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SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture

SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture

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Published by vrzone
A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture
A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otaku and Japanese Pop Culture

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Published by: vrzone on Feb 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 28th, 2013Published by:VR-Zone1
SGCafe : Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku | Pop Culture
 A daily publication about Cosplay, Vocaloid, Otakuand Japanese Pop Culture
‘Vividred Operation’ game for the PS3 in the works
Source:http://sgcafe.com/2013/02/vividred-operation-game-ps3-works/By ellehaym on February 28th, 2013
Vividred Operation
franchise has branched out to thegaming scene. If you have been enjoying the anime series,I’m sure you’ll love the Vividred Operation experience on your PlayStation 3.The April issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine has announcedthat Namco Bandai Games is currently developing the gameadaptation of Vividred Operation for the PS3. The game is being produced by Kensuke Tsukanaka, the producer behindthe JRPG headed to the west this year,
Time and Eternity
(TokiTowa). The magazine also reveals that Akane Isshiki,the lead character, will be featured in this adaptation.The TV anime series premiered last month in Japan. Vividred Operation is set in a futuristic and peaceful eramade possible by the creation of the Manifestation Engine, afacility that solved the energy crisis that occurred five yearsprior to the anime’s present storyline. The main protagonist, Akane Isshiki lives with her sister and grandfather on anisland called Isu Oushima. Tides turn as the alien force, Alone, threatens the world. To be able to fight the Alone, Akane receives powers from the Vivid System. Akane,together with her friends Aoi, Himawari and Wakaba,protect the world from the menace of the Alone.Source: Yaraon!
Second batch of ‘Hyperdimension Neptuniathe Animation’ character designs: Nepgear and f riends
Source:http://sgcafe.com/2013/02/hyperdimension-neptunia-animation-character-designs-nepgear-friends/By KarbyP on February 27th, 2013
Officially,Neptuneis the main protagonist and star of theHyperdimension Neptunia JRPG series. At least, that’s whatthe design documents over at Compile Heart, the games’developer, say.But ask any of the series’s fans, and they’ll tell you,unanimously, a truth different from that of the officialdocuments:the real star of the Neptunia series is actually Nepgear, Neptune’s younger sister.No offense, Nepnep. But your younger sister is just so muchmore likeable.
February 28th, 2013Published by:VR-Zone2
Thank the goddesses, then, that studio David Production hasrevealed this week that Nepgear and the rest of the consolegoddesses’ younger sisters – Uni (a personification of Sony’sPSP), Rom and Ram (twins who together rep the NintendoDS) – will be making an appearance in the JRPG series’sforthcoming TV anime adaptation. I’m not sure if the anime would be worth watching if they were cut from the show.David Production (the folks behind TV anime JoJo’sBizaree Adventure) has also shared some character designillustrations to show fans what the sisters will more or lesslook like in the upcoming anime. Note that these characterdesign illustrations are tentative, and may not be a 100%accurate representation of the final character designs used.Nepgear (CV: Yui Horie)Uni (CV: Eri Kitamura)Rom (CV: Yui Ogura)Ram (CV: Kaori Ishihara) Andhere are the character designs for the elder sisters(plus Vert, who’s a single child) in Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation:Neptune and her goddess alter-ego Purple Heart (CV: RieTanaka).They’re a personification for a non-existent Sega console, theSega Neptune.
February 28th, 2013Published by:VR-Zone3
Noire and her alter-ego Black Heart (CV: Asami Imai).They personify the Sony PlayStation 3. Vert and Green Heart (CV: Rina Satou).Xbox 360.Blanc and White Heart (CV: Kana Asumi).The Nintendo Wii.Source: Animate[via Yaraon]
Seven anime companies inJapan to launch streamingservices catering to overseasfans

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