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Curtain Call 14.4 March 2009

Curtain Call 14.4 March 2009

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Published by Shawn Tisdell
Theatre in the Woods Quarterly Publication March 2009 edition of Curtain Call
Theatre in the Woods Quarterly Publication March 2009 edition of Curtain Call

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Published by: Shawn Tisdell on Feb 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Curtain Call
Quarterly Newsletter of Theatre in the Woods, Ltd.
March, 2009
olume X1V
The Terminal Wonder Dialogue
Claudia Schmidt & Kevin Kline March 6 at the Quam
‘Ever wondered about those lights that hang over the stage orhow they work? With our new equipment its easier than ever tobring our stage to life using light. We’ve scheduled two lightingworkshops to take you from the basics of how the lights work and where to put them, to programming sequences and specialeffects with our new automated controller. On March 14 from 1to 3 pm, the mysteries of our new lighting setup will be revealed.Come back on May 2 from 1-3 pm to learn how to program thenew system. If you’ve yearned for an artistic “behind thescenes” role at the Quam, these workshops are for you!
Spotlight on Lighting at Quam Days
storyteller has been heard on Na-tional Public Radio and seen onthe Guthrie stage inMinneapolis.Together, Schmidt and Kling takethe audience on a journey into theimprovisatory potential of storiesand songs. In their show
The Ter-minal Wonder Dialogue
the two-some share their enchantment withthe strengths and fragilities of our species. These two are masters of their craft and the stage is their natural habitat.Be ready Friday, March 6 at 7:30for an emotional ride which willhave you holding your sides fromlaughter and perhaps wiping a tear from your eye as well.Admission is an affordable $13for this magical duo. Reservationsmay be made at 715 468 4387We say historic, they say histeric!Claudia Schmidt - wonder womanof inventive, dynamic vocal rangefrom moodful musings to roller coaster rides of scat rhymes andrhythms - has played to capacityaudiences in Theatre in theWoods’ Erika Quam theater sev-eral times. She will be joined will by masterful storyteller KevinKling for his first time in our venue on Friday, March 6. Tohave these two incredible enter-tainers on stage together is, in to-day’s jargon, ‘to die for’.Claudia Schmidt has performedhere in North America and inEurope in settings as intimate asour theater in Shell Lake, and asvast as a festival stage in front of 25,000 listeners. Kevin Kling, na-tive of Osseo, MN, a nationallyrecognized playwrite, actor and
 by Carolyn Burnett
March 14 & May 2
The social and culinaryhighlights of the season!!
 by Bob Olsgard
Starting around 9 in the morn-ing, continuing through a pro-vided lunch (you can look at itas free if you wish) and peteringout around 3, friends, neighbors, people you wish you knew,some you hope to know better,maybe even family memberswill be out in the spring air clearing away the debris of win-ter, making our joint home allfresh and neat and recoveredfrom the dark days. Inside work lurks as well. There'll be taskssuitable to all interests. Techieswill want to participate in Bob’slighting workshops (
 see left, be-low
).Don’t miss out! Saturday March14. Wear green to celebrate St.Pat's Day early! You'll have somuch fun that you'll immedi-ately look forward to Saturday,May 2 when another free lunchis scheduled.See you on March 14 & May 29:00 am to 3:00 pm. Comewhen you can. Stay and work aslong as you can (or wish). Bringa pal. Bring someone new toTITW to share the fun!
Vol. XIV Curtain Call March, 2009
Ever wonder how a director chooses a particular play? In thecase of Theatre in the Woods revis-iting William Shakespeare the di-rectors had a rough go of it. We(Carolyn Burnett and Karen Kauf-man) had decided, as we did whenchoosing
severalyears ago, to limit our choice to one of the come-dies. We narrowed the se-lection to four, eliminatingthose comedies with multi- ple twin characters, too fewgood female roles, and prob-lematic (to us) plot lines.This left
Much Ado About  Nothing, Taming of the Shrew, AsYou Like It,
Midsummer  Night's Dream.
We both reread each of the four and evaluated them based on anumber of criteria. Eventually weeliminated
 As You Like It.
Then the two of us met and dis-cussed the pros and cons of the re-maining two plays.
is astrong ensemble production. Thehumor is light. We could envision adream-like setting. We couldimagine having children, teens, andadults in the cast.
Much Ado
has aterrific set of interchanges betweenBeatrice and Benidick. There areseveral interesting female charac-ters and we could envision creatingmore. We could set it in any time period. The main characters could be in the general age range of mostof our actors. Whereas neither of us had been overly enthusiasticabout
initially (it seems to be The One done by amateur groups) we found ourselves com-ing up with a good list of pros andno really major cons. With
Much Ado
