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March 2013 Wedge Neighborhood News

March 2013 Wedge Neighborhood News

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Minneapolis, MN, Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Non-profit Newspaper. Uptown Minneapolis Neighborhood. Housing, business, kids, arts, restaurants, exercise news
Minneapolis, MN, Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Non-profit Newspaper. Uptown Minneapolis Neighborhood. Housing, business, kids, arts, restaurants, exercise news

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Published by: Wedge Neighborhood News on Feb 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. 44, No. 3 FREE March 2013
Lowry HiLL East NEigHborHood associatioN NEwspapEr
“Where every story has three sides” 
Candidate Forums Ahead
 All Issue Forum
uesday, March 12, 7-8pm
First Universalist Church, 3400 Dupont Avenue
Tis event is co-sponsored by the the League o WomenVoters o Minneapolis and the Southwest Journal. TeForum will include incumbent City Council member Meguthill, Lisa Bender, Ken Bradley, Kendal Killian. NateGriggs will not attend due to military duty in Aghanistan.
Forum on Environment 
Tursday, March 28, 7-8:30pm
Bryant Square Park, 3101 Bryant Avenue
Te orum will be moderated by the Minneapolis Leagueo Women Voters, and co-sponsored by the CARAG andEast Calhoun neighborhood Green eams, East Harrietneighborhood Parks, Environment & Schools Committee,LHENA Environment Committee and the Whittier Alli-ance. Participating 10th Ward candidates in this orumwill be Lisa Bender, Ken Bradley, Nate Griggs (who will behome on leave rom military service), Kendal Killian, andcurrent 10th Ward Council Member Meg uthill. Candi-dates will respond to questions regarding environmentalissues and climate change in Minneapolis, submitted by the co-sponsors and members o the audience.
Profiles in Leadership
Seeking your vote in the 10th Ward 
(See page 5 or our second installment)
LHENA Board Waits for Density
Board votes down French Meadow lot rezoning 
Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting
Wednesday, April 17, 6-8:30pm at Jeferson
French Meadow, 2610 Lyn-dale Avenue, has proposeda 36-space interim parkinglot on the ormer Rex Hard-ware site, 2601-07 Lyndale.French Meadow is seekingadditional parking becausethey would like to open anevent “room” in the build-ing next door to the CC Clubwhich was ormerly part o their commercial bakery,but is now unused. It wouldhave a 30-50 person capacity,which requires 12-15 park-ing spaces (per City require-ment). Tey originally pro-posed a larger capacity eventspace which would haverequired 35 parking spaces,but decided not to pursue itbecause they would not havehad sucient parking dur-ing the transition/construc-tion on the Rex site rom aninterim parking lot to uturenew development. With thesmaller capacity and park-ing requirement, they canuse valet parking during thetransition time. Tey are not
Photo by Bruce Cochran
Fenh Me  neee n un h vn l ( le), n he uhe ne  26h s. nLnle ave.,   em kn l  hee e.
see page 3 or more ino
page 9
Cynthia French is a writerand spoken word artist livingin Lowry Hill East. She hasbeen involved with the poetry slam community or 15 yearsas a perormer, organizer andteacher. Tis spring marks the12th year that Cynthia will behosting an annual poetry slamat the College o St. Benedict’s(April 11) and the 7th yearshe’s worked with the Schoolo Environmental Studies andCaponi Art Park or the an-nual Poets in the Park eenPoetry Slam (May 5). She hastaught writing, poetry andperormance residencies in lo-cal schools as an independentartist as well as with area artsorganizations such as ArtiCul-ture and Intermedia Arts.“My career as a spokenword artist began because o SlamMN!,” says French, whoattended her rst poetry slamat Kieran’s Irish Pub back in1998, at the encouragement o a riend. French returned theollowing month with her own
Rhyme Sayer
Wedge Resident hosts World ChampionshipPoety Slam, March 6-9 
page 6
Fenh ke me u m mnn vee.
pe 2 the wee Mh 2013Mh 2013 the wee pe 3
Please note that LHENA Board and committee meetings areheld at Jeerson Community School, 1200 26th Street, in the Media Center, Room 204, un-less otherwise indicated.
