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WM Reference

WM Reference

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Published by georgechilton
WM Reference Sheet
WM Reference Sheet

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Published by: georgechilton on Mar 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Command Penalties
(-1 for each of the following)
Per full 20cm distanceEach successive order to unitSuccessive order to a slow unitEnemy unit within 20cm of unitFlank/rear exposed to enemy within 20cmUnit within dense terrainPer casualty
Movement Values
10cm: Artillery20cm: Infantry, Elephants30cm: Cavalry, Chariots
Units Moving Off Table
(-1 for each casualty)
Score Result
0 orlessUnit leaves battlefield and doesnot return. Considereddestroyed1-2 The unit leaves the battlefieldand may or may not reappear.
At the start of its side’s next
Command phase, before theInitiative subphase, roll againon this chart3-4 The unit reappears at the tableedge at the same point it left.The unit cannot move furtherthat Command phase5-6 The unit reappears at the samepoint on the table edge it leftfrom. If it is reappearing at thebeginning of a Commandphase, it may be given orders inthat
Attack Modifiers
+1 Charging against enemy in open+1 Elephant, Heavy/Scythed chariot chargingagainst enemy in the open+1 Pursuit attack+1 Pursuit attack per full 3cm+1 Warband in pursuit-1 Fight Elephants or other terrifying enemy-1 Enemy facing side or rear-1 Warband in retreat-1 Confused
Command Range
100cm: General60cm: Leader20cm: Subordinate
(+1 for Subordinates)
1 The unit does not move this Commandphase, -1 to command for the rest of the game2-3 If there are any enemy units withintheir own full pace move of theunit/brigade, then the unit(s) mustmove to a position that is at least theirown full pace move away from theenemy, or as far as possible. Cannotmove again this Command phase.4-5 The unit(s) move up to half pace butcannot charge. Skirmishers move up tofull pace but cannot charge. Cannotmove again this Command phase.6-7 The unit moves as fast as its formationallows towards its nearest visibleenemy and must charge if able. If novisible enemy, move normally. Cannotmove again this Command phase.

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