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If the Savior Stood Beside Me vs 3

If the Savior Stood Beside Me vs 3

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Published by dnisaacson
Details of what to do
Details of what to do

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Published by: dnisaacson on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Week 3, Verse 3
What you need: Picture of Christ to tape on board, picture of “Jesus Carrying a Lost Lamb” in theGospelArt Bookpage 64, picture of “Christ and Children from around the World” in the Gospel Art Book page116. Piece of paper with the word “He” written on it. Objects for the activity you choose below.Preparation: Tape picture of Christ on the board then place paper with “He” on it over the picture of Christ and put one piece of tape on the top so you can lift it up and put it back down. See 3 activitiesbelow and prepare for the one you choose.Tell children: Today we are learning the last verse of If the Savior Stood Beside Me. I want you to look ata picture. Hold up picture of Christ holding lamb. Ask children to tell you what they see in the picture.After a few responses explain that one of Christ’s names is the
Good Shepherd 
. Christ looks after us justlike a shepherd looks after his sheep. We are Christ’s sheep. When we see a picture of Christ as ashepherd, we should think of Christ watching over us. Show picture of Christ and children. Say: In thispicture, do you see Christ’s hand around the little girl? He loves her and He loves you. So, when we lookat the picture of Christ holding the lamb and the picture of Christ with his arms around the children, itmeans the same thing. He watches over us and loves us. Let’s learn the verse about Christ watching overus.Go to your picture on the board. Sing the first line of the song. At the beginning point to the word “He”for the first word of the verse, lift up the paper and point to Christ while singing “…is always near me.”Put the paper down and continue, “though I do not see him there”, while shaking your head no. Havechildren sing that line a few times while you repeat the actions with the paper.Sing, “And because He loves me dearly I am in His watchful care,” while showing picture of Christ andchildren. When singing “watchful” point to your eyes. Have children sing it with you a few times.When singing, “So I’ll be the kind of person that I know I’d like to be,” do different actions of good thingswe can do. I'm linking to pictures you can print out if you want to remind the children what order theyare doing which actions. So, explain quickly why it is good to do the things in the pictures then sing theline over and over again without stopping while doing actions likeraking leavesfor a neighbor,taking care of a brother or sister(feed baby bottle, rock baby),inviting a new person at school to sit with you  (wave your hand toward you as in 'come' and pat seat beside you motion).Explain that in the 3rd verse the ending is a little different. While singing, "If I could see the Saviorstanding nigh watching over me," start your hands down low and put them up higher with every noteuntil the final note you are on your tippy toes and hands are high.When singing it all the way through do the actions you just did for each part. Ask the children whichaction they liked in the 3rd phrase and do that one (raking, caring for baby, etc.).

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