Mon., Mar. 6, 7pm
LHENA Neighborhood Revitalization Committee
Te Neighborhood Revital-ization Committee regularly meets the rst Wednesday o every month at 7 pm. Tiscommittee ocuses on imple-menting the LHENA Neigh-borhood Revitalization Pro-gram Phase II Action Plan andother revitalization strategies.Te plan is divided into sec-tions: housing; inrastructure;crime & saety; and youth, arts& commerce. Members serveon a volunteer basis and areelected to one-year terms atthe annual meeting in April.
Wed., Mar. 13, 6:30pm
LHENA Zoning and Planning(Z&P) Committee
Te Z&P Committee regularly meets the second Wednesday o every month at 6:30 pm.Tis committee reviews any project, development, or zon-ing request in the neighbor-hood. A good t or anyoneinterested in city planning, ar-chitecture, and transportation.
Thurs., Mar. 14, 6:30pm
LHENA Branding Committee
Te Branding Committeemeets the second Tursday o each month and is tasked withredesigning LHENA’s logo andbrand.
Wed., Mar. 20, 6:30pm
LHENA Board of Directors
Te LHENA Board o Direc-tors regularly meets the thirdWednesday o every monthat 6:30 pm. LHENA’s missionis to represent the interestsand values o Lowry Hill Eastresidents, property and busi-ness owners to the larger com-munity and government. TeLHENA Board makes neigh-borhood building and land userecommendations to the City,maintains nancial oversighto the organization, publishesthe Wedge newspaper, orga-nizes neighborhood socialevents, and serves as a orumor neighborhood concerns.Members serve on a volunteerbasis and are elected to two-year terms at the annual meet-ing in April.
Wed., Mar. 27, 7pm
Environmental Committee
Te Environmental Commit-tee meets the ourth Wednes-day o each month and ocuseson activities related to sustain-ability. Te committee alsocollaborates with surroundingneighborhood associations toreduce waste in Uptown.
LHENA Calendar
Te Wedge
is a monthly publicationo the Lowry Hill East NeighborhoodAssociation (LHENA). Distributionis ree to residents and businesses o the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood.Mailed subscriptions are $20 per year.
Te Wedge
newspaper exists to addressneighborhood events, issues, andcauses, while providing a public forumfor the community to share informationand ideas and to voice individualopinions and concerns within theLowry Hill East neighborhood.
Stories, opinions, letters, photographs,and drawings are always welcome.Emailweg612@hotmail.comorassignments or to share your ideas. Tedeadline or submitting items is the17th o the month prior to publication.Te display ad deadline is the 15th o the month prior to publication.
Bruce Cochranweg612@hotmail.com
Ofce Administrator
Caroline Griepentroglhena@thewedge.org
Advertising Representatives
 Susan Hagler: 612.825.7780susanhagler13@gmail.comHarry Savage: 612.799.1523HarrySavageSpeaks@gmail.comKelly Newcomer: 612.804.7302kellydeenewcomer@gmail.com
Wedge Committee Chair
Linda McHale: 612.823.1270denimdogs@comcast.net
Layout & Illustration
Kelly Newcomerkelly@kellynewcomer.com
Regular Contributors:
Vanessa Moore Ardolino, CarolineGriepentrog, Tatcher Imboden,Kathy Kullberg, Beth MarshTe contents o this publication do notnecessarily reect the views o LHENAor its board members.
Te Wedge
reserves the right to exercise discretionin publishing any material submittedand urther reserves the right to reuseany advertisement. Questions about
Te Wedge
may be directed to theeditor or to
Te Wedge
committee chair.
©2013 LHENA, all rights reserved.
