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Published by Justin Kline
You figure it out. This is a bizarre, surreal and disturbing zine. Let me know what you think. There may be more to follow.
You figure it out. This is a bizarre, surreal and disturbing zine. Let me know what you think. There may be more to follow.

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Published by: Justin Kline on Mar 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 You were understandably hurt When I stopped mid-coitus to say “I’m not feeling it.”But it wasn’t you- it was me.I was wearing a condom with a numbing agent.
If your dog is stretched out on the floor With his eyes closed It’s always a good ideaTo check if it is breathingUnless you’re into dead dogs
I shot a gun yesterday.It was really quite impressive.Guns are notoriously difficult targets to hit.
I could write a million poems About how beautiful your body isBut when it comes to your intellectNot so much
After registering my plethora of chocolatecandies into The System, the twentysomethingbehind the counter handed me a receipt andsaid, “Have a good night!”My rejoinder was, “I will. Talk to you later.”I never made good on my promise.
i wish i could sleepWith somebodyOr by myselfWhichever is easiest to arrange
I envy my roommate Jon.He, being from the generation just above me, lacks the constant need for instant gratification that is ubiquitous in my ownpeers. If he wants something, he doesn’t need it immediately. He’s patient, and he puts timely effort into his projects.Like the fruit and vegetable smoothie he’s making right now.
If I want a fruit and vegetable smoothie, I walk to the grocery two blocks over and buy one. But not Jon. He bikes three milesto Whole Foods in preparation of this smoothie. Not to buy a prepackaged smoothie. No. To buy the ingredients. Drinking asmoothie to him is delicious, but it’s the journey and hard work that’s even more delicious to him.He gets home, sets his Whole Foods bag down, and begins laying out the raw fruits and vegetables he has purchased.He turns on the vociferous blender. He grabs a knife and proceeds to chop up his pomegranates in a lackadaisical fashion.Chop… Chop… Chop…Next the cantaloupe. He hears the blender roaring and surely his belly is jonesing for the finished product, but he still takeshis time as he cuts slices from his melon. Slice… Slice… SlicePineapple next. He’s enjoying this laborious project so much. He knows that at the end, he will have a delicious concoction,so he lets his mind wander elsewhere as he cuts the pineapple. Cut… Cut… Cut…Seven or eight more vegetables follow. He methodically prepares each one, as the blender screams. In half an hour it will bedone, and as he pours it down his throat, he will take pride in the time he has spent.As the blender whirls with great volume, I become covetous of Jon’s patience. I sit upstairs in my loft, my iPad just inchesfrom me. I know that any information I want is five seconds away. Any food I want is two blocks away. I want to learn tobecome like Jon. I want to take long journeys, knowing that the payoff will be so much better because of it.And then I think, Jesus Christ, Jon. It’s two o’ clock in the fucking morning and I’m trying to sleep, you stoned asshole.
Until youI’d never met a girl With such beautiful flaws

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