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The Alabama Accountability Act

The Alabama Accountability Act

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Published by Madison Underwood
A bill substituted by Republicans in the Alabama Legislature that turned a school flex bill into a school choice bill.
A bill substituted by Republicans in the Alabama Legislature that turned a school flex bill into a school choice bill.

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Published by: Madison Underwood on Mar 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1149517-8 : n : 02/28/2013 : EP / kr23CONFERENCE COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE FOR HB84, AS ENGROSSED45678SYNOPSIS: This bill would establish the Alabama9Accountability Act of 2013.10This bill would authorize the establishment11of innovative schools and school systems in the12State of Alabama.13This bill would allow the State Board of14Education to enter into a school flexibility15contract with a local school system to allow for16programmatic flexibility or budgetary flexibility,17or both, from state laws, including State Board of18Education rules, regulations, and policies in19exchange for academic and associated goals for20students that focus on college and career21readiness.22This bill would require the local board of23education to submit a document of assurance that24the local board shall provide consistency in25leadership and a commitment to the standards,26assessments, and academic rigor expected in27Alabama.Page 1
1This bill would require the local school2system to submit a proposed innovation plan3recommended by the local superintendent of4education and approved by the local board of5education to the State Superintendent of Education6in order to qualify for innovation status.7This bill would authorize the State Board of8Education to promulgate any necessary rules and9regulations as required for implementation.10This bill would provide for a refundable11income tax credit to reimburse Alabama taxpayers12who are the parents of students enrolled in or13assigned to attend a failing public K-12 school in14the state to offset the cost of transferring the15student to a nonfailing public school or nonpublic16school of the parent's choice, provided they file17an income tax return or application for the18refundable tax credit on forms prescribed by the19Department of Revenue.20This bill would limit the tax credit to 8021percent of the average annual state cost of22attendance for a public K-12 student during the23applicable tax year.24This bill would create within the Education25Trust Fund, the Failing Schools Income Tax Credit26Account and would authorize the Comptroller to27annually transfer into the account proceeds ofPage 2
1sales tax revenues in an amount sufficient for the2Department of Revenue to pay the income tax3credits.4This bill would also authorize a tax credit5for individual and corporate contributions to6organizations that provide educational scholarships7to qualifying schools.89A BILL10TO BE ENTITLED11AN ACT1213To establish the Alabama Accountability Act of 2013,14relating to public K-12 education; to authorize the15establishment of innovative schools and school systems in the16state; to provide legislative findings and purposes; to17provide an overview; to authorize the State Board of Education18to enter into school flexibility contracts with local school19systems; to require the local board of education to submit a20document of assurance; to require the State Board of Education21to promulgate rules and regulations relating to innovative22school systems; to require local school systems to submit an23innovation plan to the State Department of Education in order24to qualify for innovation status; to provide an income tax25credit to any parent who transfers a student enrolled in or26assigned to attend a failing public K-12 school to a27nonfailing public school or nonpublic school of the parent'sPage 3

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