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Pirates of the Crimson Galaxy Background

Pirates of the Crimson Galaxy Background

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Published by Vladsimpaler
Background for the Crimson Galaxy :)
Background for the Crimson Galaxy :)

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Published by: Vladsimpaler on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[++Pirates of the Crimson Galaxy++]
“Fluff Bible”
 Basic Tenets:
The Crimson Galaxy consists of the tyrannical, power-hungry Dominions, disillusioned mutantsand rebels, those who would seek to overthrow humanity and those who wish to ensure itsdominance. The galaxy is filled with people trying to make a living, be it piracy, sellingthemselves, or stealing and killing. Life is short and brutal and you will not be remembered.2.
This is not the greatest time to live. If you grew up living under a Dominion, you are brainwashed into believing everything that the authorities want you to believe. If you didn'tgrow up under a Dominion, it's quite likely you are on a backwater world and you have other  problems to deal with, like mutant gangs, pirates, and the native creatures.3.
 Not everything is high tech. The distant colonies of many of the Dominions suffer from this problem, as do those who are cut off from contact due to disruption of communications for asignificant amount of time. Some planets are being discovered with humans on them, they aretypically from cut-off colonies of long-extinct Dominions. This is fairly uncommon.4.
The setting is a back drop for 
games and stories. In addition, the Dominions
powerful but are avoided and ignored outside of systems that they do not control. Do not feel constrainedto make your story about the Dominions when mercenaries and pirates and gangers are on therise!
Author's Note on Technology:
 Technology in Pirates of the Crimson Galaxy has been purposefully left vague, and for severalreasons. Basic descriptions are all that is really needed so that the players will understand, and that isall there is unless a more complex description would be required. Too many scifi universes fall into thetrap of over-describing their weapons and armor, breaking the suspension of disbelief that is needed for fantastic situations.The most important reason for not describing everything is that, to be plainly honest, no-onewould understand it. Current 21
century terms are not adequate to describe a society in whichconcepts such as
heads up displays
basic AI 
are about as ground-breaking as a stone wheel.Though many dominions are more technically inclined, they do not make up the entire galaxy. Thosewho are lucky (or unlucky enough, depending on your point of view) to be born outside of a Dominionwill not have as great of an education and will doubtfully understand the majority of technology.Due to the Nuclear Dark Ages, humanity had to rediscover almost everything again, thoughmost its progression was still linked to pre-Dark Age technology due to key discoveries during its newdevelopment. This vital difference means that post-Dark Age civilization advanced far more rapidly butin a way that would still be familiar.. Yet regardless of the obvious link, different progression meansthat very little can be accurately described with 21
century terminology. Virtually all weapons,equipment, ranks, and names are interpretations and as such more subtle parts of Dominion languagewill not transfer correctly or be understood by today's readers.
 Time is given two designations: PrJD and PoJD: Pre Judgment Day and Post Judgment Day;respectively. Judgment day, of course, is when earth was engulfed in nuclear fire.Full time dates are as follows: YYYYYY:MM:WW: DD:HH:MMFor example, the date PoJD15222:08:10:02:02:45 would be the 45
minute in the 2
hour of the 2
 day of the 10
month of the 15222
year after Judgment Day.Officially, given earth time, each year consists of 10 months. Each month then has 100 differentsegments which are akin to days except that the sleep patterns of many people are very differentcompared to those of 21
century earth. Finally, each “day” breaks down into 10 “hours” which
have 100 “minutes”. The structure continues breaking into segments of 100, with micro
-minutes, andso on and so forth into infinity.
Note on Language:
As with technology, the many languages of the Dominions are not easily relatable. Thougheverything is presented in English (as otherwise it would be impossible to read), some words willappear odd or bastardized, and that will be because that is the most accurate interpretation of the word.The written form of many languages in the Crimson Galaxy will be in pictograph form, muchlike hieroglyphics. Adding further complication is the fact that each planet will tend to have its owndialect(s), meaning that even two planets from the same Dominion will have trouble communicating.This is often fixed by
having a “standard” dialect, which will differ from the local dialect. The result is
that most citizens will be bilingual at the very least. Those with an aptitude for learning languages havea very lucrative career ahead of them.For your reference, here are is a list of words that are useful to know:Abdalkamat: Slaves of the lord, the lower classAsailaka-
 ban: “May you never have peace.”
A common insult.Fasood: Forsaken. They are criminals and disenfranchised.Fawagiz: The enemies of a DominionHakkam: The Enlightened. The upper class Nazr: The unexplored areas of the galaxy
Saldat: The seventeen minutes of worship for one’s spiritual liege, the commander of the Dominion.
Zalmanser: Of impure birth
Space Travel in the Crimson Galaxy
 Space travel is an important part of life in the Crimson Galaxy. Without it, the Dominions wouldnot exist and humanity would have gone extinct as Earth collapsed.
The History of Faster than Light space travel 
 During the 845
Hate War in PoJD11278, an Azurian patrol came upon a bunker on a moon of Jupiter which contained, among other things, plans for faster-than-light interstellar travel. At this time, allDominions were restricted to Lord's Dwelling (the solar system containing Earth) and as common aswar is now, it was even more common back then. With resources dwindling, dominions wouldfrequently raid other dominions, and piracy was on an upswing.However, nothing stays secret forever and no more than a year later, Arkinian Kommandotroepsraided a top-secret Azurian installation which contained the plans. These same plans would later fallinto the hands of Frebrenions and Espannians. Ultimately, it would be the Espannians who would benefit the most as they would go on to discover Hieromnion.
The Cortazinian Drive
The Cortazinian Drive, as it is known, allows vessels to break the light barrier, thus allowingships to travel faster than light. It is the result of the discovered plans and, for the first (and only) timein human history, a joint operation between the various Dominions to get beyond the war-torn Lord'sDwelling, where the corpse of Earth lies.The Cortazinian Drive needs the utmost precise calculation in order to function properly and toget the ship to where it needs. That, and the fact that the ship needs to attain light speed in the first place, makes it very strenuous on the ship's systems. A typical freighter will take about 15 earthminutes to attain light speed and to break the light barrier. The larger F-Class warships will take about25-45 minutes to break the light barrier.

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