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Shri Sai Sumiran times in English -Jan 09

Shri Sai Sumiran times in English -Jan 09

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Published by Deepa H

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Published by: Deepa H on Feb 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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January 2009
Smiling Faces …….We have Faith 
Dhanvati & Lambodhar Tikoo CharitableTrust
is founded by Sh. C. L. Tikoo – avisionary and, a social worker. He has thisgreat noble vision for “Emerging India” – which is free of cast-based and religious-centric ideologies. He vows for a greatmission to uplift the downtrodden from thesubversive society – assisting the ‘needy’ inwhatever way it’s best suitable through;food, shelter, medical-aid and education.
To be part of this mission ,please email us oninfo@dandltikoocharitabletrust.org
Sai Baba's Murti S
celebrated in Canbarra, AustraliaBaba’
s Punyatithi
Columbus, Ohio
For Sri Saibaba TempleSociety of Ohio, past coupleof months have been thebusiest periods with manythe participation of over 700devotees from Columbusand near by cities. Specialpujas and Bhajans wereIn Hindu Temple & CulturalCentre, the Sai BabaTemple of Canbarra,Australia, the 5thanniversary of Sai Baba'sMurthy Sthapna wasceleberated with fulldevotion and greatenthusiasm. Many devoteeswere present there to availBaba's blessings. Theof Canbarra. FromSydney two busescarrying Saidevotees went toCanbarra to attendthe function. Aprogram of SaiBhajans wasorganised by Mr.Kumar Advani. Mrs.Sangitha, Mr.Reddy,Mr.Rao,Mrs.advisor of Shri Sai SumiranTimes, Mrs. Anibha Singhalso visited the Sai templeMrs. Ragini, Mr & Mrs. NagaBhushan, Mr. Tarun and Ms.Jayanti recited Sai bhajansin their melodious voice.After Aarti mahaprasadwas distributed. All devoteeswere given one bag ofprasad.Lata, Mrs. Nancy, and artistfrom Bhaj Man Re BhajanMandal Mr. Tiru, Mr. Alind,celebrations includingDussehara Celebrations,followed by three dayYagnam and Diwalicelebrations. The Columbuscity has got a chance towitness the real essence ofHindu culture with the vedicand cultural ceremoniesperformed in and outside theSai Baba Temple.
Dussehara Celebrations:
Baba’s 90
Punyatithi daywas celebrated at Sri SaiMandir Columbus, Ohio withperformed followed by Mahaprasad.
Sri Datta Sai Yagnam –
Atthe proposed templegrounds at Lewis Center,
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Shirdi Sai To arrive InShanthidham At Bangalore
Sri Sai Santoshi MaataCharitable Trust (SSSMCTRUST) at Bangalore hasplans to construct SaiTemple at Bangalore. Theconstructioncommencementfunction wasorganized on 14thDec 2008 which wasattended by about500 Sai devotees.Sai SriVishwaChaitanyaSwamyof ZeeTV(Telugu) fame was the Chief Guest for thefunction. Swami did the construction initiationand also lighted the lamp. He also gavehis blessings for early completion of theproject.
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New Delhi
- January 2009
Shri Sai Sumiran Times
Legal AdviseColumn
In this column ourLegal Advisor wouldgive advise to thequerries of thereaders. The desirousreaders may sendtheir querries to:Shri Sai Sumiran Times
F-44-D, MIG Flats,G-8 Area, Hari Nagar,New Delhi -64email:saisumiran@hotmail.com
Hansraj beats the catand welts appear onBaba's back
On Thursday, the 4th Dec2008 recital of Shri Sai Kritipaath was organised by Mrs.Meena Kapoor at herresidence in Sydney(Australia). The cassette ofShri Sai Kriti was played andthe devotees sang along. ShriSai Kriti is written and sung byShri Surendra Saxena,popularly known as SaxenaBandhu. Shri Sai Kriti is thegist of Shri Sai Satcharitra.Everyone present there wasengrossed in the recital. Thepaath of Shri Sai Kriti isorganised every thursday bySai devotee Mrs. Anibha Singhin Sydney.
