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Island Eye News.- February 22, 2013

Island Eye News.- February 22, 2013

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Volume 8 Issue 21
Volume 8 Issue 21

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Feb 27, 2013
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Inside the Island Eye 
Sullivan’s Island
Isle of Palms
Goat Island
Dewees Island
Since May 2005
February 22, 2013Volume 8 Issue 21 FREE
 spring has sprung?
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R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N , S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7  O S R O N
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arly last week, homeowners acrossSullivan’s Island were a littleperplexed when an anonymous letterappeared in the mailboxes of residents’ island-wide. The questionnaire, sent out onbehalf of a new “Sight Council,” containeda series of questions and rankings onissues ranging from the leadership of TownCouncil to golf cart laws, to development of Sullivan’s Island Elementary School. Theletter stated that the goal of the survey is to,“gain a better understanding of Sullivan’sIsland values…gain a better understandingof how citizens view Town government andits management…to gauge the sentimentand attitude toward change.”Perhaps what raised the most eyebrowsupon receiving the mail is the mysterious
identication number found in the upper
right hand corner of each individual letter.Residents across the island each received adifferent number, with no explanation of the
number’s signicance in the letter, causing
concern that questionnaire responses mightnot be anonymous.In order to gain a better understandingof the purpose of this new group, the
Island Eye News 
reached out to the Sight Councilvia email. The following questions were sentto the group:1. What is the "Sight Council," and whoare the members?2. Is this associated with the Town inany manner?3. Will the results of the Citizen Survey be made public?4. What is the purpose for gathering theresponses?
Remains in Shadows
Sight CounCil RemainS anonymouS,RaiSeS QueStionS
By hannah DoCkeRy
Nebulous Group
Sight Council 
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A Toast to the Roast
Sullivan’S oySteR RoaSt PRoveS SuCCeSSful onCe again
By hannah DoCkeRy
veryone within a 50-mile radius of our island home has heard of theSullivan’s Island Fire and RescueOyster Roast. Hungry locals mingle withexpectant out-of-towners all gearing upto enjoy a famous island tradition. The Fire and Rescue Oyster Roastbegan 23 years ago as a means of raisingmoney for the department. Each year, itseems to be getting bigger and bigger. This latest roast garnered an estimated3,000 attendees.
SI roast 
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2February 22, 2013
he ling period for candidates hoping to represent the rstcongressional district of South Carolina ended on January28. Three Democrats and 16 Republicans are seeking the seatformerly occupied by Tim Scott. The special primary election will beheld March 19 with the general election date set for May 7. Threerepublican hopefuls and locals to the Charleston area, Peter McCoy,Keith Blandford, and Mark Sanford, provided an exclusive rsthandinterview with the
Island Eye News 
. Below are their responses,verbatim.
Peter Mccoy
1) If elected, what will be your rst order of business? 
When elected, I will stop the runaway spending, taxes, andregulations that are keeping our neighbors from getting jobs. I willght for a Balanced Budget Amendment so Washington will nallylive like our working families and small businesses do. I will protectthe promises made to our seniors and veterans. And I will supportour troops.
2) What are some of the challenges you feel are facing your district? 
Our District and country are in a mess created by career politicians:Obamacare; job-killing, higher taxes; out-of-control, anti-businessregulations; liberal social policies; and debt as far as the eye can see. These career politicians have straddled the next generation with $16trillion of debt and bleak nancial futures.
3) What are some of the main differences between you and your opponents? 
I'm a father who wants to protect and preserve the American Dreamfor my daughter and all of our children. I'm a Christian who knowsit is morally reprehensible for career politicians to burden the nextgeneration with $16 trillion of debt. I'm a crime ghter who put violentcriminals behind bars and passed legislation to make South Carolinaa better place to raise our families. And I'm a fresh-faced conservativewho wants to return government to the people.
4) What are some ways you see of facilitating economic growth in your district? 
I am the only candidate to have received a 100% pro economic-growth score from the Chamber of Commerce last year. As a smallbusiness owner, I know jobs are created by entrepreneurs not thegovernment. When elevated, I will assist our job creators by practicingfree market principles, repealing Obamacare, removing burdensomeregulations, and lowering taxes. I will remain an unabashed supporterof our ports and do all I can to aide our transportation and tourismindustries.
5) Why have you decided to run? 
Over the last year, our family has overcome medical challenges forour daughter. As we have, I realize that our daughter may face anAmerica where our children will never have the opportunity to achievethe American Dream. Our country is in a mess created by careerpoliticians like my opponents. We won’t put our country back on apath to prosperity if we stay with the same career-minded politicianswho put titles above principles. I will be a fresh face in Congresswho, like Tim Scott, will stand out in the crowd and put the nextgeneration above the next election.
Keith Blandford
1) If elected, what will be your rst order of business? 
 The rst order of business is to aggressively begin to develop orenhance existing legislation associated with the USA’s currency. Thereis existing legislation proposing an extensive audit of the FederalReserve that must be supported and pushed through the Senate. This can only be done by actively seeking constituent participationthrough appearances, phone calls, etc. The most effective methodfor controlling the size and scope of the constitution lies in ArticleOne, Section Eight/Ten of the Constitution which does not allow fora “Federal Reserve Note” and names gold and silver coin a tender inpayments of debts. If we are able to turn off the government's printingpress, then we will drastically reduce the size of government. It willbe our focus to undo legal tender laws and reintroduce competingcurrencies. We will focus on this solution because it is the only onethat will work.
