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HST195: Women in Vermont HistorySyllabus-Summer 2013Summer session-May-June (online)Instructor: Karen Madden, Ph.D.Telephone: 878-0891, Email:karen.madden@uvm.edu 
Course Description
As late as the 1970s, women were almost entirely written out of Vermont history.Women’s historians have made considerable strides in correcting this gross omission.This course has been developed to first and foremost, retell the “Vermont Story” from thevantage point of women’s experiences; and second to provide a method for bringingwomen into the curriculum. It will be taught in a compressed format and meet for oneweek during the summer. Students will be expected to complete the required readingsbefore the course begins and submit an original research project one month after thecourse ends.
Course Objectives
The first is for all students to increase their historical knowledge of Vermont womenfacilitated by readings and online discussions.
The second goal of this course is to successfully describe, analyze, and evaluate primaryand secondary source material through the completion of your project.
The third goal of this course is to enhance your historical writing ability through thecompletion of two essay exams
 Assessment Criteria
Discussions, Due by Friday at midnight each week: Student participation is measured bythe quality of your contributions and active engagement with the material, not onquantity. (each weekly discussion, 25 points)2.
Final Project, Due by Friday at midnight of week #5: Students are expected to completea final project. Projects will be graded on originality, the use of primary materials, andhistorical content. (final project, 50 points)3.
Essay exams, mid-term due by Friday at midnight of week #3 and final due by Friday atmidnight of week #6 : Students will complete a mid-term and final essay exam. (eachexam, 25 points)
Required Readings
A packet of readings from
Vermont History,
has been assembled to provide students withessential background on major themes that form the basis for reconstructing a history of womenin Vermont. (Available from the UVM bookstore)Deborah Clifford,
 More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Vermont Women
Course OutlineWeek #1Topics:
Native American Women,The Pioneer Experience (1760-1790)
Marilyn Blackwell, “Gender and Vermont History: Moving Women from the Sidebars into theText”Gluscabi and the Game AnimalsBig MoonDorothy Canfield Fisher, “Ann Story”Deborah Clifford, “Lucy Terry Prince” “Ann Story”
Discussion Questions:
Discuss the moral highlighted in “Gluscabi and the Game Animals”.Compare the creation myth in “Big Moon” with the biblical creation myth.The essay that Fisher wrote on Ann Story provides a more complete narrative than doesClifford’s. Describe what you see are the important differences.
Week #2.Topic:
Statehood and Subsistence (1791-1824)
Katherine E. Conlin, “A Vermont Sketchbook”Robert Malvern, “Of Money Needs and Family News: Brigham Family Letters”Emma Willard, “Plan o f Female Education”Deborah Clifford, “Emma Willard”Deborah Clifford, “Clarina Howard Nichols” Julia Caroline Dorr”
 Discussion Questions:
In both Conlin’s and Malvern’s essays, early Vermont life is chronicled. Discuss the mostimportant factors that impact the lives of women in early Vermont.Emma Willard developed her “Plan of Education” with men in mind. Outline the three mostimportant points of her argument.Describe Clarina Howard Nichols path to women’s rights.
Week #3Topic:
The Golden Era in Vermont (1825-1864)
Thomas Dublin, “The Letters of Mary Paul”Margaret K. Nelson, “Vermont Female Schoolteachers in the Nineteenth Century”Margaret L. Magnussen, “Your Affectionate Mary”Nancy Barnard Barchelder, “Growing Up in Peru (1815-1840)”Donald M. Murray and Robert M. Rodney, “Sylvia Drake, 1784-1868”Betty Bendel, “What the Good Laws of Man Hath Put Asunder”

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