Shri Sai Kriti
Hansraj Vaani had asthma:it was very severe andtormented him day andnight. He was advised byNarsinga Baba Maharaj ofNasik to seek refuge atBaba's feet. Hence he andhis wife came to Shirdi andmade it their home.Baba cautioned Hansraj,and told him not to eat curd,or acidic and pungent fooditems. But Hansraj lovedcurds and felt that the mealswas incomplete without it. Infact he felt he could give uphis life rather than give upeating curd. He forced hiswife to prepare curd daily sohe could have it for lunch.They had lunch after thenoon aarti, and while theyattended it a cat wouldsneak in and eat the curd.This bothered Hansraj a lot,as he had to have the mealwithout it. So he devised aplan, he asked his wife tokeep the vessel in a slingand hang it from thereafter.Nonetheless, the catsomehow managed to eatit. One day he decided tocatch the cat in the act andgive it a good thrashing. Hewaited with a stick in hishand for the cat to committhe act. Indeed the cat cameinto the house andsomehow managed toclimb up and eat the curd.As soon as the cat hadfinished eating, shedescended and Hansrajgave her a good thrashing.In the evening Hansrajwent to the Dwaraka Mai,where Baba was sittingalong with his devotees.Baba looking at Hansrajsaid, There is an Uptiya(one who does the reverseof what he is asked to do)who wants to die by eatingsour and pungent things, butI will not allow him to do so.I went to his home in theform of a cat to eat the curdand he gave me a goodthrashing." Then Babaexposed his back and therewere red welts from thebeating.Many a time Babaappeared before hisbhaktas to assure andsatisfy them. But he did soin unique and differentroopas (forms)."Sometimes I am a dog.sometimg a pig, a cow, acat, a fly and an aquaticcreature. In various formsdo I move about in theuniverse. Know that I likeonly him who sees me in allliving beings. so give up thissense of differentiation, thisis the way to worship me"said Baba to Mrs Tarkhadwhen she fed a hungry dog,and then a mud splatteredpig. Courtesy
Ambrossia In Shirdi
this rare historical and divineevent was performedmeticulously by 4 vedicpandits assisted by 5 ablepurohits drawing hugenumber of devoteeparticpation even at thesemi-sustainable weatherconditions. Appreciationsand good wishes overflowedfrom various sourcesincluding Mr.WindellWheeler (Mayor, Delaware),Mr.Eagen (Orange CountyChairman)
Parivara DevataSamprokshana-
On the very same days ofthis grand yagna, Idolsanctification was done tothe three pancha loha utsavamurthis of Sri NatyaGanapathi, Sri RajaRajeswari, Sri AbhayaAnjaneya
Diwali Celebrations –
Diwali was grandlycelebrated at the templepremises with LakshmiPooja with more than 108varieties of dishes,Annakoota Pooja to LordKrishna, and Sri ChakraPooja with deepaalankarana. Childrenhappiness on this occasionseemed much brighter thanthe burning sparkles in theirhands. There was anoverwhelming response anddevotee participation, someof whom travelled from othercities for this rare devotionalevents performed by SriSaibaba Temple ofColumbus. Most of thedevotees have strongly feltthe presence of Baba all overthe temple and the templesite premises at Lewiscenter, Columbus, Ohio.Lots of compliments wereexchanged and bestowed onthe society and countlessvolunteers who involved withthe success of this greatevent, Datta-Sai Yagnam forWorld Peace andProsperity.
-Varaha Appikatia
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Baba’s Punyatithi, .... Ohio
Quite a few number ofdevotees voluntarily cameup and announced theirdonation to the Trust. Allhereditary trustees, lifetrustees, and trustees wereduly honored by themanagement committee ofthe Trust which comprisedthe following- ShriA.N.Purushottam.ShriPrakash Nerwani, ShriA.G.Kulkarni, Shri MedaRamakrishna, ShriV.Sainath.and Shri T.G.Venkateshwara Gupta.ShriMeda Ramakrishna hastaken up the totalresponsibility for earlyexecution of the project andis spending maximum timemonitoring the progress.Shri G.Laxminarayana,Chief Advisor to the Trustexplained in detail aboutShanthidham Project andalso highlighted the futureplans of the Trust to help thepoor an needy.The function concludedwith vote of thanks byM.V.S.Appa Rao, s Saidevotee and resident of thecolony.After the function alldevotees present weregiven Sai Maha Prasadam.
-G. Laxminarayana
Shirdi Sai ... Bangalore
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The Miraculous Udi
him. We prayed to Baba forher. In my family we all werevery upset for her. I have got“dhuni vibhuti” thru my friendwho is also a Sai devotee. Imixed the vibhuti with themilk and gave immediately toher. We did not meet anyENT specialist. After oneweek we went to the samedoctor who is child specialistfor vaccination. Before givingthe vaccination he checkedher throat but to our greatsurprise there was no signof infection or no white colorwas seen there. We did notgive any medicine for theinfection. Really Baba is agreatest “hakkim”(doctor).Till now whenever shesuffers Baba is saving her.Jai Sai Ram !