2) What are some of the challenges you feel are facing your district? 
Our district faces the same thing all districts face. The FederalGovernment is bankrupt and is printing money to pay its bills. Thedollar is devalued and is only being maintained by articial andtemporary means. Generation X will not repay China, will not repaythe Federal Reserve, and will either voluntarily or involuntarilydrastically reduce our military footprint. By printing money tomaintain their lifestyles, the current government has indebted ourchildren, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It will be ourchallenge to help ease the transition from the disaster we have nowto the government of the next generation.
3) What are some of the main differences between you and your opponents? 
I am an ardent Ron Paul supporter and completely believe inhis policy and his Restore America Now plan. I have met with himpersonally, and believe that he has been the only statesman to
Candidates Prepare for SC FirstCongressional District Special Election
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February 22, 2013
Lynn Pierottipublisher
Hannah Dockerymanaging editor
Swan Richardssenior graphic designer
Jerry Plumbgraphic designer jerry@luckydognews.comChristian LeBlancSocial Mediachristian@luckydognews.comLori McGeesales manager614-0901
resident photographerLeo Fetter
Contributors:Holly BlairIOP Rec DeptJudy Drew FairchildJames ParkerCarol AntmanJason MengelDr Alan GreenCCPRCSC AquariumDimi MatouchevBob HooperKelsey Colt
Published by:Lucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWSSubmit your letters to the editor to:info@luckydognews.comFuture deadline: February 27 forour March 8 issue
sc, LLc
Publisher of the
Island Eye News 
The Island Connection 
The Folly Current 
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not necessarily reect the opinion of Lucky Dog
Nes, o its ites. All advetising ates ae listed at:
nde “advetising”.
Isle of Palms 886-6428 www.iop.net 
Tuesday, February 26
City Council Meeting
1207 Palm Boulevard
Monday, March 4
Recreation Committee
1207 Palm Boulevard
Tuesday, March 5
Board of Zoning Appeals
1207 Palm Boulevard
Wednesday, March 6
Accommodations TaxAdvisory Committee
1207 Palm Boulevard
Real Property Committee
1207 Palm Boulevard
Thursday, March 7
Personnel Committee
1207 Palm Boulevard
Public WorksCommittee Meeting
1207 Palm Boulevard
Sullivan's Island 883-3198 www.sullivansisland-sc.com 
Monday, February 25
Tree Commission
5p.m.2050 Middle Street
Wednesday, February 27
Coffee with the Chief!
Stop by for a chat about SI with Police Chief Howard at Cafe Medley.
2213 Middle Street
Monday, March 4
Council Workshop
6p.m.2050 Middle Street
Tuesday, March 5
Municipal Court*
5:30p.m.2050 Middle Street
Wednesday, March 6
Coffee with the Chief!
See Wednesday, February 26 
* Bench Trials will be at a temporary Town Hall facility located behind the Fire Station, next to the Stith Park (2050 Middle Street). Contact SI Clerk of Court directly at 883-5734 (Maria LoRusso) for payments or questions.
Civic Calendar
Recycle -
Wednesday, March 6 -
n February 5, the City of Isle of Palms held aspecial Council meetingto discuss the second readingof Ordinance 2013 – 2, whichauthorizes the City to enterinto a lease agreement with thesuccessful bidder of the City’s twomunicipal parking lots, found onFront Beach.Administrator Tucker notedthat the City staff did an extensivereview of the proposals andcompared them directly with theRequest for Proposals in order todetermine who should be awardedthe bid. “I’m pleased that we havehad three very competitive andvery competent bidders,” MayorCronin said. “We are going to dowell under any circumstance.”Councilman Bettelli madea motion that the request beawarded to the highest bidder,William Schupp. “I’m very pleasedthat we had two bids coming fromfolks on the island,” Bettelli said. The rest of the Council wasn’twithout comment; CouncilmanLoftus felt that the Council wasn’tcomparing apples to appleswhen looking at the proposals.“The second highest bidderreally offered some interestingvalue, including upgrades,” hesaid. He felt that their plansregarding landscaping, signage,and technological advertisements
would benet the City. “If you look
at the whole picture, Jeff Evans[of IOP Beach Club] bid is a bettervalue for the Isle of Palms.”Councilmember Buckhannonexpressed some serious concernsas well, believing that the“spirit and intent” of the City’sprocurement code had beencircumvented. “I’m not going tosupport this. I don’t think it’sright. It borders on unethical,and I think it should have beenawarded at our last meeting,” hesaid.Despite dissent, the motionpassed with a 5 – 3 vote.Buckhannon, Loftus, and Thomas opposed. CouncilwomanBergwerf was not in attendance.
Plans for the Parking Lot
5. Our Citizen Survey included a number in theupper right hand corner of the front page.What does this number signify? The Council responded anonymously with thefollowing answer: "The Sight Council is a diversegroup of Sullivan's Island voters and citizens whoare interested in advancing a more harmoniousand productive discourse on our island about thevarious issues that concern us all.At this time we prefer to remain anonymous aswe attempt to gather data from the greater residentpopulation and we hope to share results at somepoint in the future. Our survey was sent to all votersand not to one group or another and its contentcovers a wide array of issues. Our goal in sending itanonymously was to stimulate broad response andto try to avoid divisiveness associated with any pastissues or discussion. This group is not associated with the Town
nor with any candidate for ofce. We are merely 
interested in stimulating more productive dialogueabout the many issues that face our community and its future as we deal with the very real growthin our area. The number on the survey is simply so we canmaintain the integrity of the survey results with oneresponse allowed per voter. It is not our intention touse the number in any other manner."For now, this mysterious group will remainunknown, but the
Island Eye 
will keep our readersup to date as new information comes forward.
Sight Council 
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