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Published by IBJSC.com

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Published by: IBJSC.com on Feb 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Limited Warranty – INSTEON warrants to original consumer of this product for a period of 2 years from date of purchase,this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will perform in substantial conformity with its Owner's Manual.Warranty shall not apply to defects caused by misuse or neglect.Protected under U.S. and foreign patents (see
) © Copyright 2012INSTEON, 16542 Millikan Ave., Irvine, CA 92606, 800-762-7845
Quick Start Guide
KeypadLinc™ Dimmer INSTEON
Remote Control Keypad SwitchModel: 2486D – 6-button, Rev 5.0+
 About KeypadLinc 
Congratulations on the purchase of the elegant, high-quality KeypadLinc scene controller with built-in dimmer.KeypadLinc stores up to six INSTEON/X10 multi-device scenes. Additionally, each button has an LED statusindicator for virtually any INSTEON device or scene you wish to monitor.
Installation should be performed only by a qualified electrician or a homeowner who is familiar andcomfortable with electrical circuitry. If you have any questions regarding installation, we suggest consulting anelectrician. If you have any questions regarding setup, contact the INSTEON Support Line.
What’s in the box? 
KeypadLinc Dimmer 
Four (4) wire nuts
Tools Needed 
Flathead screwdriver 
Phillips screwdriver 
Wire cutter/stripper 
Voltage meter 
1) At electrical panel, turn off circuit breaker(s) and/or remove fuse(s) feeding wall box(verify that power is off)2) Remove wallplate from switch, unscrew switch you are replacing and gently pull out3) Disconnect wires from switch
 4) Turn on power 5) Use a voltage meter to identify line and load wires which connected to the switch6) Identify neutral and ground wires7) Turn off power 8) Connect wires as per table/diagram (confirm firm attachment with no exposed wire)9) With button labels right-side up, gently place KeypadLinc into wall box and screw into place10) Turn on power 
KeypadLinc ON button LED and connected light will turn on
11) Verify KeypadLinc is working properly by tapping KeypadLinc ON and OFF buttons
The light connected to KeypadLinc will toggle on and off 
12) Reinstall the wallplate
Using KeypadLinc Dimmer 
ButtonTypeButton LEDbefore TapEffect of FirstPress andHoldEffect of Additional Press andHolds
 Toggle Off Brighten sceneuntil releaseOpposite of last press and hold(e.g. if last was brightening, it will dim)Toggle OnDim scene untilreleaseOpposite of last press and hold(e.g. if last was brightening, it will dim) Always On Either Brighten scene until release Always Off Either Dim scene until release
On a 6-button KeypadLinc, connected light(s) will react just like the scene responders to on/off button taps
LED will mimic the on/off status of a dimmer whose scene level is 100% bright
On a 6-button KeypadLinc, top is an “All On” button while bottom is an “All Off” button
Other buttons toggle by default
If the wires cannot be detached by unscrewing them, cut the wires where they enter the switch, then strip ½” of insulation off the ends
KeypadLinc Wire Wall Box Wires
Bare copper Ground(commonly bare greenwire or green screw)WhiteNeutral(commonly white)RedLoad(light, fan, etc.)BlackLine(120V to Ground)
Set buttonDedicatedOn/Off ButtonsSecondarybuttons

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