1200 West 26th St.Minneapolis, MN 55405,612.377.5023lhena@thewedge.org
Lowry Hill East NeighborhoodAssociation Board o Directors
Ryan Bender ...................612.669.3042Susan Bode .....................612.872.4077Will Bornstein ................952.913.6887Bill Casey ........................612.803.9246Burt Con......................612.310.7707im Dray ........................612.209.6790Bryan Friess ....................612.886.2545Daniel Haley ...................612.871.7339Elise Maxwell .................612.668.3953Linda McHale.................612.823.1270Shae Walker ....................612.730.7013
Neighborhood RevitalizationProgram Steering Committee
Jen Beckham ..................612.871.1755John Bode .......................612.872.4077Brian Friess .....................612.886.2545Daniel Haley ...................612.871.7339Blake Hanson .................651.485.3635Lewis Kuhlman ..............507.381.7749Fiona Pradhan ................612.926.4356Georgia Rubenstein .......651.261.9684
Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Newspaper Since 1971
Where to fnd the Wedge Newspaper
Please patronize these businesses:
Le lhell:
Common RootsCorner Store VintageFrench MeadowHenn-Lake LiquorsHum’sJackson’s Coee and GelatoRainbow FoodsUptown DinerWedge Co-op
City Should Allow Self ManagedSpecial Service Districts
By Tatcher Imboden
When it snows, the sidewalksthroughout many businessdistricts in Minneapolis arecleared o snow. Tose trashcans on the sidewalks in Up-town are dumped out regu-larly. Te trees get adornedwith holiday lights and some-times there may be basketswith owers hanging romthe light poles.Who do you have to thank orthat? In Uptown, the Lowry Hill District, and Lyn-Lake,you can thank their respec-tive Special Service Districts(SSDs).
Tese districts (similar butdierent to Business Improve-ment Districts) are geographicareas that requested that theCity add additional tax as-sessments on the commercialproperties within the districtto pay or extra quasi-publicservices, like snow clearanceand removal, trash receptaclepick up, holiday decorations,streetscape improvements,sidewalk scrubbing, extra se-curity, or other “clean and sae”services.Currently, there is an advi-sory board that recommendsa budget to the City, the City adopts the budget and collectsthe unds, and procures andmanages contracts to providethe services. Te only excep-tion to this is the DowntownImprovement District (DID),which sel manages the pro-curement and management o the services (the City holds acontract with the DID).
Te Problem
Minneapolis business districtsstruggle to provide cost-eec-tive, responsive district ser- vices, like snow removal romsidewalks, holiday lighting,grati removal and more.
Te Solution
Te City should allow businessdistricts to have the option tosel-manage the services pro- vided to the City or three pri-mary reasons:1. Local management can bemore responsive than thecurrent city managed sys-tem2. Local management can bemore cost eective3. Local management can pro- vide better nancial trans-parency and budgeting
Te Background 
Until a little over a year ago,over 20 special service districtsin Minneapolis were man-aged by a bridge engineer inthe City’s Public Works divi-sion. With what amounted to apart-time sta person manag-ing a large amount o districts,some districts elt that they were not receiving the level o service that they would haveliked. Tis rustration alongwith other actors combined tohave a new ull-time sta per-son come in and manage all o the districts.But still, with multiple districts varying in geographic andnancial size, some requiremore attention than others. Insome cases, there are districtsthat just want the local con-trol and don’t want the City to manage it because the City is a billion dollar enterpriseand managing a district with abudget o $100,000 give or take(0.01% o the City’s budget) isnot going to be as nimble asthe locals would like.Others see the opportunity o sel-management as a way tond more cost eective ways todeliver the services. Currently,the City requires all contrac-tors completing the work topay a prevailing wage. Tat isa high cost in the eyes o many district members. Tey’d liketo be able to hire a college stu-dent to scrub the grati o o the trac light. Some busi-nesses would like the oppor-tunity to hire other local busi-nesses and not businesses romother cities or rom outside o the district.One complaint about the cur-rent city managed system isthat it isn’t easy to know whenthe actual costs are exceedingthe budget and that varianceofen isn’t absorbed or twoyears due to the city’s nancialreporting system. An example:
sets 2012 budget
sets 2013 budget
receives 2012 accountingdata
SSD sets 2014 budget andincludes any overages thatneed to be paid back to City rom 2012 overages.
