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VECLife Summer 2012

VECLife Summer 2012

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Published by VictoriaPDF
Victoria Education Centre's tri-annual newsletter.
Victoria Education Centre's tri-annual newsletter.

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Published by: VictoriaPDF on Feb 26, 2013
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By Rob Belbin
Ready? Set? Go!
Hello and welcome to the Summer edition of VECLife. Well! What abusy Summer it is this year whatwith the Jubilee celebrations, Euro2012, Wimbledon, England hostingSouth Africa in the test arena andthe icing on the cake the Olympicand Paralympic games. To add our own stamp on theproceedings this months issue isvery much sportingly themed with awealth of sports stories andreportage, bringing you a completepicture of our sporting activities hereat VEC and how sport
our students in so many ways. Also inthis issue an unmissable megaSparkle announcement, an excellentblog on our recent Sports Week andif you missed our stunning recentdrama production you can catch up
in “curtain call”. Add to the menu a
Royal visit and our usual mix of news, views and all things VEC andyou are in for a tasty dish indeed.
Finally I‟d like to thank all
contributors with a special thanksgoing to Ann Harden who is retiringthis term for her great photographiccontribution over the years.
Achieving Through Believing
Education Centre& Sports College
Inside This Issue
Sparkle Special NewsP3 Brazilian Odyssey!P5 VEC Parachute JumpP6 PPG News with NickyP18 Classroom Catch-upP19 
Termly Newsletter of news and events for parents, our patrons and supporters.
News In Brief 
Victoria EducationCentre is now live onFacebook. Our page isadministered as abusiness page so you donot need a Facebookaccount to access it. Besure to log on regularlyto keep up to date withforthcoming events,photos and videos andeverything else VEC.£200 was raised for Sparkle in a recent bakesale. All manner of scrumptious daintieswere on sale in recep-tion. Thanks to all whocontributed.This years Tesco vouch-ers for schools schemehas been brilliant. Every-one has been so consci-entious in bringing intheir vouchers we havemanaged to get an ex-cellent total of 29,078. Also donating their vouchers to us this year were Barclays BankCanford Cliffs andWessex Water. Theclasses benefiting thisyear are Jens
Lammering‟s life skills
group, Class CN, ClassJWI and Post 16 MHwith books, videocameras and a wholerange of supportmaterials on order.Thank you one and all.
 After so much speculation and anticipation Great
Britain‟s Olympics and Paralympics are now fast
approaching us. It seems only yesterday that so manystudents and staff were crammed into the fitness roomto watch the historic moment when IOC presidentJacques Rogge made the dramatic announcement thatLondon had beaten Paris in the race to host the 2012games.The sense of excitement and togetherness wasoverwhelming in that room with so many students andex students knowing that this once in a lifetimeopportunity was coming to our country. Since that daystudents and staff at Victoria have built on so manyexperiences and successes to enhance the value of the games letting them influence what we do everyday. Each and every student demonstrates realcommitment to the Olympic and Paralympic values of,Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Determination,Inspiration, Courage and Equality no matter what their age or ability.In sport our students continue to succeed at thehighest level competing at Regional, National andInternational levels and its with great excitement thatwe will watch our ex student Maxine Moore representGreat Britain in the F32 Club throw in the ParalympicGames. Of course all this would not be possiblewithout the huge efforts of so many staff who give up
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Hello, GoodbyeP8 SaLT NewsP9 Resi Faith GroupP11 Performing Arts NewsP12-14 Residential NewsP15 Sports News ExtraP16 
By Rhiannon Beer 
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time in evenings and weekends to support thestudents, without them none of the achievementsof which we are all so proud would be possible. As we move forward there is still so much to lookforward to in sport, through the Paralympic andOlympic work done Victoria has become nationallyrecognised as a centre of excellence in sport andthis is sure to bring many more opportunities for all of our students in the future.We would like to wish everyone a very happysummer of sport, if you are lucky enough to havetickets, are travelling with the school to the Para-lympics or watching on the TV enjoy watchingand being proud of everything we have achievedas a school and country in this amazingopportunity for us all.
VEC Chosen For Charity Scheme
VEC has been selected to take part in theCommunity Matters Scheme by John LewisPoole. Every three months each shop selectsthree community groups to help. Customers thenbecome directly involved in deciding how mucheach nominated group receives, by using a tokento vote for the organisation they'd like to support.Each shop has £3000 to donate which will besplit between the charities according to theproportion of the vote they've received fromcustomers. This means that if a charity receives31% of the votes, it'll receive a £910 donation.Charities will receive support in whichever waywill benefit them the most, either in the form of John Lewis products, volunteering time fromPartners, or as financial support.
From the last VEC life many of you mayremember that a group of us were intraining for the moonwalk
26 mile walkaround London at night, wearingdecorated bras to raise awareness of breast cancer, on the 12
May. I amdelighted to report that we all completedthe challenge and would like to thankeveryone who supported us either throughdonations, sponsorship, purchasing cakes,badges or bacon butties. We would like toextend our special thanks to Sue Stratisand Andre Kirby for giving up their timeand driving the team to and from London.
Moon Girls Report
Ramon Meets HRH
 Sparkle Update 
We’ve Made it!!!!!!!
 We have raised £2.8 million for the new hydrotherapypool due to the generous donations of time and moneyfrom a wide range of local supporters, VEC staff,charitable trusts and local businesses.Thank you to everyone!
Monday 9
a visit to remember 
To celebrate the official start of the new hydro-therapy pool, VEC welcomed Princess Anne tounveil a plaque to commemorate this wonderfulmoment. During her visit, Princess Anne talkedto many pupils and staff and watched KieranCollins dig the first turf. Lucky pupils who metthe Princess were Sophie Pritchett, RamonHansford, Sam Bird and Danielle Crowe pre-
sented a posy. Other local „celebrity‟ guests at-
tended including Chris Jarvis, Harry Redknappand Esther Rantzen. Chris and Harry were es-pecially welcomed by staff and pupils and spenttime signing autographs. They are both lookingforward to returning to VEC in the near future
 Chris will be performing his CBeebies Show on17
a free event for pupils and their families.
A round-up of fundraising since AprilStaff and students
have been really wonderfulthis term organising events from dress downdays to cake sales to raise funds and 11 staff are sky diving too! So thank you to you all! A big thank you to Kieran Collins' Granddad whoregularly sends us a collecting tin - since Aprilwe have received £65.00The Red, White and Blue Day raised £73.26
 so thank you to everyone who took part and do-nated.Paula Allcroft has been a great support to theSparkle Appeal by organising events, collectingraffle prizes and sky diving
thank you Paula for all your support.Thanks also to Chris Tarring who manages thereception book sales
this is great for staff andfor Sparkle and since April has raised £130.00These may be smallish amounts when compared tocharitable trust donations, but they mount up andare very welcome.
Local schools and collegesBournemouth Collegiate School
visited in May topresent us with a cheque for £4,372.14 which wasthe proceeds from a Winter Ball that the School or-ganised
through contacts at the school, we havealso received money from two other charitabletrusts.
Park School
have held a number of events thisterm and are sending us a cheque for £2,000 about£400 of this will be match funded by Barclays whichis a welcome bonus.
Talbot Heath School
have adopted Sparkle astheir charity of the year and so far we have received
£275 from one form‟s charity week.
 Green Cottage Riding Centre donated the proceeds
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