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Who to Believe? Hacktivists or right wing extremists?

Who to Believe? Hacktivists or right wing extremists?

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Published by Philip Fletcher
Mourning the death of Britishness.
Mourning the death of Britishness.

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Published by: Philip Fletcher on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Who to believe? Hacktivists or right wing extremists?The most evil people in the world are prepared to useMass murder and destruction to get their own way; and
If it wasn’t for brave and noble people willing to stand
 Up to them, they would succeed too. Then you would
See total anarchy in the name of total insanity; it’s
 Happened before, repeatedly.
I hate scientists who want to eradicate disease, unless it’s
 Linked in with a rigorous programme of birth control to preventMore pointless humans being born to totally kill off 
This beautiful planet’s other life forms.
 We had a good system of democracy going here in the UKTill misguided humanitarian politicians and political correctnessThrew it away. (Whites are now an official minority in ourCapital cit
y of London.) I’m not going to get proactive in my
Resentment in any way; I’d rather move 6,000 miles away
 And mourn the death of Britishness(I watched an episode of South Park tonight on English TV called
. It summed up the way I feel about so-called minorities perfectly.)
The latest Islamic extremist bomb plot’s been foiled in the UK;
 But inevitably there will be more on the way; they only haveTo get lucky once. Yet I can be accused of inciting racial
Hatred merely for saying this. That’s o
kay, I do hate MuslimsIn my country; to my way of thinking Avalon should bePopulated only with Celts and heterosexual WASPS; not
Waspish aliens. I’d as soon sit down in a room full of 
 Irritable black mambas than enter into dialogue with theTaliban. England is the home of St George, not an outpost of Africa, the middle east, India and Pakistan.My 66
birthday isn’t very far off; I’ve been in remission
 From the worst aspects of depression for about a year now;
Though adversity’s still got a strangl
e-hold on me. How manyMore years am I going to have independent mobility to get
Around? There will be no one there for me if I can’t. My mind’s
 Still vigorously active, it might be the last part of me to go.Can the mind live on after death? I sincerely hope so.
Disposing of my carcass won’t matter to me, the two accepted
Methods of disposal are anathema. There’s absolutely no
 Chance that my shrouded and embalmed corpse could bePlaced in the branches of a tree, along with wind chimes.

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