Letters to the Editor andCommunity Voices and Opinions
We value your insights and points o view.Please send letters to the editor or longer opinion pieces toweg612@hotmail.com
page 10
Photoby Thatcher Imboden
Elel nu ek  Un’ nuue e. cul ll mnemen nzn ee kee , un, n -ve  nuue n Un veu he c mnn ?
Lowry Hill EastNeighborhoodAssociationAnnual Meeting
Save the Date!LHENA AnnualMeeting
Wed., April 17,6-8:30pm
ghe h neh  mu n , un n ele meme  he L Hll ENehh an (LHENa) b  de n Nrp cmmee, len u unvlunee une, nehh ve,n me. reehmen ve  lleun. the nnul meen  hel  Jeen cmmunshl, 1200 we 26h see, Mnnel n hele level ee. V.heee.me el  n u n Fek:.ek.m/theweeNehh.
pe 4 the wee Mh 2013Mh 2013 the wee pe 5
his April, neighbors rom acrossour community will gather atthe DFL convention to endorse acandidate or the Ward 10 City Councilseat. I’m running or City Council be-cause I love our community and I can’tstop thinking about how to make it aneven a better place.oo ofen I’ve seen progress haltedby our current leadership saying noto good ideas, rom stopping a new plaza outside a neighborhood busi-ness, to restricting market gardens, toresisting the Open Streets events thatso many people enjoyed. Ofen theseinitial “no” reactions can be overcomewith strong community organizing,but we shouldn’t have to ght so hardor things that so many people want.Instead, with more open-minded lead-ership, we could spend our energy working together to support positive,progressive change.
I ask or your support because I will pro- vide the kind o innovative and collab-orative leadership we need in Ward 10.As a city planner and advocate or saerstreets I’ve worked or over a decade tomake cities more sustainable, equitableand healthy. I look orward to drawingon this experience and passion or com-munity service to serve Ward 10.
We live in a special place. Tat’s why my husband, Ryan, and I bought ourhome in Lowry Hill East when we wereready to start a amily. We can’t think o a better place to raise our daughter Al-ice, who turns two this month. We loveliving in a vibrant and diverse commu-nity where we can walk to the grocery store, bicycle to the Minneapolis Insti-tute o Arts or Lake Calhoun, and eatand shop at local businesses.Te neighborhoods o the new Ward 10are growing and changing, and we havea critical opportunity to make thingseven better than they are today. Weneed to do a better job o actively pur-suing improvements in our commu-nity, instead o just reacting to change.With the kind o orward-looking, col-laborative and positive leadership I willprovide, I invite you to imagine what ispossible.
Our community should be better con-nected. We’re adding thousands o new residents and we should be improvingour transportation system to reducecongestion and keep people moving.We need to improve transit access todowntown, reopen Nicollet Avenue,and connect people to the new South-west Light Rail line. We should buildupon the Midtown Greenway and de- velop a network o accessible sidewalksand protected bikeways or everyone. Iknow rom experience this won’t hap-pen without political leadership andthat is what I will provide.
Our community could be even health-ier. As a breast cancer survivor, diag-nosed when I was just 32 years old and12 weeks pregnant with our daughter,this issue is deeply personal. I havebecome a strong advocate or preven-tative health, research and access tohealth care. I will work or our commu-nity to be the healthiest place to live inthe country by making healthy choiceseasy. Tis means making it sae andun to walk and bicycle and support-ing policies that make it easier to accessresh and healthy oods.
Our community could better sup-port our schools. Like many parentso young children, I chose to live ina diverse urban neighborhood and Iwant to send my daughter to a thriv-ing neighborhood school. I will work closely in partnership with the Minne-apolis School Board to make this a real-ity, ensure we provide a great educationto our kids and close the achievementgap.
Economic Opportunity 
A connected, healthy and educatedpopulation welcomes economic oppor-tunity. I will turn that opportunity intosmart economic growth by working inpartnership with businesses to cut redtape and attract new jobs right here,close to where people live.
