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February 28th 2013

February 28th 2013

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Published by The Ontarion
The Ontarion - University of Guelph's Independent Student Newspaper - February 28th 2013, Issue 170.7
The Ontarion - University of Guelph's Independent Student Newspaper - February 28th 2013, Issue 170.7

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Published by: The Ontarion on Feb 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thursday, ebruary 8th, 0
T Uv  Gl’ I S N
page 5
A & ClS & HlLOElCC LClf
tg d s dlv i yh-pp
Duo lays Peter ClarkHall in suort o newalbu
ben derochie
Being one o their only sold out
shows on their current tour,
Tegan and Sara played to a wel-
coming crowd at University o 
Guelph’s Peter Clark Hall on Feb.23. In support o their new album
, Tegan and Sara de-
part rom their established indie
roots and embark into the do-
main o synthesizers and drum
machines analogous to the synth-
    19. T l  lz lv  l-
tered with vibrant scintillating
LED lights and pulsing dance
rhythms, which was more than aperect excuse or all us students
 l l  v    .
While dedicating a large por-
tion o their repertoire to newmaterial, they included anobliging allocation o previous
an avourites allowing anyoneto satisy their desire either to
rock out or dance away. Clas-
sics like “Call It O” were mixed
ll    lk “G, G,” 
being perormed with avidity
rom the band. Tegan and Sara
ully engaged with the audi-ence, throwing various quirky
remarks throughout the concert.is was perhaps best exemplifed
when they diverted rom the setor a ull fve-minute discussion
with the crowd regarding their
previous adventures in Guelph, in-
cluding attending an ater-party
      v
by “some dudes in skirts.” eaudience was warmly receptive
  v, lv-
ing in the perormance o the newsingle “Closer” as the entire crowd
promptly transormed the room
   .
Incorporating a ull backingband, Tegan and Sara played all
songs expertly with little or no dis-
 v  ll.  
did not divert or elaborate romtheir recorded counterparts, but
   ll q 
these songs simply sound greatbeing perormed live. Perhaps
the most distinct moment o thenight came in the encore as they
 jammed with a single acoustic
guitar through multiple segmentso several songs all in the timespano a single song; a noteworthy andunique addition. ere were a cou-
ple o unashamed and inevitablesales pitches thrown in or their
 l,   l  l-    k   lv   .I ’ k  
Canadian indie synth-pop, look no
.  lk  .
g d S’s o Oto to stop ws t  sod-ot Pt C H o Fb. 23, wh thpomd g om th tst sth-pop bm, Htthob.
Ben DerOCHie
Hi, u  G yl
Udates on the UCbreak-and-enter
aica gradowsa
On Jan. 27, a break-and-enter
took place in the University Cen-
,  vl v  v  ’ -
al inormation were stolen. On
F. ,  Uv  Gl’
Chie Inormation Ocer Rebecca
G    
break-in through a widely dis-
tributed email, which caused someconcern or recipients o the news.
Since the incident, the uni-
versity administration has taken
several steps in ensuring that
’   l l. A l 
Graham inormed students that
the university would be providing
ree credit monitoring or oneyear to students aected by the
Lori Bona Hunt, o Communica-
  Pl A,    l       .
“ere actually has not been any
evidence to date that any o the
inormation has been used orraudulent purposes. We’re just
ebruary 8th, 0
a mp hm ibl  ll?
Washroo Challengeais to revealaccessibility concerns
atie shum
The month o March is upon us,and luckily or those who havelong-orgotten New Year’s res-olutions, this month can be the
    ll.
The Guelph Resource Cen-
ter or Gender Empowerment
and Diversity (GRCGED) andthe Central Student Associa-
tion (CSA) are collaborating on
a new project called the Gen-
der Neutral and Accessible
Washroom (GNAW) Challenge.
The challenge is this: or the
duration o March, stay away
rom using any washroom or
    
or inaccessible, on campus or
This initiative is open to allmembers o the University o 
Guelph who wish to participate,but organizers are particularly
keen on encouraging partici-
pants who “don’t ind going togendered bathrooms a diicult/
unsae experience” and those
“who don’t have to consider ac-cessibility when planning to goto the washroom,” as explained
on the event’s Facebook page.
Ultimately, the hope is that
through some personal experi-ence, people will gain a glimpse
o what daily lie may be like
or trans and gender-variantpeople or people with physi-
l l .
To help participants stay true
to the challenge, all that oi-
ll  l ( lk
can be ound on the event’s
Fk     CSA
calendar o events on their
website) will also have an op-
portunity to sign up or an
additional inormation session.
F ,  l
session is a chance to open the
dialogue concerning accessibil-
   l, l    v l
scenarios or many students,
sta, aculty, and visitors on
To put this into perspective,imagine that as a participant,
it is your irst day o the GNAWchallenge. As you walk throughthe UC, 30 minutes beore yournext class, you bump into your
busy riend that you have not
seen since October. Your riendthen asks you to catch-up over
coee and a snack, seeing asyou do not have class or awhile. However, ater givingan excited “Yes!” you sud-
denly realize that there is not
  l  l
washroom near your next class-
room. Choices: do you orgo
this social activity, or engage
in this social activity at the risko not being able to concentrate
in an hour when you eel theneed to go to the washroom?
Or worse, do you leave class in
    l l ?
CSA Academic and UniversityAairs Commissioner, Deaglan
McManus, one o the primary
ll   v,
discussed the timing o theGender Neutral and Accessi-
l W Cll.“Ev    
washroom, and everyone needs
to eel comortable using the
washroom. There is never a
wrong time to bring these is-
  l.”
Along with an open dialogue,
 v , - “W-
room Audit” will be handed out
to each participant, and theworkshops will include in-
     