Courtesy Sai Vichaar
I am a sai devotee since lastfive years. I have onedaughter who was recentlyborn. Her name is SaiNirmala. In my family we aregiving respect to Baba asour boss. When my childwas five months old shesuffered some pain in herthroat we went to the childspecialist. He checked herthroat (inside) and showed itto me that there was a little(pepper size) white colorinfection there. So doctorgave some medicines andasked me to come after oneweek. We have given themedicines as per his adviceand after one week we wentagain, still the infection wasthere. Then he advised us togo to ENT specialist andasked to stop the medicinewhich was prescribed by
PUBLISHESDEVOTEES’EXPERIENCES OFLORD SAI NATH OFSHIRDI. READERSCAN SEND THEIREXPERIENCE TOTHE EDITORYou can alsosubscribe forShri Sai Sumiran Times..Annual SubscriptionRs. 150/- in IndiaRs. 1000/- OverseasFor Subscription &Advertisements contact:Anju TandonF-44-D, MIG Flats,G-8 Area, Hari Nagar,New Delhi - 110064email:saisumiran@hotmail.comwebsite:www..shrisaisumirantimes.com
Animated Movie On Baba
Here‘s a very good newsespecially for the kids, a newAnimated movie based onthe Life, Miracles &Teachings of Shri Sai Babahas just been released onVCD in Shirdi by the Shri SaiBaba Sansthan. The Movietitled “ SHRI SAIBABA “directed by Mr.KishoreBhaskar and music by ShriAnoop Jalota is released inboth Hindi And Marathilanguages.
Pratibha Rajput
Shri Sai SumiranTimes wishes youall a very HappyNew Year.
As the New Year DawnsMay it bring for you thebeginning of New Hopes,Higher Aspirations &Greater Possibilities.
New Delhi
- January 2009
Shri Sai Sumiran Times
Eco-Friendly Message
Stop UsingPlastic Bags
Cdr. Sanjay Bhatt , Ph. :9911745863Email: cdrsanjaybhatt@yahoo.co.in
My Experience about Sai Baba
For the protection of thevirtuous and for thedestruction of the evil, theAlmighty manifests Himselfin a form and a namechosen by Him. BhagawanSai Baba of Shirdi is one ofsuch manifestations of theDivine who has descendedon the earth to savehumanity from moral decay.The Divine Will wasevidenced right from the veryinception of the Avatar i.e. thesecrecy of His birth. Nobodycan Vouchsafe Baba’s casteor the place of his birthexcepting several vaguetheories put forward by someof his contemporaries. Hewas loved and worshippedby Hindus and Muslims alike.People coming from allareas and from all faithsflocked to Shirdi to prostrateat His holy feet for theirsalvation. He was a Hinduliving in Masjid. He was aMuslim for whom theMosque was “Dwarka Mai "He is a servant to hisdevotees having nolimitations of caste, creed orreligion. Everyone has a rightto demand anything hewants from Him. He is father,mother and sadguru to theentire humanity. Everyminute aspect of this Avatarwas so precisely mouldedwith meticulous care byBaba Himself, with a specificmission of establishingharmony among Muslimsand Hindus. He is anincarnation of the SupremePower reflected in differentfaiths. His teachingsrepresent the gist of differentfaiths. Any attempt todescribe this Deva and Hisglory can only be a part of itand not the whole. “If a manutters my name with love Ishall fulfill all wishes,increase his devotion and ifhe sings earnestly my lifeand my deeds, him I shall beset in front and back and allsides" (Shri Sai Satcharitra)The above assurance ofBaba is a matter of personalexperience for severalthousands of devotees, wholook to Him and who arelooked after by Him. In thisconnection I wanted tonarrate my own humbleexperience with theblessings of Sai Baba whichI think will appeal to all thosewho admire the supremacyof any faith by scientificreasoning or logic.It was in the year 1970 thatI happened to go to Bombayon some personal work. Asit happened to be my firstvisit I went for sight-seeingto several places in andaround Bombay Suddenly Ifelt that I should go to Shirdiand visit the Mahasamadhiof Sai Baba more out ofcuriosity rather thandevotion. But the visit was tobe put off because of mybrother-in-law’s arrival fromthe United States. I was verymuch disappointed andsilently prayed to Baba thatif He were to be a God. Heshould bless me with anopportunity to go to Shirdi. Inthe meanwhile a veryinteresting thing happened.We received a cable that mybrother-in-law’s scheduledarrival had to be postponedon account of his prolongedstay enroute. Thus theseeds of faith were sowedin my heart by anunexpectedaccomplishment of mydesire. Immediately I was insearch of a person whocould, help me with thedetails of the pilgrimage.When I was proceedingfrom Andheri to Dadar byelectric train I surprisinglycame across a devotee ofSai Baba who guided mewith minute details. Thus thevery first visit to the Shrineproved to be a preplannedsankalpa of Baba Himself todraw me towards Him. Aftertaking a bath I went for adarshan which made meextremely happy. For amoment there appearednothing but Sai Baba’s formin