial capacity as Grand Master,taking this opportunity to thank each and every Free-mason in this and many other jurisdictions, or havingcontributed and positively aected my Masonic growthand spiritual development. I have reached this point inmy lie while standing on shoulders o giants and learninga great deal rom many, and or that I will be ever grate-ul. My appreciation goes to the several very dedicatedand accomplished Masons who have worked hard and arestill always willing to continue the great work o building,together, a very distinct and respected brand o Freema-sonry in our Nation’s Capital – Washington DC. I came intoFreemasonry some twenty-seven years ago with the goalto learn, to improve mysel spiritually, and to become abetter man altogether. Thiscontinues to be my goal nomatter which position I mayhold. Today, I am called uponto serve in this high ofceo Grand Master o Masons,and to preside, or a shortwhile, over the destiny o the distinguished and honor-able Grand Lodge o Free And Accepted Masons o theDistrict o Columbia. I amhumbled by your confdencein me and I pledge to ulfllthe duties o this ofce to thebest o my ability with dignityand determination.This Masonic year o 2013marks the second year intothe third century o existenceo our Grand Lodge. Thoughwe can eel proud about thelegacy o our orbearers, onecan with discernment takenotice that we are living in very exciting moments orour Crat and our Grand Lodge. Freemasonry in theDistrict o Columbia and in the world is at a critical cross-road, with the situation we fnd the world in today. Ourtimes present a myriad o challenges o which we oughtto take notice and do our best as Masons to acilitate apositive outcome to the world’s social issues. While weclaim that we should be enabled through the use o theseveral tools and implements o Masonry to improve our-selves and, in turn, to positively aect the world aroundus; we need to make eorts to bring about that positivechange in the world, and thereby contribute eectively tohumanity as a whole.More specifcally, our goal in the year 2013should be maniested in living an exemplarylie, always demonstrating Masonry’s prin-ciple tenets o Brotherly Love, Relie, and Truth, therebyshowing to the world the good eects derived rom thepractice o our Noble Art.The ollowing ideas and programs will top the list o ourlabors and will be promoted during the year 2013:
Within Our Lodges
Though we have made considerable progress, a ew o our lodges still need a boost to continue being viableand completely independentin the perormance o theirduty o not only makingMasons, but also maintain-ing a level o excellence.Keeping the existing mem-bers active and energizedshould be as important asbringing in new members. Inthis eort, we need to recog-nize that it is critical to fndthe workable middle groundwhere the emerging genera-tion gap can be flled and allour members eel comort-able working together withredefned goals with whichwe all may identiy.We will encourage the devel-opment and promotion o sound plans and programs,including top notch educa-tional programs that will beo great interest to the manymen who are entrusting their valuable time to us ratherthan other pursuits whichcould be claiming their atten-tion. Particular ocus shouldbe given to keeping as manymembers as possible, young and seasoned, engaged andinterested in the lie and welare o our lodges. Continuityin the aairs o our organization should be promoted, aswe should not be building our lodge goals and programsrom scratch each year. A mentorship program should be implemented to encour-age past masters to coach ofcers while they advancethrough the lodge’s ofcer line. Additionally, experi-enced members should volunteer their time to work with youngerå and newer members to get them trained andeducated on the various subjects o interest in Masonry.
Grand Master’s Message
 Most Worshipful BrotherTeko A. Foly
The Voice o Freemasonry

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