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The Flame March / April 2013

The Flame March / April 2013

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Published by Christ Church
The Flame. A Magazine of Christ Church. Fairview Heights, IL 62208. www.mychristchurch.com
The Flame. A Magazine of Christ Church. Fairview Heights, IL 62208. www.mychristchurch.com

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Published by: Christ Church on Feb 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fairview Heights Campus
Sunday - 8:30am, 10:30am, 6:00pmSaturday - 5:00pm
Collinsville / MaryvilleCampus
Sunday - 10:00am
Millstadt Campus
Sunday - 10:00am
“But when the kindness and love of God our Saviorappeared, He saved us, not because of righteous things wehad done, but because of His mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christour Savior, so that, having been justified by His grace, wemight become heirs having the hope of eternal life.”- Titus 3:4-7
Spring is my favorite season. I love warm days, blue skies,
blooming owers, birds singing and the smell of fresh cut greengrass. I feel rejuvenated this time of the year, I have a bouncein my step and I tend to have a better outlook on life.I love that Easter falls in the springtime when newness of lifeappears. When Jesus bore my sins on Calvary, God revealedHis kindness and mercy to me by giving me new life. I am nowa new creation, created to love, live and praise the One whogave His all for me. Hallelujah, we have a risen Savior who
loves us!
In His Name,
Donna Harrison
Editor - donnaharrison@mychristchurch.com
Senior Pastor
: Rev. Shane Bishop
Associate Pastor:
Rev. Troy Benton
Donna Harrison
Proof Reader:
Barbara Germany
Justin Aymer
Design Intern:
Michelle Sweeten
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Be inspirational through biblical articles and devotions. Be informative in the announcementof future events that connect people in ministry.
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 Contact Donna Harrison at: donnaharrison@mychristchurch.com
The Flame Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published by Christ Church. ©2013, Christ Church. All rights reserved.
A Note
from the editor
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When God Came Picking…
By Rev. Shane Bishop, Senior Pastor 
Rev. Shane Bishop, Senior Pastor of Christ Churchfacebook.com/revshane@RevShaneBishop
choose to attend Candler School of Theology at EmoryUniversity because I wanted to be a pulpit preacher. Ididn’t know a thing back then about leadership but Iwanted to learn to preach the bark off a tree! The headof the Homiletics Department was Dr. Fred Craddock; he wasconsidered the best preaching professor in the country. Hisbook Preaching was the textbook other seminaries used, hisstorytelling was legendary and the opportunity to learn from themaster was what brought me to Atlanta. Dr. Craddock taughtus words are the tools with which great preaching is fashioned.Preachers must not only be careful with words (for they arepotentially dangerous) but must also protect them (from bothoveruse and neglect) and apply them to a greater good (theKingdom of God). He reminded us often it was with words Godcreated the cosmos. Words are powerful.One of my favorite English words is “Remember.” Standarddenitions offer, “To keep in mind, consider or to memorize.” Butremember always felt like a bigger word than its denition orits synonyms to me. It was like the very best car in an endlessline of cars; the one that caught your eye and captured yourimagination. The word remember simply intrigued me to thepoint I was determined to dismantle it, study it and put it backtogether so I may better get to know it (like a mechanic with anengine). This simple exercise changed my perception of Godand my concept of pastoral ministry. Remember is used over150 times in the Bible so we can safely assume God wantsus in the business of remembering. A variation of the word“remembrance” is etched into a hundred thousand communiontables so we can also assume the church encouragesremembering as well. Finally, Melissa is always telling me to“remember” something or the other when I go out, so it is safe toassume that remembering is important to human relationshipsas well. So let’s get out a scalpel and separate rememberinto “re” and “member.” Member is a word that wants to go alot of literary directions so I had to nd it a clear path. I reallylike Encarta’s fth denition, “A separate and distinct part of awhole, e.g. an object belonging to a mathematical set, a clausein a sentence, or a proposition in a syllogism.” (Isn’t this gettingexciting?) Adding the prex “re” simply means to “do again.”When I put these two ideas together, it made no sense at all(clearly a reward for my hard work). Then it occurred to me,re-member is a reactive word; it is the restoration of somethinglarger that had been previously reduced to less than it wascreated to be. In this light, re-member is to restore a thing andyou would only go to the effort to restore something if it were ofsignicant value (for example, no one restores plastic lighters).Imagine you discovered a dilapidated 1967 Ford Shelby MustangGT 500 in the back of a junk yard. Despite its deplorablecondition the proprietor asks a fortune for the car and will notcome down a penny. Because the car has captivated you, youoverpay and spare no expense or effort to meticulously returnit to factory condition. When your ultimate Muscle Car is nallycompleted, it is nally and fully…remembered!Easter is much bigger than the annual recollection of an ancientstory; it is an act of remembering. The story line goes like this:You and I were created in the loving image of God with limitlesspotential and priceless value. We were beautiful and lit up theshowroom oor! Because of the damaging effects of sin onour lives, our potential quickly was squandered by misuse andneglect. In time, our value plummeted until the day we found
ourselves stripped, abandoned, junked and forgotten. And
then, at our most hopeless point, when we had given up on everbeing more than we had become, God came picking. When Hesaw you in the back of the junk yard, you took His breath away!He did not see you and I for what we had become; He saw usfor what we were created to be and could be again! On GoodFriday, God overpaid for our lives with the blood of His onlyson. On Pentecost He unleashed the Holy Spirit to do the workof restoration in us and with Easter Christ assured us that whatGod had begun would be completed. You are a new creation,loving being restored into the person you were created to be.You are of innite value to your Creator. You, my friend, are aclassic!

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