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VHP Sampark Feb 2009

VHP Sampark Feb 2009

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Published by vhpsampark.org
Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sampark Vibhag Monthly Newsletter February 2009 www.vhpsampark.org
Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Sampark Vibhag Monthly Newsletter February 2009 www.vhpsampark.org

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Published by: vhpsampark.org on Feb 22, 2009
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VHP Sampark
Give us just 10 minutes. We’ll give you the truth that the secular media
Vol.1, No.10
February 2009
A Golden Day in Hindu history – Agalaxy of Hindu saints of all sects Join hands to launch Dharma RakshaManch – Urge Hindus to “Fightterrorism unitedly”
A view of a section of the galaxy of Hindu saints who addressed the massive 150,000 strong Dharma Raksha Rally inMumbai on January 29
sea of humanity, over 150,000 strong, converged on the Somaya Hospital grounds in Mumbai’s North
Eastern suburb of Sion in Mumbai, on January 29, to witness modern Hindu history in the making. A galaxy of Hindusaints, religious and spiritual leaders, and social workers from all over the country, from all sections and sects of this over 5000 year old civilization came together on one platform to launch the Dharma Raksha Manch. Thismemorable event took place in the background of the lengthening jihadi shadows and the creeping clandestine, attimes open Christianization of huge sections of our country’s Hindu population, sly, surreptitious sneaking in of decadent western values that are undermining the very foundations of our ages old spiritual, cultural andcivilizational heritage and are threatening our very freedom.
Presiding over the event, HH Asarambapu Maharajdeclared that terrorism should be fought both within and outside thecountry.He said that forces such as Christian missionaries and other vested interests inimical to the country have conspired todefame our holy saints through false propaganda, lies anddenigration. Shri Asaram Bapu also urged for the social andeconomic upliftment of the have-nots in society, and advised the community to inculcate initself faith in its spiritual and religious gurus. “Children”, ShriAsaram Bapu said, “must be brought up in a socially andculturally healthy way, and not be sent to schools thatbelieve in religious conversions”.
Notable among those present on the stage were
president Shri Ashok Singhal, Sadhvi Ritambhara,Swami Hansraj, Rameshwardas Maharaj from
Rishikesh, Raghwacharya Maharaj from Rewasa Peeth,Parmanand Maharaj, Krishan Muni Maharaj, Jain MuniVimal Sagar Maharaj, Ramkamaldas Vedanti fromKashi, Nrityagopaldas of Ramjanmabhoomi Trust, VHPgeneral secretary Dr Pravin Togadiya, RamvilasMaharaj, Devendranath Maharaj, Ravindraji Maharaj,Chaitanya Maharaj, Harigiri Maharaj, ShivshankargiriMaharaj and senior Sangh Pracharak Shri MadhubhaiKulkarni
In the inimitable fashion that is unique to her, SadhviRitambara observed that the country has never before beenso vulnerable as it is today. She said that instead of Jawaharlal Nehru, if Mahatma Gandhi made Sardar Patelthe Prime Minister, the country would not have been in sucha sorry plight.... The Sadhvi observed that whenever theMotherland has found itself in a crisis, saints and seershave risen up in its defense. She also gave a piece of her mind to the media asking it to be more professional andunbiased. “We have a dream of a United India and we willnot rest unless we realize it” declared the Sadhvi.While Akahda Parishad’s Gyandas Maharaj cautioned thegovernment not to be sympathetic to the perpetrators of terror, its General Secretary urged the media to bebipartisan and professional, Dharmagiri Maharaj deploredthe double standards of the Muslims who while rejecting acommon civil code in respect of personal laws and stickingto the shariat for the same, pointed out that they do notshow the same partiality in respect of application of shariatlaws for penal offences. He wondered when even Muslimcountries have a common penal and civil code, why Indiashould have a separate civil code for Muslims based on theshariat !!
Others who addressed the huge gathering included SwamiChinmayanand ,who said today’s government has damagedself-respect. He was of the opinion that if Afzal Guru hadbeen hanged, the November 26, 2008 incident in Mumbaiwould not have occurred. He challenged the terrorists tocome out of stealth and darkness and face our Jawans inhand-to-hand combat. Addressing the youth, he asked themto give their youth to the country so that a spiritual India isresurrected. He said the Preamble of Constitution shouldhave spiritualism rather than secularism. Tanpure Maharajof Varkari Sampraday said that Shivaji’s Maharashtracannot allow terrorism. And for this, he said, we should allcome together, overcoming the differences of caste andcreed and linguistic divisions.
 A section of the sea of humanity that gathered at the Rally 
Ramdayal Maharaj warned the government to stop ill-treatment of majority community under the guise of secularism. Parmatmanand Maharaj of Acharya Mahasabhawas of the opinion that increase in terrorism is a direct resultof lack of political will and determination.
Hindu leaders urgeMuslim clergy to issueFatwa against terror
Close up of some of the saints at the rally 
Sadhvi Ritambaraji HH Asarambapu Maharaj arriving at the venue
Padma Vibhushan for Catholic Nun Nirmala – None for any Hindu Saint
The Italian Catholic Antonia Maino a.k.a. Sonia Gandhi piloted sickular UPA government hasconferred the nation’s second highest honour, the Padma Vibhushan, on Catholic nun NIrmala.Nirmala who? Successor to the Polish nun Mother Theresa, recently declared saint by theVatican
No award for Baba Ramdev who has transformed the health of millions across the country. Why? He’s not branded by Rome
Why? Because it is a strictly sickular government. Itperhaps believes in its maxim, along with that of themercenary English media, : mercilessly hound Hindusaints and patriotic soldiers, cast aspersions on bravemartyrs like Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, raisemischievous questions about the death of HemantKaarkare, keep alive terrorists like Afzal Guru who havebeen sentenced to death, allow Quattrochi to escape withhis loot, turn a Nelson’s eye to large scale conversions bymissionaries and go soft on terror to keep its vote bankintact.Aren’t there Hindu holy men, known across the world for their spirituality, saintliness and contribution to worldwelfare. Isn’t the government aware of the excellent workdone by Shri Asaram Bapu, Baba Ramdev, Sri SriRavishankar? Perhaps not. Because they are Hindus. One
Late Parrmacharya, HH Sri Chandrasekara Sarasawati Of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.. A saint who walked theearth. But no honour for him. But he didn’t’ carry didn’t’ an Italian brand 
of the greatest sages of the last century, God to millionsacross the nation, HH Sri Chandrashekara Saaswati, thelate Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, whoinspired almost five generations of his countrymen shouldhave been awarded the Bharat Ratna. Perhaps he was nothonored thus because he was a people’s saint, Not aVatican branded saint.
And foreign brands somatter, particularly Italian ones, don’tthey?

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