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Saneeswara Gayathri

Saneeswara Gayathri



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Published by: api-26073219 on Feb 22, 2009
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Please remember thatEspecially praying Lord Sanidev on Saturday is more powerfull.
Herewith attached very rarest picture taken from Saneeswar just before Balalayaprathishta .Also Details to visit theonly one Saneeswar temple in Kerala. andSaneeswara Vajra panjarika Sthotram added
Download the picture and keep in your poojaroom with all respect and pray tosaneeswar for happy and to reduce sani dosham.
Saneeswara Stotram
Neelanjana Samabhasam
Raviputram yamagrajam
Chaya marthanda Sambhutham
Tham namami Saneeswaram
 Saneeswara Gayathri 
kakadhwajaya vidhmahe kadgha hasthaya deemahi thanno mantha prachaodayath. .." 
( Lord Saneeswara Gayathri - recite this 8 times in the morning)
For Sanee dhosham..there is only one Saneeswara temple in Kerala..it is veryold may be more than 7500 years ( believe that Prathishta done by sageNaradamuni and by the instruction of narada muni to reduce sanidoshamUdhistira, Arjuna,Bheema and even Dhuryodhana pray at this temple…. Near by around six kilometers away keralas only Dhuryodhana temple(pooruvazhyMala nada mutthappan) also for the evidence. After long period the temple wasProtected and prayed by Ponal kalarigurukkal family( believe that one of thewarrior from lord Sri Dharmashastha (Swamy) ). .
There after like our old temples nobody care and almost damage everythingexcept Saneeswar Idol.
Now with the help of some devotees Blalaya Prathishta was done after thatSaneeswar is happy and with very power full,(KSHIPRA PRASDHI)
Now the temple work is under progress.,(but very slowly. Because
the temple was managed by poor people). People from all religion are visitingSaneeswar 
and pray
 Your visit to temple and prayers and your contributions directly also expected.
Let us join together and Full fill the Construction of Saneeswar …(sorry I am only adevote same like you),Now we Some devottes are arranging a group to take over theConstruction and to Complete .I personally invite your personal interest to register your name for offers (pls dont mention your offers to me that can be directly you cando when you visit temple (I am not a man to collect any money or I am not anyauthourised person to collect any money on behalf of temple construction, )
So On behalf of Saneeswar as a Devotte I humbly request you and your relatives andfriends to join in this missionplease try to spread this information to all your relativesand friends, and inform them to visit Saneeswar temple and to pray.
The temple is situated atKannanmam.in kollam district. AtKerala. nearest places are sastham kotta.. Charumoodu or Bharanikkavu. .
and major nearesttowns are Kayamkulam , Karunagappilly, Pandalam( Sabarimala Swamy palace 
), Adoor and Kottarakkara.
Way to reach there
1.when you come
via Trivandrum
Via Ernakulam
get down atKAYAMKULAM
( a main railway station also KSRTC BUS STAND) from Kayamkulam travel on the way
( Around 13 kmsaway from kayamkulam) from
charumoodu toTamarakulam 
( around 5 kms) and from
Tamarakulam toKannamam market
(via Anayadi )around 4km and from
kannamammarket toSaneeswara temple
1.5km (one and a half kilometer)
2. If you are coming fromKottarkkara or Karunagappilli.... you should reach  Bharanikkavu(near toSasthamkotta. . )then frombharanikkavutokannamam chantha..viachakkuvally.thenkannnamam chanthatosaneeswara temple 1km.
3. If you are coming fromPandalamafter visiting pandalam Kottaram then Come on theway to Adoor after one kilometer from pandalam town there is Mission hospital .Infront of Mission hospitalroad going to Nooranadu( 7 km away from Pandalam ) , fromNooranadu to Kayamkulam route3.5 Km away isCharummoodu.then from charummoodu to saneeswara temple.
worship and opening times...
Morning 5.30 am to 9 am and evening5.pmto 7.30 pm
Saturday is the important day...
presently there is no facility to stay near by... If need to stay you should stay atpandalam , mavelikkara , karunagappilly , kayamkulam or adoor...
When you are going to temple take with you some Coconut... 3 or 4 (Pachathenga For Neeranjanam.. and when doing neeranjanam breake the cocunutand put ellukizhi on broken two parts of coconut and the eyed portion of Coconut should be keep on right part and eye less part on left side ) , 101 nos.cherunaranga make like a haram. by using white tread. and some vettila.( 101nos.) , Ellu payasam (not by us it will be done as vazhipadu).. for archanana..and pray . surly sanidhosham will reduce.
Impact of Shani on human life in this Kaliyuga
please take time and read the mail and try to understand the Impact of Shani on Humanlife in this Kaliyuga , most of the people think Sanidev is Cruel .. No he is kindfull to us.
Om Kaaka Dwajaaya Vidmahe , Khadga Hasthaaya Dheemahi,Thanno Manda Prachodayaath.
Om Namo Yama , Brahma Sametha Sree Shaneeswaraaya Namaha Om.
PS : Shani Bhagawaan is The Son of Soorya Bhagawaan and Elder Brother of Yama Dharma Raaja.
Om UmaaMaheshwaraabhya am Namaha Om ;Om LakshmiNaaraayaNaab hyaam Namaha Om.Om VaaNeeHiraNyagarbhy aabhyaam Namaha Om;Om Anantha Padmanaabhaaya Namh Om.
--The Impact of Lord Shani on Human Life
byShanicharananuagi Daati Madan MaharajThe planets control the whole Universe, but Lord Shani is the chief controller. Shani is also known as a chief controller among the juryof planets. Lord Shani decides the results of the fructification of our Karmas and all the planets give malefic or benefic resultsdepending upon such karmas of a native. We all living beings arebounded to the chains of our Karmas and have have to undergo their good and bad results. I would like to discuss herewith, about themost important and the only justified planet `Shani', about whompeople have a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings.To make you better understand the subject, I would like to explain toyou the basics about the other planets, before discussing about LordShani. The trinity Lords; i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha areresponsible for Generation, Operation and Destruction of theUniverse. To deliver us the results of our own actions, God himself has been incarnated in the form of the planets. Our classics clearlydeclare that all of these nine planets are the icons of variousincarnations of Lord Vishnu. So the Sun, the Moon, the Mars, theMercury, the Jupiter, the Venus, the Shani, the Rahu and the Ketu areknown to be the incarnations of Lord Rama, Krishna, Narsimha, Buddha,Vaman, Parashurama, Kurma, Varaha and Matsya respectively. There isanother fact regarding Lord Shani, which needs to be clearlyunderstood here over. It is that Lord Shani appeared as the son of Lord Sun, who himself is an incarnation of Idealistic Lord Rama.Apart from this, even all the occupants of divine land, do also comeunder the reign of the planets itself. This clarifies that theplanets are even more powerful than Lord Indra or any other god. The jurisdiction of the planets is larger than that of the god's himself.

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