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StarSiege Event Horizon - Victory 2442

StarSiege Event Horizon - Victory 2442



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Published by Sterling Archer
Military action
Military action

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Published by: Sterling Archer on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A StarSIEGE: Event Horizon Setting
Original Setting Design by: Ed Herold Additional Setting Design by: James Buckeridge, Jonathon Laufersweiler, Joshua Lenon, and Aaron LondeWith Other Contributions by: Corey Chewning
(1938 – 2008).
© 2008 Troll Lord Games. All Rights Reserved. StarSeige Event Horizon is Trademark Troll Lord Games. All Rights Reserved.Siege Engineer, the SEIGE engine, Troll Lord Games, and the Castles & Crusades, SEIGE engine, Star Siege Event Horizonand Troll Lord Games logos are Trademark of Troll Lord Games. All Rights Reserved. 2008
Welcome to Victory 2442, the first officialsetting for StarSIEGE: Event Horizon.Victory 2442 is set in the far future after ashort but bloody and chaotic war betweenHumanity and the alien races known as theNiruai (ner-EYE). Humanity, with the aid of their once bitter rivals the Rykshi (RYE-kshe), managed to end all hostilities withno clear-cut winner. Now, the Hegemonyof Earth lies shattered, the remains of New Beijing still smoldering while theEmpire of the Niruai also faces a crisis astribal schisms brought on by the war boilover into near civil war. Only the RykshiProtectorate managed to escape thewar without any lasting damage to their infrastructure. It was a war unlike any other for all the combatants, and it has left eachbloodied and weary. The last of the gunshave ceased firing, though the ruins stillsmolder, and every sentient being in thegalaxy now turns gazes upon an unsettledlandscape, where many of the old ordershave been overturned, and the future isanything but certain. It is now the year 2442CE by Human reckoning, two wars haveended while another smolders; there arecasualties and survivors, the tired and thewounded, but only defeat in its many forms,and no true victory to be claimed by anyIt is in this world that the players will findthemselves. The galaxy seethes with change,allowing for opportunities for the mostadventurous and imaginative of the races.
The ruination of the Terran Sector has leftmost Human colonies isolated. The existingcommunications network was systematicallydismantled by the Niruai invasion fleet, thuscommunication across the over 8 light year separation between Sol and their most distantcolony in the Sirius System relies on the fewcourier crafts that survived the war. The onlyreal power lies in the Knights of St. George, aloose confederation of military, merchant, andmercenary ships who served under CaptainSt. George and the
in the assault of the Niruai sector. These brave souls stand asthe only real defense and police force in thequadrant. It was the Knights that signed theRyk Accords with the Emperor’s Emissaryfrom the Niruai that ended the bloodletting,and it was they who salvaged the Human Alliance from the ashes of the Hegemony.Now the Knights of St. George have beentasked with the job to rebuild a Humanityscattered and bloodied from the long yearsof battle. Opposing them are the Ghosts of New Beijing, a guerilla group formed from theremnants of Battle Group 11 who doggedlypursued the White Fleet throughout theHuman Sector when all other hope waslost. The Ghosts want nothing to do withunification, believing a smaller, decentralizedgovernment will protect Humanity from thedevastation felt in the last war.Humanity is spread out amongst variousartificial colonies, subterranean stations,and environmentally engineered planets.During the reign of the Hegemony, mostHuman colonies maintained their owngovernmental forms and cultures. Yet for all their differences, few of the settlements,save for far flung colonies or generationalships, were completely self-sufficient. Assuch, when trade was disrupted due to thewar many colonies suffered from rationingor were starved out of existence. Only now,five years after the war’s end, are Humansreturning to the once thriving communities toattempt to pick up the pieces. Of course, thisglut of abandoned property has given rise topiracy, crime, and scavengers all of which puteven more of a strain on the few resourcesavailable to local authorities or the Knightsof St. George. But persevering against greatodds has been a hallmark of Humanity andall across the Human sector the people arereclaiming what was once theirs.
The Niruai’s most recent bid to rid the galaxyof Humanity has come to a great price totheir Empire. The Niruai White Fleet sufferedmassive casualties in the campaign leavingthe Empire with few craft of any kind toprotect and supply their Empire. Moreover,the assault of Captain St. George’s
 and her accompanying ships has greatlycrippled much of the Niruai’s military-industrialcomplex. Coupled with these economic andmateriel woes is the fact that a deep rift hasformed in the tribal structures of the Niruai.While the Niruai have never been fully unified,with each Tribe looking after its own over theEmpire, all gave at least token respect tothe Emperor. However, the most recentEmperor had managed a feat heretoforeunknown to the Niruai: coalition. Regardlessof the petty squabbles that existed betweenTribes, the Emperor managed to bind themto one another, generally through imaginativemanipulation of Tribal genealogies that drewconnections between ancestors that mostTribes either didn’t recognize or that probablynever actually existed.This bond of unification has slipped, however.The Synae Tribe, one of the strongest militaryTribes in the Empire (and known as the RedTalons to many Humans), has all but secededfrom the Empire, declaring the currentEmperor unfit for rule due to his following of the Kamisori Tribe’s plan for mass-eradicationof the Humans. Of course, Tribal grudgesbetween the Synae and the Kamisori are alsofactored into this power play.This schism has allowed other tribal conflictsto boil over in the years following the Accords. Already ancient, petty squabbles have lead toskirmishes between Tribes. Major Tribes haveeven begun raiding or annexing the lands andholdings of smaller Tribes. Of course theseactions have allowed the Synae Tribe to amassa coalition of the smaller Tribes as well as a fewHuman sympathizers in their cause against theEmperor. Meanwhile the Emperor has beenmaneuvering the other major Tribes in such away as to make a civil war all but inevitable.
The long, grinding war that had begunagainst the Hegemony of Earth in 2427 andeventually culminated in the Protectoratealigning with their former enemies to repelthe Niruai from the Human Sector in 2436.These decades of fighting have taken their toll on the Rykshi armed forces. While their civilian base escaped the last IntergalacticWar relatively unscathed, all walks of lifeare beginning to feel the pain of a weakmilitary presence. The Protectorate standsas almost one-hundred worlds strongwith a variety of alien species living asvassals in the conquered territory of theRykshi. Greatly outnumbered by their “subordinate” species, the Rykshi hadlong relied on their military strength tokeep things in check. Now, lacking thatstrength, the Rykshi are finding it hard tomaintain their dominance over those theyhad conquered over the millennia.Independence movements have begunto crop up on many of the Protectorate’sholdings, mostly in the form of refusalto pay taxes or to ship goods to Rykshiplanets. The few military ships that are ableto patrol the Protectorate’s holdings havefound themselves worn thin as they dowhat they can to quash the noncompliancewhere it arises. This withholding of goodsand funds has put the Protectorate’seconomy into a tail spin, making it harder to fund any military build up that wouldhelp alleviate the issues. Add to thesefactors the Ryk Accords which requirethe Rykshi to help patrol the Human andNiruai sectors to help the Accords takehold and you see a Protectorate on theverge of possible collapse.The Rykshi are a tough race and are notknown to lie down easily when presented withopposition. Even now members of the Rykshigoverning Council are working to make

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