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The Real Universe

The Real Universe

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Published by James Bradley
Random action or is there a Creator, personal belief is the key -
Random action or is there a Creator, personal belief is the key -

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: James Bradley on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 James L Bradley “Kanook”February 26
, 2012
Interest has once again spun off into the direction of a superior intelligentdesign, as to the supposedly infinite Universe we’re spinning about within…whereas a recently released scientific composition authored by Silas Beanefrom Germany’s University of Bonn presents strong “statistical” evidence that“our” reality is nothing but a grand computer simulation. The title of thepaper is “Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation.”
In other words, everything around us was brought into existence byDesign.On your digital device you use for viewing information from whereverremember that the information, words, pictures or video’s are presented viaa finite number of pixels, where the pixel is a single physical point on thescreen. The pixel is the smallest addressable (each pixel has its own digitaladdress) with each address corresponding to its physical coordinates, nowthe speed in which your magic box displays these individual pixels dependson the processing power of the processing unit on board – dictated by theinternal timing circuits and the ability of the unit to create the “sweep” rates. This understood your computer display screen is designated as employing a“screen resolution”, such s 1920 x 1440 – or 1920 pixels across and 1440pixels vertically or there are 2,764,800 pixels on the screen each with its owndigital address or name. The incoming information has within it a commandthat tells the pixel what it must do to make the information understandableto the viewer…clear?
Everything you view must be drawn and depicted using these pixels, keepin mind that the display can “never” display a half-pixel – in this every game,website, video, word processing or other units is transposed onto the2,764,800 lattice (1920x1440).Here in the “real” world we think there are “no” pixels consequently wemove fluidly to any location we desire, we are not a digitized entity, in otherwords we are “beings” existing in a fluid world without the required“pixilation” of computer screen – we think. Then again the paper from Germany says that our “reality” is alsopixilated, albeit at a much finer or even very, very fine resolution created bythe energy level of the Universes cosmic rays. In other words, the laws of electromagnetic radiation are confined in the 3-dimensional simulation welabel the Universe. At the end-of-the-day this “concept” (if proven) leads tothe fact of Intelligent Design by a “conscious Creator” who put the wholemess together to begin with. Naturally a conclusion that a majority of scientists, scholars if you must, refuse to acknowledge – while othersmaintain that the conclusion is in-escapable – whereas if our Universe is acarefully-constructed simulation, then by “definition” there must have been apurpose behind it construction as well as a Creator who put it together.Personally, as an individual who has tossed numbers around during mycareer, I have never deviated from my belief that there were too manycoincidences to explain away, one being that my ancestors crawled ashoremany years ago along the banks of a small stream, and moved onto a muddybank in some overly warm swamp to evolve into something that is nowexploring the heavens. One other item, small to be sure, but there is toomuch human diversity running about to tie to one small creature basking inthe slime far back in out past.Although I also believe that it “might” be true we were created at a muchhigher level than the apes, there has been over time individuals who havebeen able to “bend the rules” so to speak in our history that are referenced insome of our ancient texts. The authors of this “new” paper note their conclusion: “The numericalsimulation scenario could reveal itself in the distributions of the highestenergy cosmic rays exhibiting a degree of rotational symmetry breaking that
reflects the structure of the underlying lattice.” In simple words this“underlying lattice” is described as “resolution” of our physical simulation.Remember it is within “Plank’s Constant” that we find that the physicalUniverse is quantized to a particular resolution, and we also know that “light”behaves in quantized supported by the fact that “light packets” are labeled“quanta”.Research or discovery during the past few decades has shown that our“DNA” is digital, and NOT analog – so in more than a sense “you” are adigitized physical being packing around a “non-material consciousness” –riding high above this physical simulation – sort of reminds one of theHollywood production
The Matrix 
where you choose the “red pill” and realizeyou’re walking about in a mass computer simulation.Question is – who built it?One might assume that “we” built it! Not hardly, the next one would be an“advanced” civilization of supernatural beings with a highly un-imaginedpowerful technology popped out of a parallel Universe and with some idlehours assembled this one. One other thought is that “we” collectivelyconstructed the “simulation”, and in mass somehow agreed to insert ourconsciousness into the simulation in order to experience a “human lifeexperience – all these “possibilities” are just that “possibilities”. The one other theory is that “it” or “he” built it! In some circles referred toas “God”, in most scientific circles the “Creator”, in any case an omnipresentall powerful entity with “God-Like” powers who with nothing better to do oneSunday afternoon, or it might have been after a wild Friday night at the localpool hall – designed and then launched his digital simulation that we (onEarth and other like Universal bodies) are spinning and traveling through toan uncertain end. He was generous enough to provide a mechanism, oroption throwing in “free will consciousness” to the highest level of “beings”as they woke up inside the simulation in the bodies of the newly-bornentities. The flip side of this being upon death in the simulation, yourconsciousness leaves the simulation and returns to its source, which is the“actual” reality that transcends this one. A situation that is possibly whypeople have survived a “near-death-experience” (NDE) consistently report of 

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