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Letter to Lt.Gov. on Advertisement Scam by Mayor East Delhi

Letter to Lt.Gov. on Advertisement Scam by Mayor East Delhi

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Published by Annapurna Mishra
This is with reference to Inquiry report forwarded by Commissioner EDMC and submitted to him by Shri J.B. Singh in respect to irregularities, negligence of duty and corruption in EDMC’s advertisement department.
This is with reference to Inquiry report forwarded by Commissioner EDMC and submitted to him by Shri J.B. Singh in respect to irregularities, negligence of duty and corruption in EDMC’s advertisement department.

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Published by: Annapurna Mishra on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Feb. 2013To Hon'ble Lt. Governor  National Capital Territory of Delhi New Delhi
Sub. – Regarding biased inquiry into Unipole issue
Respected Sir,
 This is with reference to Inquiry report forwarded by Commissioner EDMCand submitted to him by Shri J.B. Singh in respect to irregularities,negligence of duty and corruption in EDMC’s advertisement department.I am deeply disappointed and sad by the manner Mr. J.B. Singh has triedto not only save his fellow officials but has also ignored the facts, violatedall principals of independent inquiry and has even praised andappreciated the officials who were caught red handed during that surprisevisit in presence of media. Through this report he is not only trying to favour the officials responsiblefor illegal unipoles in the EDMC area but is also trying to “bluff” thepeople, media, elected representatives, Commissioner of EDMC, DirectorLocal Bodies and Hon’ble Lt. Governor, who all are keenly observing theprogress in this case.Here are some obvious questions and observations:-
First of all, I would like to ask why Mr. J.B. Singh was given theresponsibility to carry out the inquiry when we have a specializedvigilance department for the same. From the report it is very clearthat Mr. J.B. Sing was not only handling his regular EDMC work buthas some extra responsibilities as well like “Election Duty” in Tripura(Page no. 4, Point 9).
Why the responsibility of Inquiry intosuch a serious issue has been given to an officer who wasavailable only “part-time” for this inquiry and not to thevigilance department that has required skill, expertise andexperience of carrying out similar inquiries?
Why an officer that has a close working relationship with “officialsunder inquiry” has been asked to carry out the inquiry? I am raisingthese questions not only because
it is in violation of basicprinciples of independent inquiry and justice
but also in thisspecific case, this is an important reason behind the biased natureof this inquiry.
In his report Mr. J.B. Singh has gone into history of advertisementdepartment and work in last 7 months. I am not able to understandthe purpose behind this as he was asked to inquire into specificcases of illegal unipoles only. Throughout his report he has tried todraw a colourful performance chart of the advertisementdepartment officials. Let me remind him here that
improvementin performance has taken place in all EDMC departments inlast Ten months and that can’t be a justification forirregularities, negligence and corruption
The most shocking part
of the inquiry is that next day of mysurprise visit which has exposed the high number of illegal unipoles,
same officials were asked to carry out Inspection againstwhom the inquiry was being conducted.
In my letter to Commissioner, I have clearly written that fiveofficials including the Deputy Commissioner, CommercialOfficer, Chief Advertisement Officer (CAI), and two areainspectors should be suspended to ensure a fair andindependent inquiry. Out of these five, Four Officials werepart of the inspection team that was asked to submit areport on the status. And to begin with, this inspection wasdirected by the Deputy Commissioner, the fifth officer in thelist. (Pls refer to Annexure C, Para. 1)
Same officials were carrying out the inspection against whom theinquiry was being conducted and Mr. J.B. Singh has not only happilyaccepted their report but is also highlighting the fact that inspectionteam has found only 6 illegal unipoles next day.
What else was heexpecting from the people under inquiry?This is clear violation of all guidelines and principles of independent inquiry and can not be accepted.
Another shocking aspect of this inquiry is that Mr. J.B. Singh hastried to carry out this
investigation by solely depending uponthe facts given to him by officials under inquiry.
He has nevertried to reach out to media teams who have covered the surprise
visit and have exposed the rampant irregularities, nor has hereached out to any elected representative of that area.
Another very shocking and hard to believe fact about this inquiry isthat throughout his inquiry report Mr. J.B. Singh has stressed on thefact that there were only 6 illegal unipoles found by inspection teamand my complaint has no evidence, however he convenientlyforgets to mention that EDMC’s Commercial Officer Mr.Vinit Gautamhimself has written letter to four police stations on 16
Jan. 2013,asking to register cases against 10 commercial units for illegalunipoles.
The question is if the inquiry report is right andthere were only 6 illegal unipoles found by the team, thenwhy the case has been registered against 10 commercialunits?
This is just one more example of how Mr. Singh hasmentioned only convenient facts, and completely ignored even thereports and facts which were out there in media and public domain.
Mr. J.B. Singh has come to my office on 21
of January for fewminutes and has hurriedly summed up his report on 24
Jan. 2013. Iwas also surprised why suddenly almost two weeks after thesurprise visit Mr. J.B. Singh is asking me to give my version.
All thiswhile the officials were given a free hand to play with thefacts, carry out their own inspection.
In his report point no. 14, Mr. J.B. Singh has even used some highlyobjectionable and careless language about me, “if the matter wasso important, she should have….etc.” The language is not onlyderogatory to the Public Post that I am currently serving but is alsoan attempt to divert the attention from the real issue under inquiry.It is difficult to understand what he is trying to prove here.
a.Does he as inquiry officer was of the view that the matteris not important?
Was he ignorant of the fact that it was me as
Mayor of EastDelhi who has organized a surprise visit and exposed thecorruption?
 This is a clear attempt to
questioning back the “whistleblower”.
If this is the attitude of Inquiry Officer towards me,
I canimagine how difficult would it be for a common man tolodge a complaint and get an independent inquiry.

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