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Short Story 2

Short Story 2

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Published by Brett Deister
Here is the second one. Different characters, but in the same world. It's an ongoing process.
Here is the second one. Different characters, but in the same world. It's an ongoing process.

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Published by: Brett Deister on Feb 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Standing on top of a building, he looks out and sees the city burn. Screams cry out for it to stop, butthere is no one there. It is only screams he hears.Violently waking up he coughs. Blood dribbles down his mouth, he is dying, and there is nothing anyonecan do. His hand shakes and trembles for water. Grabbing the water, he starts to cough more, filling thecup with his blood. The pain is like a thousand hands pulling his insides in different directions.
He knows he doesn’t have much time left, and
he has not finished his work. That would be left to othermen. He hoped they would be better. This world needs better. Better than would he gave. His wisdomwas folly. His leadership flawed. The only thing he left was rivers of blood. He left families with no past.He left others families with no future. He justified it. He rationalized and then came to a realization; hewas never going to stop this war.Damien was the elected as supreme leader. However, this was only a title. He always had to get amajority votes to do anything. He was trapped as a mere figurehead. It was a war of power, pride andwealth. It was a war not fought over freedom, but fought to one up the other guy. It was stupid,senseless, and bloody.Word got out that Breaton, one of their own killed many men on both sides. The celebrated hero andchampion was now an outlaw. Search parties were sent to find, and bring him to justice. However,
Damien knew what it meant. They were going to find him and kill him; swift cruel “justice.” Damien
remembered going out to where the battle took place. He took his trusted officials that knew warfare.He had a lot of them. All of them concluded that the lords had set a trap for him. Dressed in the colors of the enemy, he was fighting on all sides, fighting for his life. Damien surveyed the field, which became amarsh. The thing that was different from this marsh, was that it once was a fertile farm land, now it is
filled with blood. Damien’s feet slushed along on the ground, splashing blood on his pants
and makinghis boots bloody.Then off in the distance he saw a blade stuck in the ground. It shimmered in the sunlight. Damien darednot to touch it. He considered it sacred ground. Damien left, knowing full well that no one would believe
Breaton didn’t p
urposefully kill those men. The rumors were all people needed to believe. It was allanyone believed these days. Damien wanted to right this wrong. As his angered boiled, he began tocough again. The blood spilling out of his mouth; there was not much time left for him. As his staggeredwalk back to his became a halt, he collapsed.Coming to, he saw he was back in his room. The dream of his city on fire was intense, that he became tocry. The screams echoing in his mind, he knew he must tell his story. Tell someone what he had
contributed to the world… death.
Damien sent word for his assistant. He needed to pass on wisdom, that is what this world needed again,
wisdom. Hector came in. He was chosen to be Damien’s assistant
. A man skinny, he was picked on all hislife. No friends, he chose books of people. He lost his faith in people. He despised and detested anyone.Looked on them with a quiet disdain, he was nobody to somebody. That was his strength and weakness.He relied on no one to get the job done, but once he could not find a way out of it, he gave up. Leaving
problems festering, until it came to light, then he would finally admit to the wrong, but never before.He was very intelligent, awkward, but unless you looked, you would think he was just shy. There wasalways a battle ragging inside of him. Never your friend or enemy, he loved or hated you on a whim.
As Damien’s and Hector’s eyes met, Damien could tell Hector did not approve of him going to see the
devastation left by their greatest champion. The look turned from anger to pity. Hector knew he did nothave much time left. This frail body was failing every time he breathed, he could feel the life draining.His time was coming to an end. Hector moved a chair close to his bed side. Hector said in a scathing
remark, “Did you enjoy your death defying adventure? Was it worth it?” Unfazed by his questions,Damien said “Grab the parchment and write this down. Store it in your heart, and listen to my dyingwords.” Feeling the end near Damien continued, “
I have been a murderer, sent men to their death fornothing. I am a cheat, fraud and do not deserve any praise or should be remembered. The only thingthat is important is that this story will be passed and shared.
” Hector paused, looked shocked, he neveronce that Damien was all this. Hector mustered the strength to ask “Why now? Why must you sharenow? People still think of you as the protector this great free realm of people.” Damien answered, “They
have only been told what weaker men have believed; that
I was protecting them. When the truth is… I
was trying to protect this world. I wanted this war to end years ago. However, people and their greedare hard to persuade. Peace does not have a profit, but war is full of wealth and fame. For the greatergood I sent men to their death; enacted a mandatory military duty to all citizens, even to every lord andhigh class citizen. In the name of ending the war, I did far worse. I allowed weapons of great and terribledestruction into our strategy to find out that it did nothing but feed the beast more. Every day therewere higher death counts. I allowed these to get out; to wake up the people to this idea of perpetualwar is killing us. However, it just enraged more to join. I had a great and massive army at my di
