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Cats and Spiritual Prosperity

Cats and Spiritual Prosperity



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Published by: Linda-Allen Anderson on Feb 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cats and Spiritual ProsperityBy Allen and Linda Anderson
Cats have been prosperous and poor. They have had the reputation of bringing luck and prosperity. Today, cats getchased away and pampered. It’s a wonder how they ever know whether their presence will be welcomed or dreaded.But somehow, they read the signals and act accordingly.Prosperity is in the eye of the beholder. What one person thinks of as prosperous holdsno interest for another. The following stories expand definitions of wealthy. Who wouldn’tagree that having a special cat makes a person much richer?Joan Wood is a lifelong cat lover although she is pet-less at the moment. She is a born-and-raised Bostonian, grew up in a haunted house, and is a professional psychic, medium,and hypnotherapist. Joan wrote the story below about a gray tiger cat of less than five pounds who joined her family.We heard Tiger Cat meowing all the way up to the top floor of our city tenement, on a winter day, in the middle of a snowstorm. When we called to the tiny, little, gray kitten, she bounded up all three long flights of stairs to reach our floor. It was the beginning of a twenty-one-year relationship.Tiger was one of the most affectionate cats I’ve ever seen and was very loving and protective, despite her tinysize. She became particularly attached to my mother, Marie Wood, who had a life-long love and communication withanimals of all kinds.When Tiger died, my grief-stricken mother insisted we bury her in a tiny homemade casket. We lived in the cityand couldn’t afford a plot in the pet cemetery, which was too far away. Around one o’clock in the morning, we buriedTiger in a little grave, in a secluded area, of a remote semi-suburban park, near where I lived. My mother was prettydevastated by her loss.About three months later, as I walked past the park, I noticed that there was some construction going on not toofar from Tiger’s grave. I grew concerned that the construction workers might find and disturb Tiger’s gravesite butsaid nothing to my mother. I didn’t want to upset her.Soon after, I went to my mother’s house and was sitting down with her. Out of the blue, she said to me that she’dhad a dream about Tiger recently. In the dream Tiger had said, “Mommy, the men are working near my grave, andI’m afraid they’re going to bother it. My mother asked if something was happening near Tiger’s grave.I had to fess up and admit that Tiger’s grave was in some jeopardy and told Mother about the construction goingon around it. I assured her that I would keep an eye on it. Fortunately the construction workers never came closeenough to the grave to discover it. Tiger’s little remains are still there in our homemade casket, surrounded by all thetrinkets she loved in life.What I love about this experience is that it is what Spiritualists call evidentiary, since there was no possible waythat my invalid mother could have received this information except from her kit-ty. And the information was specific,indicating that Tiger was quite upset by what was going on near her grave.
Cats and Finding a Calling
What could be more prosperous than finding your calling in life? Danielle Thompson, a woman in her mid-

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