we knocked off the cons one by one. We went round andround. At one point we considered(for about 15 seconds) doing them both in repertory format or switch-ing to a darker choice such as
Macbeth, King Lear,
Merchant of Venice
. Eventually we flipped acoin. Then we went for two flipsout of three.We expect to carry some of whatwe liked about
Much Ado.
 Notably, we will be strivingfor an ensemble production whereeach character is a strong contribu-tor to the whole. Additionally, weexpect, intend, and will plan for asmuch fun as we can possibly fitinto both the rehearsal process andthe final product.We are looking forward to gettingas many people involved in this production as possible. We will beholding a reading of the play onSaturday April 4th at the ErikaQuam Memorial Theatre from 9a.m. to noon. We welcomeany and all to participate byreading or just listening.Watch for future articles asthe process of bringingShakespeare back to TITWdevelops. We anticipate tripsto other productions, work-shops, movies, and whatever else we can Dream of to makeMuch Ado about Shakespeare atthe Erika Quam Theater.Anyone interested in more informa-tion about this project or wanting to become a part of the general pro-duction crew, please contact Caro-lyn at 354-3803 or shii-take@chibardun.net or Karen at635-7641 or karen@kaufmancoaching.com.
 In the spring of 2010,TiTW will be producing 
Much AdoAbout Nothing
by William Shakespeare.
Choosing the play
 by Karen Kaufman & Carolyn Burnett
December 9, 2009TiTW Xmas Party
Vol. XIV Curtain Call March, 2009
The first day’s Grant Proposal Writ-ing workshop was all new informa-tion for Fox but mostly review for Burnett, who has been the primarygrant writer for TitW since our firstapplication. TitW has been a recipi-ent of WAB grants in the past, in-cluding most recently a $2500‘Creation & Presentation Grant’ in2008. The deadline for our 2009grant application was February 20
,and Burnett (with minor assistancefrom Fox) put in dozens of hours onthe WAB eGrant website completingthe on-line application for funding.Burnett has stated that she wouldlike this to be her last year on thiseffort, and Fox has volunteered to beher ‘under-study’.Burnett, who has been a key leader with TitW since its first play in1989, has also expressed an intentionto retire from key TITW responsi- bilities within the next few years.For this reason the second workshopof the day “Succession Planning”,was a timely offering. When askedat the workshop about ‘term limits’Bill Taubman, SLAC board member,stated it was his understanding re-tirement was accepted only with presentation of a death certificate.Many recommendations were putforth as means of managing leader-ship succession, most important of which was the pronouncement“don’t wait until it’s too late”.The December 3 workshop was onProgram Evaluation. The WAB hasfound that section on most grant ap- plications to be a weak area. Usingrecommendations and examples pro-vided in this workshop, TitW will bedoing more to develop methodologiesto measure whether or not we aremeeting our short and long termgoals. Your anecdotal input would bevery welcome, and we will likely beworking to systematically collectfeedback in the form of surveys, ques-tionnaires and letters of support.According to a follow-up email fromKaren Goeschko of the WisconsinArts Board, everyone who partici- pated in all 3 workshops in the seriesessentially received the equivalent of a $1,500 technical assistance WI ArtsBoard grant .Wisconsin Arts Board is the stateagency that nurtures creativity, culti-vates expression, promotes the arts,supports the arts in education, stimu-lates community and economic devel-opment and serves as a resource for  people of every culture and heritage.
 All the handouts provided during theworkshops can be found on the fol-lowing website:
Curtain Call
is published in March,June, September and December. Copydeadline is on the 15th of the previousmonth. Submit text as a simple, unfor-matted e-mail or attached Word docu-ment. Photos or other artwork should be sent as an attached file, preferablyJPEG. Send to:
Check out our our website:
including the new interactivebeta site. Sign in and let usknow what you think!
Shawn Tisdell
, Webmaster.(715) 822-3222
Curtain Call
is published quar-terly by:
Theatre in the Woods, Limited605 First StreetP.O. Box 156Phone (715)468-4387Carolyn Burnett,
President, 354-3803
Carolyn Seehafer,
Vice President
Kathy Mitchell,
Patti Fox,
Margaret Olsgard,
Curtain Call  
Editor,(715) 635-8171
Bob Olsgard,
Curtain Call  
Tech Guru
 by Patti Fox
This past December 2nnd and 3rd,TitW officers Carolyn Burnett andPatti Fox attended a series of Wiscon-sin Arts Board seminars at the EauClaire Regional Arts Center. Thetraining was made possible by a grantfrom the National Endowment for theArts. Our community was also repre-sented at the workshops by Shell LakeArts Center directors.
TiTW is seeking the donation of an electrickitchen range with working oven for such events asPizza and Play, Quam Days, and strike pot lucks.
TiTW is also seeking a volunteer to produce a goodquality DVD work sample to use in future grant ap-plications.
Burnett & FoxAttend Arts BoardSeminars

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