everything I saw in Shirdi.I prayed to Baba that Heshould help me with HisGrace and give me solaceand comfort throughout mylife. I happened to make astudy of several booksavailable at Shirdi whichmakes one to feel that He isnot merely a super-humanform but the omnipotent GodHimself. Since then my faithin Baba was steadilygrowing. One of my closefriends was blessed with adaughter. Unfortunately shehad an attack of paralysisand as a result of which shewas not in a position to moveher hands. My friend felt veryunhappy as the treatmentgiven by doctors did notproduce the desired results.He had lost all hopes ofrecovery and felt dejected. Igave him a little vibhuti whichI brought from Shirdi andasked him to apply it to theaffected hand with completefaith in Baba’s mercy.Though he was notpersonally a believer inSaibaba he consented to doit on my persistence. He toldme that he would worshipBaba as God if the Vibhutihelped the recovery of hischild in any way. With theapplication of vibhuti therewas a tremendousimprovement and very soonthe baby recoveredresponding very well to themedical treatment whichwas a big surprise even tothe Physician as he himselfwas not quite confident aboutthe outcome of his trial. Thegrateful father of the childhas become an ardentdevotee of Sai Baba. Suchwas the kindness of theSaint who responds to thecall of humanity if only thepersons look to Him. 
Shri Y. Nagarjuna Rao
,Hyderabad.Sai Baba the saint, God whoincarnated on this earthentirely and wholly for theupliftment of his devotees,living all His life in adilapidated masque. Hetaught people how to live asimple spiritual andcontented life to be happy inwhat God has ordained forus, to be contented with thebasic minimums of life toperform one’s karma with fulldedication, honesty,sincerity and amidst all thisalways chanting the Lord’sname with full faith in thepower of His name andgrace.He performed leelas as wecall them the deedsperformed by the incarnationSai in a bodily form. leelaswere basically his every dayinteractions with one and allbut were given the name“leelas” as behind each suchaction was always hidden adeep divine message of theLord. A message that wouldeither fulfill itself with thepassage of time on its ownor by Sai’s grace open itstrue self right there and then.Many such Leelas havebeen depicted in the mostsacred granth - The Sai SatCharita and each leela is adeep divine message of SaiBaba to humanity to upliftfrom the gutters ofselfishness to the epitome isselflessness. This sacredGranth is our Bible, GuruGranth sahib or in fact theBhagwat Gita itself. It notonly gives us to rise from thedarkness of Maya to the lightof spirituality but also takesus out of the small ditches& pits we keep falling intowhile traversing this path oflife, fully engulfed by Maya.Sai Sat Charita is the ‘Lightof the Lord’ which takes usfrom materialism tospirituality, form darkness tolight, from Maya to Mayapatiand from the wheel of Karmato the eternal take-offtowards spirituality andmoksha. For our ownenhancement for our ownutthan, we must read the SaiSat Charita every day.It is not important to doformal pooja but moreimportant is to cherish, love& call God from the depthsof your heart. Lord isominipresent. He is notbound by the four walls of atemple nor is he only presentin formal rituals, instead heis always inside us, with us,around us, it is just that wehave to realize this fact andremember them always withlove and a devoted heart andbe restassured you will beable to get His feel in yourown heart beat. Moreimportant is love rather thanformal pooja to which Godresponds. While doing allyour duties, if you rememberHim always, then that is abigger upasana rather thangoing to the temple for 10minutes and lighting a lampin two minutes and justforgetting the Lord the wholeday long.So with the NEW YEAR ,let us just try to peep withinour own self and analysehow much did we reallyremember or loved Saigenuinely. How much was amere show off or a selfishventure. You will get yourown answers but please behonest to your own self andsee where you stand andpromise your own self toenhance your presentposition further to go closerto Sai, to increase your lovetowards Him and not movingcloser to this falsematerialistic world and justfooling your own self bycalling mere formal poojabhakti and mere selfishventure as love towards thelord.
S.K. Kapur
Sai Baba
Jai Sainath 
After the Grand Success ofSuperhit Sai Bhajan Albums 
Releasing in January 2009on Basant PanchamIn the Melodious Voice ofRenowned Sai Bhajan Singer
New Superhit Sai Bhajan Album
For any enquiry contact:Sundeep Kapoor Mob: 09811157275
Book for ChildrenBi-monthly, Magazine
Sai Ke Bachche
Annual SubscriptionRs. 108/-ContactNeelkanth PublicationsH-89, Lajpat Nagar-1New Delhi - 110024Ph. 9718305747,9312645890,9873405747email.-

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