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The Sexual Energy Elixir

The Sexual Energy Elixir



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Published by sulya20045343

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Published by: sulya20045343 on Feb 24, 2009
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The Sexual Energy Elixir
Caroline Robertson
 For centuries Taoism and Tantra have taught that sexuality is a tool to transform the spirit. Now recent research suggests that satisfying sex also has the capacity to heal the bodyand mind.
Intimacy Immunisation
When some of my patients revealed that a good “roll in the hay” eased their symptoms Iwas intrigued. There was the 40yr old man crippled with arthritis who foundmasturbation more effective than medication. A woman who sidelined crampy periodswith a dose of premenstrual sexual healing and the carpenter who recovered from chronic back pain and depression after trying Taoist love making techniques. Investigating the phenomenon further I discovered a plethora of reports and anecdotal evidence supportingsexual energy as a powerful panacea. One of the most startling scientific experimentsfound that hamsters copulating freely remained healthy even after being injected withcancer causing drugs while their celibate compatriots dwindled and died from the sametoxic injections.We know arousal creates feel good chemicals which is why sex sells but can it cureconditions? Measuring the effects of the “shagadelic state” on brains and bodies has ledto revelations that it boosts the immune system, releases powerful painkillers, elevates themood to orgasmic heights and imparts a youthful glow. In fact, before spending a fortuneon wrinkle cream a Scottish study suggests you should consider investing in a bit of nookie. When the research panel guessed the ages of 3,500 people they estimated thatthose who had more sex looked 7-10 years younger than they actually were. No wonder China’s concubines considered canoodling the “best beauty aid.” High hormones mayalso be connected with greater longevity according to gerontologist Paul Niehans whenafter autopsying Thomas Parr who died at 152 discovered his huge testicles a storehouseof abundant hormones. Another 10-year study found that men who had more orgasms hada 50 percent lower death rate than those less sexually active. Conversely, castratedeunuchs of Egypt’s royal harem were found to suffer more illness and age prematurelyaccording to Russian physician Serge Voronoff. Sexual suppression may be linked tocertain diseases with an estimated one third of catholic priests dying from prostate problems whereas men who have sex a several times a week were shown to suffer fewer  prostate problems.The biggest aphrodisiac, our brain, is on constant call to respond to our primal programme for species perpetuation. So what happens when, according to psychologists,every 3 seconds men think of sex and every 6 seconds women join in? Titillatingthoughts trigger nerve signals to the brain, specifically tickling the hypothalamus,neocortex and midbrain. These then release neuropeptides and hormones that canalleviate illness, health and prolong life. An MRI during orgasm shows a bridge fusingthe logical left and intuitive right brain hemispheres, creating an integrating and ecstaticexperience. Another factor is that levels of the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin during orgasmcan surge up to five times higher which contracts the uterus, strengthens emotional
 bonding, regulates body temperature, blood pressure and pain relief. The immune boosting immunoglobulin A is also raised considerably according to a study by CarlCharnetski, PhD., co-author of "Feeling Good is Good for You" who found that subjectswho had sex once or twice a week had 30% higher levels of the antibody than the morecold-prone celibates. During arousal we can also tolerate up to 110% more pain due tothe midbrain’s release of potent painkilling endorphins and corticosteroids, which numb painful nerve endings, relax muscles and calm the mind. A study by Beverly Whipple,Ph.D., confirmed that during orgasm women could increase their pain tolerance by up to75%, an analgesic effect that can last for six hours according to Drs Sadoughi and Brown.These painkilling properties have been applied successfully to arthritis, menstrual crampsand migraines where circulation away from the head to the genitals can give markedrelief, making the “not tonight I’ve got a headache” excuse redundant. Shifting focusfrom pain to pleasure also acts to remind cells of their capacity for joy, overriding persistent pain pathways. In addition the effect of increased hormones, progesterone, FSHand LH in women can regulate periods and ease menopausal symptoms. Using it mayalso protect you from loosing it, explains Irwin Goldstein, M. D., "If you're sexuallyactive now, you're protecting your ability to stay that way later,” by pulsing oxygen rich blood and lubricating juices to the pelvic area thereby strengthening the wholereproductive system. A bit of sexercise may be another weight loss option as it burns anestimated 200 calories, equal to 30 minutes vigorous running. Other studies link increased sexual activity with a lower risk of breast and prostate cancer. Another sexualrevolution is that whereas previously sex was restricted for heart patients today theAmerican Heart Association (AHA) actually endorses various techniques of sexualhealing. A study in Wales supports the move after showing that men who had sex twice aweek or more experienced half as many heart attacks after 