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Mission to El Salvador 2013

Mission to El Salvador 2013

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Published by tlvander
Mission Report on a trip made to El Salvador in 2013.
Mission Report on a trip made to El Salvador in 2013.

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Published by: tlvander on Feb 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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El Salvador 2013
but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.
Dear family,I want to send you greetings both from my family (Ethel, Zion and John Elias) and our family from the churchMinisterio Canaan in El Salvador. We love you and your prayers and efforts to advance the Kingdom of Godare well appreciated, here in Bolivia and El Salvador. As you know my older brother Jamin, our friend Travis Kiker and I met up in El Salvador on February 14
with a mission to bring water to the thirsty. And those thirsty people arevery appreciative both to those who went and those who sent them. Thank you for your collaboration.The following is a testimony of what God was doing from my perspective. I hope youenjoy it and are inspired to allow God to use you as He pleases.SincerelyLuke Vandergriff 
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Luke flies fromCochabamba toSanta Cruz.Leave Santa Cruzand arrive in ElSalvador to meetJamin and Travis.Minister at churchin San RafaelCedros (SRC)Ministering at ayouth meeting inSoyapango at theChurchHeadquarters of Ministerio Canaan.Ministering atyouth meeting atSRCTake Jamin, Travisand Carlos to theCity to meet LivingWaters Ministry.Preach at SRC.Leave the lights onand lock the keysin the truck.Prayer meeting atSRC. A brother opensthe truck door andcharges thebattery.
Children’s ministry
at SRC.House to housevisits. Attend service atthe ChurchHeadquarters.Ministering at SRCin the evening.Meet Jamin, Travisand Carlos for lunch on thebeach.Ministering inprayer vigil at SRCJamin and Travisfly home to USA.Luke flies toPanama.
This outreach was conceived by a divine appointment. Carlos Garcia, native of El Salvador, got a job with twobrick masons full of the Holy Ghost. My father Henry Vandergriff and my brother Jamin lead him to JesusChrist. The ties between them grew strong, so much that when Carlos finally went home to his family, theypromised to go and visit. And so we did in February of 2012.
This time Jamin wanted to go back with a new focus. He had contacted Living Waters. This ministry drills wellsfor poor communities all throughout Central America. So the initial objective of this trip was to meet up with thisgroup in El Salvador, help them drill a well on the Guatemalan/Salvadoran border and learn from them aboutdrilling wells.However, since we had contacts from the previousyear and we wanted to strengthen those relationships,Jamin and Travis decided to show up a few days earlyto hang out with the church Ministerio Canaan in SanRafael Cedros (SRC). That is how I got to tag along,
they needed an interpreter. Yet they didn’t need me
the rest of the week while they were digging the well,so I decided to stay in SRC to strengthen therelationship with the pastors Atilio and Santos Ceronand serve them however I could.
Digging the spiritual well first 
Praise God we all made it to El Salvador on-time and met up with Carlos Garcia who took us back to his housein San Rafael Cedros, around 1 ½ hours from the airport. Later that night we had the opportunity to minister atthe church Carlos and his family attends, the same place we ministered at in 2012. After their normal time of praise and worship, it was our turn to lead another two songs. Jamin was on theguitar and lead vocals, Travis on the doumbek (Mid-Eastern hand drum) and I was tinkering with my flutes andwhistles. The presence of God was already there due to the previous time of song, but it just seemed tothicken and get heavy as we played and allowed the Spirit to flow. Then Jamin began to minister the word andI interpreted. He directed the people to the source of living water and later called the thirsty ones up front totake a drink. We then got off stage and were able to pray for a few.Praying for one lady, I discerned anxiety and worry and began to speak peace over her. Then came somethoughts which I decided to throw out there and see if they were from God. I told her she was worried abouther son who might be around 17 years old. She just nodded her head and continued to pour out her grief as Ispoke and then told her not to worry that God was taking care of everything. Later she told me that she wasworried about her son who was having painful back problems. I told her to bring him to the next meeting so we
could pray for him. Well, he showed up, but I didn’t get to
pray because God had already healed him. Oh, hewas probably in his 40s. I was a little off on the age.
Ministering at the Headquarters
Pastor Atilio Ceron from SRC had requested that we minister at a youthmeeting at the Ministerio Canaan Headquarters in the city of Soyapango.Over 500 kids were bussed in from all over San Salvador. The meetingstarted with their youth band that did a great job leading praise. Then weproceeded in a similar fashion as the night before. The kids seemed toimmediately connect with the songs we played. Between songs Travis readPsalm 24 and called everyone down front to open the gates and lift their heads to receive the King of Glory while we continued to play and give gloryand honor to the only one who deserves it. When I felt it was time, I had
everyone go back to their seats and I spoke to them about grace, the power of God to overcome sin. After service we went with the youth pastors to a little restaurant to get to know each other a little better. Wehad a good time.
Coming back to the Father 
Saturday afternoon we met the Pastor at the church in San Rafael Cedros and from there we walked aroundtown inviting people to church. Later was the youth meeting, however I think all ages were represented. This
time it was Travis’ turn to speak. He talked about not hiding from God and having confidence in that He lovesus and wants to have a relationship with us. It was one of the funnest sermons I’ve ever interpreted, ful
l of acting, expression and movement.
Off to dig a real well 
Sunday morning we went into the city to drop Jamin, Travis and Carlos off with the Living Water team. Fromthere they would be heading up to the Guatemalan/Salvadoran border to help drill a well for a very poor community. Here both the Guatemalans and the Salvadorans would benefit from the water. From there we
raced back in Carlos’ pickup truck to the meeting in San Rafael Cedros.
That afternoon I spoke on turning water into
wine, a message I’ve only openly shared once at Lamb’s Christian
Center and with a few friends as I felt lead. This time I felt from the Lord to put a different emphasis in the
message. The message had two main objectives, to teach the people how to learn God’s symbolic language
and that obedience to the Holy Spirit is a key to abundant life.
Monday, it had to be Monday
The next morni
ng I took Ruth, Carlos’ wife, to the market to buy a few items. On the way back, as is my
custom, I turned the headlights on to make sure that I am visible. Later that evening we had to go to the prayer meeting, but
the truck wouldn’t start. The battery wa
s dead. We tried push
starting it but just couldn’t get
enough speed. So I locked it up and off we went to the meeting in public transportation (a truck with rails in the
back to hold on to, and you’d better hold on).
I was impressed to see that over half of the Sunday crowd showed up to pray and really prayed. Pastor Atiliothen exhorted us a little about the importance of prayer and it was time to go. We asked another brother to take
us home in his truck and help us get Carlos’ truck started. To our di
smay, I had locked the only set of keysinside the truck. Thank God, a faithful member of the church had a bit of experience in opening car doors andcame to our rescue in the morning. He also took the battery to have it charged.

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