I’ve seen the need or stronger po-litical leadership rsthand during my thousands o hours o volunteer work to make our streets saer or bicy-cling. Several years ago, I helped startthe Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition,and together we have advocated ornumerous saety improvements andpolicy changes to open up bicyclingto people o all ages and abilities. Tiswork isn’t just about transportation.Cities across the country are recogniz-
am running or the 10th Ward City Council seat because I believe I cancreate the partnerships necessary to ensure Minneapolis is a leader at re-ducing global warming pollution whilegrowing an economy that is clean,unique, sustainable, and rich with op-portunities or all our residents.I’m a ather, a husband, an energy andenvironmental organizer by trade,and an advocate or providing nan-cial assistance or low-income collegestudents. I will provide air, open, pro-gressive leadership by listening to theconcerns and expertise o the people inour diverse neighborhoods, ensuringtransparency in the decision-makingprocess, and being a voice or the un-der-represented.
Global warming is our biggest debt 
Tere is no bigger single governmentdebt being lef to our generation’s chil-dren than global warming. Our depen-dence on ossil uels aects every parto our daily lives here at home, and itwill only be solved with the combinedeorts o individuals, businesses, andederal, state, and local governments.welve o the past feen years havebeen the hottest on record. We already eel the impact o expanding droughtsacross the Midwest. Our response tothis crisis has been too slow and ourpolicies too timid. Te change we areseeking has to come rom within ourcommunity, because global IS localwhen it comes to the well-being o ourresidents.
Reducing our dependence on polluting energy 
Minneapolis spends hundreds o mil-lions o dollars importing dirty energy every year. I will be a champion or re-ducing our dependence on ossil uelsby supporting energy eciency and lo-cal renewables.
Energy Options’ campaign to giveour city the power to directly negoti-ate or clean, local, aordable energy.
the ossil uel industry. Whateversmall nancial gains we might reaprom oil and coal now will be repaidmany times over in the uture.
Preserving our neighborhoods
As a child in the 1970s I remember my ather driving us down Nicollet Avetoward Lake Street and grumbling,“Who would ruin a perectly goodroad by building a store in the middleo it? Someone should drive a bulldozerthrough that thing.” My ather’s eel-ings then about what is now the Kmartbuilding remain the sentiment o thiscommunity today.Te worst thing we can do to this beau-tiul city is to take cues rom the samegeneric and inecient developmentmindset that did such a disservice tomany o our suburbs. Our quirkinessand our local, sustainable ocus arewhat make Minneapolis a city worthprotecting. Tat’s why I will ensure thatdevelopment reects the character o our neighborhoods. I will
historic buildings.
-tive approach to development. Tisstarts with ensuring projects providethe greatest community benets by encouraging eedback and participa-tion rom all stakeholders.
-ciency standards in our buildings.
Supporting Entrepreneurs & New Technologies
As chair o the Solar Works or Minne-sota Coalition I understand the impor-tance o supporting entrepreneurs, new technologies and emerging businesses.I will work with others to develop aproactive approach or recruiting new industries that will shape our city orgenerations to come, by 
and Entrepreneurs Contest.
help trailblazers bring new productsto the marketplace.
- veloping the clean energy technolo-gies o the uture.
Partnering with Schools
Trough my work serving onMinneapolis Community & echnicalCollege’s Foundation Board I have seenrsthand how inequality in housing, jobs, and transportation puts a terribleburden on children that weighs themdown socially and academically.Tis contributes to an educational
page 10See
page 10
Profiles In Leadership
Seeking your vote in the 10th Ward 
LbeneKen ble
    O     l    d      S   c     h   o   o     l      W   e    d   g    e
Te Wedge has launched a candidate series or 10th Ward candidates. Every month candidates will have the opportunity to provide youwith their argument or support in the November election. Our second month’s submissions come rom Lisa Bender and Ken Bradley.Other candidates will ollow in alphabetical order.

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