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Table Of Contents

Chronological History of Wind Turbine Technology
1.1 Introduction
1.3 Benefts and Disadvantages of Wind Turbine Technology
1.3.1 Benefts
1.3.2 Disadvantages
1.3.3 Unique Installation Requirements
1.3.4 Repowering to Increase Output by Existing Turbines
1.4 Worldwide Utilization of Wind Turbines
1.4.1 Denmark
1.4.2 Germany
1.4.3 China
1.4.4 United States
1.4.5 Canada
1.4.6 Belgium and the Netherlands
1.4.7 United Kingdom
1.4.8 France
1.4.9 Russia
1.4.10 Italy
1.4.11 Early Wind Turbine Development: Summary
1.5 Operating Principles of Wind Turbines
1.6 Wind Turbine Classifcations
1.6.1 Utility-Scale Wind Turbine Sources
1.6.3 Small-Scale Wind Turbines
1.6.5 Total Installed Cost for 5-kW Wind Turbine in 2009
1.6.6 Wind Turbine and Tower Installers
1.6.7 Potential Applications of Small Wind Turbines
1.6.8 Intermediate-Scale Wind Turbines
1.7 Wind Farm Developers
1.7.1 Wind Farm Dealers
1.7.2 Renewable Energy Professionals
1.8 Design Confgurations
1.8.4 Hybrid Solar-Wind Turbine System Confgurations
1.8.6 Critical Electrical Components
1.9 Next Generation Wind Turbines with Unique Features
1.9.1 Helix Wind Turbines
1.9.2 Wind Turbines Operating from Ocean Surfaces
1.9.3 Wind Turbine Design Based on Jet Engine
1.9.4 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
1.9.5 Floating Offshore Wind Turbines
1.10 Typical Wind Power Estimates for United States
1.11 Summary
Design Aspects and Performance Requirements
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Types of Wind Turbines
2.2.1 Windmills
2.2.2 Farm Type and Dutch Type Wind Turbines
2.3 Modern Wind Turbines
2.3.1 Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)
2.3.2 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)
2.3.3 VAWT Operating Requirements
2.3.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of VAWTs
2.3.5 Operational Diffculties of VAWTs
2.3.7 Understanding Flow Phenomena of VAWTs
2.3.8 Early European Wind Turbines
2.4 Off-Design Performance
2.4.1 Critical Design Aspects
2.4.4 Performance Enhancement Schemes
2.5 Techniques for Capturing Large Amounts of Wind Energy
2.5.2 Techniques for Achieving High Power Coeffcients Wind Parameters over Ridges and Hills Variations in Wind Speed and Direction
2.5.4 Fundamental Properties of Wind Energy Available Wind Power Power Generated from Wind Energy
2.6 Annual Energy Acquisition from Specifed Wind Turbine Site
2.6.1 Requirements for Long-Term Capture of Wind Energy
2.6.2 Impact of Wind Speed on Wind Energy Density
2.6.4 Energy Integrals for Savonius Rotor in VAWT
2.6.7 Computations of Power Coeffcients
2.7 Estimating Annual Hours of Capturing Wind Energy
2.7.1 Annual Hours Estimation Using Empirical Method
2.7.3 Parameters Affecting Performance
2.8 Summary
3.1 Introduction
3.1.1 Rotor Types and Their Performance Capabilities Rotor Blades
3.2 One-Dimensional Theory for Ideal Rotor
3.2.1 Axial Momentum Equation in Integral Format
3.2.5 Effects of Rotation
3.2.6 Tip Speed Ratio of Rotor Properties of Airfoils
3.3 Two-Dimensional Aerodynamic Model
3.4.1 Parameters Affected by Streamlines Flowing over Wing
3.4.2 Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces
3.4.3 Vortex System behind Modern Wind Turbine
3.5 Rotor Design Requirements for Wind Farm Applications
3.5.1 Rotor Performance
3.5.2 Material Requirements for Rotor Blades
3.6 Hydrodynamic Analysis of Flow over Rotor
3.6.1 Two-Dimensional Flow Analysis over Sphere
3.6.2 Two-Dimensional Flow Analysis over Cylinder
3.6.3 Power Generated by Windstream
3.7 Summary
Wind Turbine Blade Design Requirements
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Analysis of Performance of Propeller Blades
4.2.1 Aerodynamic Performance Analysis of Blade Elements
4.2.2 Thrust and Power on Annular Area of Blade
4.2.3 Conditions for Maximum Power Output
4.3 Blade Performance
4.3.1 Power Coeffcient
4.3.2 Axial Interference Factor
4.3.3 Torque Grading Coeffcient
4.3.4 Blade Loading Coeffcient