auditing campus washrooms
  . K 
mind that this challenge hopes
to address both gendered and
inaccessible acilities, the audit
   (..
male igure, emale igure, male
and emale igure, etc.), to
simple questions about doors,
sinks, toilets, and other objectsto be ound in both washrooms
  .
The inspiration or creat-ing this major project came
  x v     U-
versity o Guelph. Currently,
GRCGED  ll  
submissions o experiences
with gendered and inaccessi-ble washrooms or their zine,
which will be available in
Another major source o 
inspiration or the GNAW chal-
lenge came rom a very similar
bathroom challenge that wasorchestrated in Haliax, Nova
S  212. T ll
also ocused on gender-neutral
, v, z-
ers there also spoke o lobbying
or bathrooms that could be
made accessible or people o 
all dierent abilities and needs.Guelph organizers hope that or
l x  l-
lenge, or or people keeping upwith other news about this ini-
tiative, those who are awarewill eel inspired to ight ormore gender neutral and ac-
l l.Cl,  Uv  
Guelph website provides some
inormation, when correctly
searched on the campus map,
about the availability, location,and accessibility o washrooms
in buildings across campus.
However, those listings may be
out o date or unreliable, ex-
l MM.
For example, what is listed as
 “x ll     [] l”     Uv C l
to include mentioning that thisacility is locked ater 4:10 p.m.– and there are no other listingsor a gender-neutral acility on
 l   UC.D    
accessibility issues on cam-
pus, McManus acknowledged
that there have been some
signs o momentum rom the
Uv’ v .Hv,    -
ress or change has been slow issuggested by the arrival o this
  v.
McManus imparted that the
GNAW challenge is the irst step
to raising awareness on cam-pus, and that the outcomesrom the audits and support
rom participants will help this
campaign to push changes or
more gender neutral and ac-
cessible washroom and change
l  .
T Gd nt Bthoom Chg hops to show th dctso bthoom s o ts d gd-t dds, d thoswth ccssbt ds.
vaneSSa iGnanelli
Glbl  Ll:
Students, sta, andaculty on internationaland national news
Research on discriminatory Google
advertisements has recently come
out o Harvard where a proessor has
v   l 
engine allegedly links names as-sociated with black people with
ads related to criminality. In act,
L S   
adverts were 25 per cent more like-
l   l   
included a black name. Services
oering background checks or ar-
rests and criminal records were twotypes o ads cited as appearing dur-ing these searches. Caucasian names
  l   v-
tisements not related to criminality,
even though some o the Cauca-
    S   l  v l -
cords associated with them. In an
l 
Te Daily Mail 
,  Gl
spokesperson responded that the
company was not to blame as, “It is
  vl v  -  k       .”
Te Ontarion:
Have you heard about
     ?
sbi szilgyi, d:
I haven’t
heard about it. I guess it does in-
    . W’ v
toward a much more equal worldso to have these sorts o discrimi-
    – ’   . S I k   
interest me because I’d like to seethose [things] not happening. Youknow, granted, there will be peo-ple o many races who just aren’tup to society’s level o standards,
 ’   f    – I’    .
Te Ontarion:
Do you have any ex-
periences with similar ads that have
    -
posed interests in a particular way?
Well, I’ve seen certain things like
that pop up, mostly on Facebook,
not necessarily Google. Based on
my likes, I’ve noticed certain things
kind o popping up on the side. I
don’t use them… At frst, I was kind
o thrown o by them, like this isstu I’ve looked into or interested
. [I ] ll  F-
book and there was like this
advertisement on the side,which sort o catches you o guard.I’ve had some experiences based on
, .
Tanks to the participant for this
week’s interview. If you havesomething to say about inter-national or national news, and 
would like to be contacted for fu-
ture issues, or if you want to see a 
 particular news story covered here,contact News Editor Alicja Grzad-
kowska at onnews@uoguelph.ca.
“Tere is nevera wrong tieto bring theseissues to light.”
– DeaglanMcManus

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