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FAQ about Islam, 2nd List

FAQ about Islam, 2nd List



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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
FAQ About Islam, second list of answers about Islam that were posted on Topix on various threads
FAQ About Islam, second list of answers about Islam that were posted on Topix on various threads

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Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Feb 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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#MainTopicSubTopicBranchQuestion Answer
1AbrahamIshmaelInheritanceWhat is therecord of IshmaelProgeny?
You have asked me about the record of progeny of Ishmael. Pardon me if my reply is a little longer. Itry myself to be as objective as I was to the other branch.1. As per Quran (And Bible too) Ishmael was born when Abraham prayed to God for a Son. His attriQuran is “GHULAM HALEEM” i.e. a boy ready to suffer and forbear. We can amply see it in Ishmwhen he was settled in Makkah and when he agreed for the sacrifice.2. Ishmael made a peace with other Arab tribes who came to Makkah in search of water. The city of Makkah grew and Abraham and Ishmael constructed the House of God (Kaabah) there, which exists tday. Ishmael and his progeny were not racist; they easily formed alliance with the other tribes living iArabia and became peaceful owners of their land of inheritance.3. They took to trading and as early as in times of Jacob had extended their trade as far as Egypt (As Sof Joseph tells us). Slowly and surely they became owners of the whole land of Arabia. They were lias traders and as nomads and were very very jealous about their independence. No foreign force coulrule over them4. In many centuries separating Ishmael and the time of our prophet. Progeny of Ishmael guarded theInheritance and never abandoned it even for a day. They perfected Arabic language, had all the qualitthat are necessary for desert life. Bravery, Honesty, Treating guests with honor and a very sharp mem5. Yes, They fell to the evil of Idolatry and other evils some time before the advent of our prophet. Bwas more as the result of ignorance than will full disobedience. Other evils present in Makkan societcould also be explained on the basis of ignorance or absence of guidance.. However they faithfully ato which ever practices they had inherited from Ishmael, like taking care of Kaaba and performing Ha6. When Prophet Mohammad was sent to them, they initially rejected him, but after 20 or so years of  preaching and warfare were convinced of the truth of his message. They whole heartedly entered intofaith. This entering into the faith was forever; they never doubted or deserted the faith.7. They took the message of Islam to all neighboring lands and invited every one to enter their faith. I
someone stopped their path with force, he was dealt with force. In a very short period of 25-50 years,spread to all portions of the civilized world.8. There have been many conquerors in the past and since, but no one like the Companions of the proEvery country they acquired accepted their faith, without coercion8A. Once the fighting stopped the reign of peace dwelt in. Muslims took to the study of Science,Mathematics Technology, Philosophy, literature and all other branches of knowledge. It was an era of and prosperity for major portion for the world. Muslims became the teacher of the world.9. One more thing, which they did, was that they guarded their Holy Scriptures with care and dedicatithat is unparalleled in the world. Quran and sayings of the prophet remain intact today as they wererevealed.10. In the end, their worldly power ended and they lost much of their earlier glory. But even in their they retained their qualities of forebear ness. They are not boastful and not bitter. They are not racistkeep the doors open to every one even today.11 So in the end I can say that Progeny of Ishmael defended their inheritance in letter and in spirit. Tdid not abandon it even for a day and therefore are rightful owners of their inheritance. . Now coming to the question of God’s Covenant with Abraham. From Bible it seems that all of a sudGod picked Abraham from the lot and made a covenant with him.While God has full power to do as He pleases, He is also a just and Wise God. His actions have far reaching reasons behind them.The trials of Abraham are not mentioned in Bible, you should look to Quran whenever you face a dilein any situation.As per Quran, Abraham was tested and tried more than any other human of his time. Quran says “ Anremember that Abraham was tried by the Lord with certain commands, which he fulfilled, He (God) swill make you a Leader to the nations” He (Abraham) pleaded “And also leaders from my offspring!”
God) answered “But my promise is not within the reach of evil doers” 2:125So the covenant with Abraham was made after he had passed the trials. The promise was not a gener  promise. Evildoers were exempted from it.Trials which Abraham undergone were many:a. As an early age, he was confronted with his idol maker father and his tribe. b. He suffered at their hands, he was even cast into fire, from which God saved him.c. He had to abandon the land of his fathers and had to settle in a strange land.d. When he was given a child (Ishmael) in his old age, he was asked to send his wife Hagar and infantin the distant land of Makkahe. When the Child becomes ten to twelve years, he was asked to sacrifice his only child to God.f. When Abraham passed all these tests only then he was made a leader of NationsSo it is logical that progeny of Abraham have to show good deeds in front of God to claim their inheria mere birth link is not sufficient in the eyes of God.In the parable OF prodigal son, The Son repents of his misdeeds and only then the father forgives himhave not seen any repentance from the Progeny of Isaac, but only their boasting and their pride and tracism. They have turned the land of Palestine into the land of weeping and the land of sorrow for itsoriginal inhabitants.The period I am talking about is from 70 CE till 1948 when Jews were banished from Palestine. It domatter if you vacate your claim willingly or unwillingly. After passage of such long time you loose alrights to your property.If you do not follow this principle, then you have to settle many more claims in the world!!.

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