10 years as men who ‘got iton’ less than once a month. Sexual dissatisfaction was also prevalent in a high percentageof patients prior to a heart attack according to research by Dr. Paul Pearsall, author of Sexual Healing. Having long recognised the elixir of sex, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners may prescribe a course of particular sexual postures to address a range of  physical or psychological illnesses. Positions combined with focused awareness and breathing stimulates specific reproductive reflexology zones thereby sending energy torelated organs. For example the woman on top position is suggested to relieve menstrualcramps. Tantra also details advanced pranayama, mudra and bandha practices for healingand spiritual advancement.Though the evidence is mostly anecdotal, the psychological effect of healthy sex or suppression is obvious to most sex therapists as Dr Sandra Scantling voiced, “sexualcloseness is the body’s emotional fuel.” In1949 sexologist Dr Rudolf von Urbanexplained in his book-“Sex, Perfection and Marital Happiness” that deeply relaxed loverscreate a resonance effect called entrainment that brings about deep healing for both partners. Prescribing the ‘sexual bonding’ method to hundreds of patients which entailslying motionless together for 20-30 minutes he showed it improved the relationship,insomnia, high blood pressure, irritability, ulcers and other health problems. This wasattributed to the merging of bioelectric energy streams unblocking negativity such as fear,anger and resentment, the same phenomenon viewed by Tantra as divine union dissolvingthe illusion of separateness. In their healing love workshops Dianne and Kerry Rileyteach the “Daily Devotion” practice similar to sexual bonding where couples lie still with
genitals, lips and limbs connected for at least five minutes morning and evening.Participant’s response was that it helped them to heal daily disharmony, diffuse potentialdiscord, energise, relax and improved moods. Some therapists have found that union witha loving partner or oneself in the right circumstances can heal frigidity, quell anxiety,release trauma from touch depravation or abuse and overcome feelings of negative self esteem, timidity and alienation. The emotional benefits of sexuality were evident in onestudy which found that men who masturbated regularly were less prone to bouts of depression. So next time you’re feeling down try a sexperiment. Put on some sensualmusic, soak in a relaxing bath and stroke yourself while visualising the most appealingmate imaginable. Sense those happy hormones surging through your system? When the juices of healthy arousal flow through us we are tapping into an extraordinary energy thathas the capacity to create new life. Letting this creative energy generate healing withinand allowing it to overflow into everything we do we can transfer that passion,excitement, warmth and energy of sexuality to everything we encounter. As Rob, a 62year old minister says- “People who are sexual are blessed, they can remake themselves.They are a creative repository for all that sexual energy and they can take it in manydirections, to build a new house, to attract a new person, to take an intellectual journey.”
Seed Saving
Ancient Tantric and Taoist teachings have always acknowledged the transformative potential of sexual energy. According to Ayurveda and Tantra health, immunity andvitality come from abundant ojas or the transformed creative essence of semen and ovum.This life-generating cream contains the concentrated nectar from all the cells, theculmination of all vitalising biological processes. It is this refined elixir that, whenutilised properly, forms Amrita- or the fountain of longevity. Traditional ChineseMedicine and Taoism also attribute life energy to Ching or channelled procreative powers. This precious energy is to be expertly cultivated, conserved and circulated.Rather than wasting it Taoists aim to refine it just as raw honey is purified from its rawwaxy form to the sweetest nectar. In women it contains the zenith of Yin and in men the potency of Yang- both essential for health and balance. Women are considered morefortunate than men as they naturally tend to retain this vital fluid since their reproductiveorgans are internal and they have a yin receptive nature whereas men loose it easily.Taoists connect this difference to the fact that women live an average six years longer than men. Women’s innate ability to have multiorgasms of increasing intensity also makethem sexually superior according to Taoists. This is reflected in an ancient Greek mythwhere the sage Tiresias changes into a woman and in response to Jupiter’s enquiry as towhich gender has greater sexual pleasure he replied “women by at least ten times!”Maybe Freud’s theory of penis envy needs to be updated to clitoris envy.Whereas western research on sexual healing doesn’t emphasise the importance of retaining and recirculating sexual fluids, the Eastern systems make the vital distinction.One drop of semen is equal to sixty drops of blood in the energy it bestows on the bodyaccording to Vedic science. In Taoism it is considered to be a superfood rich in easilyabsorbable nutrients and energy that can revitalise body and mind. Western scienceagrees as semen has proven to be a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, trace elements,hormones, proteins, irons, enzymes and other vital nutritional substances includingcalcium, albumin, lecithin, phosphorus and nucleoproteins. Interestingly these are similar 

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