He stops and coughs up more blood. Wheezing from all the coughing, Hector rushes from his chair toattempt to ease his pain, there is nothing that can be done.
“I’m alright… for now,” Damien says. “We need to continue. I have little time left.” He
ctor nods and goes
back to the chair. “I am not proud of leaving children without a father and leaving a family without their
sons to carry on a name. My idealism got in the way of seeing what was before me. I treated each lifelike a vapor, and most went as quickly as I sent them out. I still believe this war needs to end, but do notknow how to stop this immovable force. The idea of always being at war, only started as an idea, butsome ideas have a deadly infection that spread and never let go. Now there is no sign that it will, until
this city burns and all you hear are screams…”Confused, Hector wanted to more, “What do you mean that the city will burn and the only thing youhear are screams?” Damien answered, “I have had this dream of me standing on t
op of the highest pointin the city. I see the fire burning everything. Nothing can stop it. Its purpose is vengeance against thepeople. As the blaze burns, the cries of men roar through the streets. The cries of women sound theimpending doom. The childr
en cries let you know there is no future…”
A tear rolls
down Damien’s cheek.
“If there is no future for a city, there is no hope. This is why this story needs to shared. “While Damienwas collecting his thoughts, Hector asked, “So where does it end? I stil
l do not understand why this story
needs to be told. Everyone knows you have tried to stop it. What are you not telling me?” Realizing the
truth needed to come out, Damien struggled to sit up. Once he was situated he became to tell the truth.
“I started this war…”
Shocked Hector kept writing, it was all he could do to not kill him. He needed to
understand… why.
Speechless the words escaped Hector’s mouth. He just did not have the words.
Damien started again, knowing full well he would go to his death for th
is. “
I did what I thought was right.Even if you hate me and death may come sooner because of this. I am a man that saw only constantwar. I thought by bringing it to light, then people would stand up and end this war. Only the mob canend wars. Powerful men may start, but finishing something is all up to the people. They always havemore power as a collective whole that any powerful person. Powerful men only get to be, with thebacking of people. No man can ever gain power without the people. I used this.
I abused it. I die from it.”
Damien continues, struggling to remain focused, “This war I started was already going on behind the
scenes. There was plenty of murder, rape and pillaging. Towns on the border on both sides were takenthe biggest hits. Most were desolate, but no one ever knew. No stories were ever told. The only rumorswere of a great famine that struck. It was a well-guarded secret. I started a war, to combat the secrets
they were hiding.” Hector finally had words to say, “For the sake of trut
h, you sent millions to their
death.” Damien nodded, “I understood the consequences for my actions, but I did not see another way.
I wanted to end the death and destruction, and I thought forcing a war, would eventually end it.However, the months and years told me otherwise. I mandatory drafts on everyone did not work.Authorizing deadlier weapons, that killed hundreds in an instant, did nothing. I was swimming blood.
There was no way to get out of this mess. No one wanted this war to end, but me.”
 Hector was puzzled by the comment. He knew that many of his friends and family wanted it to end. Hehad seen many friends die, lose their loved ones. He did not understand why Damien thought no one
wanted to end the war. Hector decided to speak up, “What makes y
ou think no one wants this war toend? Have you seen the people, or are you too busy being locked up in the capital to notice the pain
that goes on in the streets. Are you blind to your own people?”
 The anger burned inside of Hector, he wanted this war over. He wanted the bloodshed to stop. He kneweveryone wanted it to end.
Lashing out he said, “How can you say that?! We all want it to end… NOW!
You had no right to end a generation. We will never get them back! I trusted you! I looked up to you!
This is all your fault! ALL OF IT!” Damien knowing he had every right to be angr
y calmly looked at Hector.He stared at him; looking for a sign that he still had grace left. That Hector would finish the story. He juststarred, not wanting to
continue. He waited…
 Hector got up and left. He could not stand it anymore. He was going to kill him. There was no way thisman should be alive. He must pay for his crimes. Hector would payback for all the lives lost. For him tosee his friends, even his father. The one man that did not deserve to die was him. He was the best manto every grace this earth. He gave to everyone without wanting anything in return. He was forced intothe war. He was part of the mandatory draft. Hector was so proud of his dad, fighting what he thought anoble cause. Hector would write to his dad. Learning what is was like to be in battle, the glory to be hadand the stories that would come. However, it was not how he dreamed. His dad seemed to remain inhigh spirits, but his letters had some sense of loss. That through all of these battles, he was losinghimself. When He
ctor’s dad came back from the war, he didn’t look the same. Something was different
and very wrong. His dad kept wanting to release the inner light, but Hector did not know what that

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