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Commentary on the Security Agreement

Commentary on the Security Agreement

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Published by James Thomas

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Published by: James Thomas on Feb 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Qui Tam1.One cannot function withincommerce as the creditor,without first securing thetrade-name (straw-man) viasecurity agreement filed withUCC-1. THIS IS VITAL!2.To do that, is to file a proper-ly filed (get certified copy) se-curity agreement (called tack-ing) (see/locate a ‘securityagreement at a stationary sup- ply store or a financial institu-tion. As applied to ‘securedagreement(contract) under-stand and incorporate; consid-eration, obligation to perform,covenant to stand fees, se-cured parties right as holder indue course for title of propertythat’s been mortgaged , per-formance, installment loanson a retail basis (throughoutyour life!).3.Do not file (send) birth cer-tificate(s), bills of lading, cer-tificate of title, etc. DO NOTGIVE UP ‘holder in duecoursestatus in relation tothese various documents andinstruments!4.Keep in your possession alldocuments, receipts, instru-ments, etc. that are acceptedfor value, as holder in duecourse…against the straw-man!5.‘They’ (government, etc.) didnot steal your rights…becauseyour not a party to the Consti-tution. “They’ stole your ‘TI-TLES!’ Because rights as
to the
we hold.(see Droit Droit – in Black’sLaw) If your have no title, youhave no rights!
Prior to February 21,1871, there was a NationalGovernment! Since then, noone lives there! Same with allfifty states, with a handwrittenOriginal Organic Constitutionof the fifty states – you live ina Republic! You live in a Na-tional Republic- a Sovereign Nation. Since 1889 (and there-abouts), for most westernstates, those Constitutionshave been re-written. Their not organic/original- thei‘federal!’ It’s the federal,commercial, sub-division akamunicipal corporation - cor- porate sub-division of the fed-eral zone in Washington, D.C.[ It’s a Military District Cor- porate Commercial Venue!]6.If one does not take the secu-rity interest and ‘captureall property to the private side-away from the public
– you won’t have standing (incourt) when you do an accep-tance!7.SENARIO – You walk intocourt – the judge say’s “areyou the defendant?” You an-swer “Yea!” Judge say’s“OK- Sit Down, Shut-up-don’t bring up any of this con-stitution crap-if you talk I’mgonna have you gagged (youdebtor/slave) CAUSE I’VEGOT TITLE OVER YOU!!!8.Title is either real or imagi-nary. When a baby is born, bydefinition is considered“goods.” When the birth cer-tificate or live birth report ismade, it’s the Title! Certifi-cate of live birth is the evi-dence of Title. It’s not a bill of lading, it’s an indenture! Thelive birth report is the title andthat’s what’s registered in thePuerto Rico Trust #62! That’swhy you’re the corporatedebtor because you’re a bene-ficiary – you owe them for themaritime venture for profitand gain your on! NOTE; APPLY RESON,LOGIC AND COMMONSENSE! See TRESPASS(Black’s Law, etc.) Trespassalways deals with titles!ONLY the
Supreme Courts
of the fifty states have the ju-dicial power to make deter-minations over true titles!See COMMON LAWPLEADING by West Group)The lower agencies and ad-ministrative courts are
9. SO NOW- with a proper se-curity agreement and a UCC-1,with all listed property and if, for instance, your pulled over on atraffic stop, to the officer, “Whoare you talking to? When you ad-dress the defendant, are you talk-ing to the debtor or thecreditor(/), you see, I’m the sig-natory here, a secured party /cred-itor-holder in due course withstanding to defend MY TITLE tothe goods! Therein, the agent andthe black robed
does not have SUBJECT MAT-TER JURISDICTION over thecase! They have NO pledge to ad-minister!10. It’s a two-edged SWORD!Either ‘they’ have the Titleor ‘You’ got it! There’s onlyone way to get it, and that’sto give value for it first (viasecurity agreement). Only bygiving value in it can you ac-quire rights to it! And tohave perfect and complete ti-tle, along with Title, youhave to have right to possessit! You can only establish theright to possess it if you givevalue for it. Value can be ‘af-fection,’ it is enough to cre-ate ‘considerationfor con-tract/agreement. Same ap- plies to ‘duty!’

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