4.3.7 Variations in Pitch Angle as Functions of Radius
4.3.8 Forces Acting on Blades
4.3.9 Mechanical Integrity Structural Parameters and Stresses
4.5 Material Requirements for Blades
4.6 Critical Features of Blade Section
4.6.2 Role of Wind Triangle
4.7 Summary
5.2 Regulation Control Systems
5.2.1 Pitch Regulation Control
5.2.2 Description of Pitch Regulation Control System
5.2.3 Yaw Control System
5.3 Sensors for Monitoring Wind Parameters
5.4 Transmission Systems
5.5 Electrical Generators
5.5.1 Induction Generators
5.5.2 Rotor Confgurations for Induction Generators
5.7 Critical Rotor Performance Parameters
5.7.1 Rotor Design Classifcations
5.7.2 Dynamic Stability and Structural Integrity
5.7.3 Monitoring of Stress Parameters
5.7.4 Stall Regulated Rotors
5.11.1 Bearing Reliability
5.12 Impacts of Loadings on Structural Integrity of Wind Turbine
5.12.1 Impact of Gravitational Loading
5.12.2 Impact of Inertial Loading
5.12.3 Impact of Aerodynamic Loading
5.13 Summary
Stand-Alone Wind Turbine Systems
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Historical Background: Use at Remote Sites
6.3 Confgurations of Stand-Alone Systems
6.3.1 Hybrid System with Back-Up Capability
6.3.2 Micro Wind Turbines
6.3.3 Applications of Micro Wind Turbines
6.3.4 Micro Wind Turbines for Rural Electrifcation
6.3.5 Power Generating Capacity
6.3.6 Telecommunications Applications in Remote Areas
6.3.7 Cost Reduction Techniques
6.3.8 Reducing Power Demands
6.3.9 Typical Energy Consumption by Electrical Appliances
6.3.10 Techniques for Reducing Energy Consumption
6.4 Stand-Alone Systems for Remote Sites
6.4.1 Refrigeration Appliances
6.4.2 Air Conditioning Units
6.4.3 Selection of AC or DC Operation
6.6 Stand-Alone Systems with Utility Power Back-Up
6.6.1 Economic Aspects of Remote Systems
6.6.2 Cost Analysis for Stand-Alone Hybrid System
6.7.1 Telecommunications
6.7.2 Performance Capabilities of HR 3 Hybrid
6.7.3 Fuel Savings from Use of Hybrid Systems
6.8 Hybrid Systems for Village Electrifcation
6.8.1 Successful Examples
6.8.3 Estimating Pumping Capacity of Farm Windmill
6.8.4 Hybrid Wind Turbines for Economic Electrifcation
6.9 Multitasking Wind Turbines
6.9.1 Low-Power Turbine Applications
6.9.2 Design Requirements for Irrigation
6.9.3 Annual Energy Outputs of Wind Turbines
7.2.2 In-Ducts-through-Buildings Confguration
7.2.3 Close-to-a-Building Confguration
7.3 Energy Design Buildings
7.3.1 Requirements for Built Environments
7.3.3 Wind Potential in Built Environments Atmospheric Boundary Layers Vertical Wind Speed Gradient
7.4 Local Wind Characteristics in Built Environments
7.4.1 Building Characterization
7.4.2 Streamlines around Buildings with Sharp Edges
7.4.3 Drag Force Components
7.4.4 Air Flow Properties Hydrodynamic Analysis of Flow over Sphere
7.5 Impact of Built Environment on BAWT Performance
7.5.1 Aerodynamic Noise Levels
7.5.3 Noise Arising from Nearby Wind Turbines
7.5.4 Induced Vibrations from Turbine Blades
7.5.5 Shadow Flicker from Blades
7.5.6 Turbulent Structures
7.5.8 Yawed Flow Requirements in Built Environment Drag-Driven Wind Turbine Lift-Driven Wind Turbine Deceleration of Air by Rotor Power Absorbed by Actuator Hybrid-Driven Wind Turbines
7.6 Summary
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Environmental Factors and Other Critical Issues
8.2.1 Choice of Installation Site
8.2.2 Wind Features and Their Effects
8.2.4 Impact of Volumetric Flow Rate on Performance
8.2.5 Maximum Extractable Power
8.2.6 Power Coeffcient
8.2.7 Output Torque Performance
8.3 Problems Arising from Large Windstream Diameters
8.3.1 Higher Noise Levels
8.3.2 Ambient Noise from Installation Site
8.3.3 Television and Radio Interference
8.3.4 Quantitative Description of Wind Turbine Noise
8.4.1 Mechanical Shaft Power
8.5 Justifcation of Wind Turbine Installation Based on Economics
8.5.1 Continuous Availability of Electrical Energy
8.5.2 Estimating Procurement Costs
8.5.3 Per-Kilowatt Electrical Energy Cost
8.8 Summary
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