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Parable of the Good Apostate

Parable of the Good Apostate

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Published by Jared Anderson
Luke 10:25-37
Luke 10:25-37

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Published by: Jared Anderson on Mar 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Parable of the Good Apostate
by Luke MatthewsJoshua raised his hand.“Yes, Brother Fadersen?”“I don’t know... I am a bit ambivalent about temple ordinances,” Josh said, glancing at “TempleWork and Family History,” neatly underlined on the chalkboard. “Doesn’t it seem like we shouldstrive to save people here on earth, before we worry about their status in heaven?”“Perhaps the dead could do each other’s work” he added with a wry smile.Sister Parrish looked uncomfortable. “What do you mean by ‘save people here on earth’? Isn’treceiving the temple ordinances more important than anything else? I have been so inspired bystories of families who give up so much so they can take out their endowments or be sealed.”“Let me explain by telling a story. Bear with me.” Josh shifted in his cushioned seat.“One Sunday morning a car slammed into another car, sending it hurtling into the median. Thehood was crumpled, the window broken, the air bag engaged. Among the many cars speedingby was a dark luxury sedan. ‘What a pity,’ one suited man said to the other. ‘I hope that driver isok. How close are we to the Regional Training Meeting?’“‘We will be there in a few minutes.’”“A moment later, a small car stopped at the scene. A tattooed man got out, rushing toward thewreckage. He opened the door and lifted the bloody, unconscious man. He sped toward theclosest hospital.”“After the doctors took away the crumpled form on the stretcher, the man handed his debit cardto the nurse behind the window. ‘Please put all charges on my card, whatever the cost is untilmy friend is recovered.’”“The dark haired woman looked shocked. ‘That is... highly unusual. Not sure we can do that. Letme check. That is mighty Christian of you, sir.’“‘Oh, I haven’t been called that in years. The Church doesn’t like my kind, and I don’t know what Ibelieve any more. But please, do what you can for that man.’” All eyes were on Joshua in his worn purple shirt. His own brown eyes were piercing,disconcerting. “I tell you, Father and Mother are more pleased with that tattooed, gay atheist than

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