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MASS PRAYER - The Best Solution of All Our Problems

MASS PRAYER - The Best Solution of All Our Problems

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Published by cocoy777
Revealed is one of the most powerful secret of how to make things happen! This technique does not cost money!
Revealed is one of the most powerful secret of how to make things happen! This technique does not cost money!

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: cocoy777 on Mar 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MASS VISUALIZATION DURING MEDITATIONDear my brethren all over the world, happy millennium:We are one more than we know and realize.The proponent and promoter of racism, the Illuminati, have made racism a big deal. Racism isone of 
their tools to achieve their tactic “Divide and rule” mankind. Unless we return to
oneness, they will continue to rule over us.
In reality, “
Race is a difference only of DNA, and never does that affect free will choices foreither godly deeds or dark workings, or, respectively, spiritual evolvement or devolvement.
Matthew Ward - April 26, 2010Illuminati
Composition, Past And Current Activities; Reptilians
The features that determine races such as color of the skin, length of the nose, type of hair, andother external differences are not a big deal to God, even though we have made them veryimportant and to some, the priority.As soon as we come to wake up to another truth, namely, that religions and churches were alsoinvented by the Illuminati at the dawn of this civilization to serve as another tool to dividemankind, so they could continue to rule over us, then, we will see how, without religion andwith no churches, ONE WE ARE!Now, let us see how evil and wicked, how heartless the Illuminati are!Matthew Ward - April 26, 2010
Composition, Past And Current Activities; Reptilians
1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew saying: there is cause forelation! After months of research, documenting evidence and closed-door meetings, the UnitedStates Securities and Exchange Commission has taken legal action against a financial behemoththat deliberately contributed to the financial ruin
of millions of that country’s citizens and led to
the international economic chaos. This lawsuit is far more than it may appear to be. The topguns at Goldman Sachs and its offshoots are among the kingpins of the Illuminati, and this legalclaim of fraudu
lent dealings is a major step toward dismantling the Illuminati’s worldwide
financial network through which they fund their other malevolent global operations.2.The Illuminatiis not an organization of card-
carrying members, but rather the “umbrella”
name of disparategroups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been
controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout your world forcenturies.In recent years they also have become known by other designations, such as thesecret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include thetop figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions,education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainm
ent, the medical “establishment,”
regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.3.They have controlled governments, started civil and international wars, caused famines andwidespread impoverishment, created boom times for industrialists and depressions for thepoor, released laboratory-designed viruses, assassinated opposition. They are the perpetratorsof unjust laws, Satanic rituals, chemtrails and other toxic pollution, destruction of animal life onland and in the seas, mind control, the
“illegal” drug industry, erosion of civil rights and denial
of God-given freedoms, suppression or misuse of technology, political and ideologicaldivisiveness.In short, the Illuminati have been profoundly adversely affecting all life on Earth
 indeed, the very life of Earth herself!4.
It is because of the Illuminati’s long reign of bloodshed, corruption and oppression that about
7 decades back in your linear time Earth was in death throes. Her cries of despair were a call forhelp, and God immediately authorized the assistance of spiritually, intellectually andtechnologically advanced civilizations to come to her aid. With such a massive infusion of lightand technologies that you cannot even imagine,countless numbers of your universal familystabilize
d the planet’s orbit and performed other life
-saving measures.Their invaluableassistance is in action this very day, some of it directed toward preventing the plans of theIlluminati from reaching fruition.5.Some persons who are aware of the Illuminati
’s existence believe that all of them are
reptilians. Indeed some are, especially within the royal families, which have kept their
bloodlines pure to a large extent, but humans also are in the Illuminati’s top ranks.
Mostreptilians are far advanced from E
arth’s human civilization in intelligence and technological
development and they have a strong warrior mentality; however,it is not the different DNA inthe two races, but rather the free will choices made by an individual of any race that lead todiabolical activities.A soul may have greatly advanced intelligence and be bereft of light exceptthe spark that is its life force.6.And just as there are light-filled human souls throughout this universe, so are there light-filled reptilians.The latter group, who are eager to dispel the erroneous belief that their race issynonymous with darkness, are working side by side with humans and other races to thwart theefforts of their darkly-inclined siblings wherever they are wreaking havoc.Also, as the light has been intensifying on Earth, both reptilians and humans have left the darkcamp and joined the ranks of the light forces. 7.
Do the reptilians on Earth know they are reptilians? 
 There may be the rare exception, but inour awareness, the reptilians living among you, whether within the light or within the darkness,do know their racial makeup.There are more human-reptilian hybrids than pure reptilians onthe planet, and most are not consciously aware of their racial ancestry. Nor does that matter!
Race is a difference only of DNA, and never does that affect free will choices for either godlydeeds or dark workings, or, respectively, spiritual evolvement or devolvement.8. Now then, another recent development in the United States is a multimillion dollar award bythe court to the man who, as a lad, was sexually molested by a Boy Scout leader. This, too, hasimplications well beyond that lawsuit. Continuing investigations into the dark aspect of thathuge youth organization alongside pursuing
the Vatican’s long
-time cover-up of knownpedophile priests 
ultimately will reach the top of the Illuminati’s lucrative international sex
slave industry as well as reveal that
the headquarters of Satanism is in the bowels of theVatican.
 9. Even though those two recent legal battles against darkness are ever so welcome, we knowthey are not the dramatic revelations you have been awaiting. All lighted souls in this universewould love to see the full abundance of truths shooting out like endless fireworks instead of sporadic arrays of sparklers, butit is imperative for the creation of a peace-loving, honest globalsociety that the truths emerge through legal proceedings based on irrefutable evidence.Therealso is the important issue of how much shocking information psyches can handle at one time. 10. You can expect the Illuminati to fight viciously all along the way, but their dark activitiesbecoming public cannot be detoured, much less stopped. The door has opened a crack andnothing they can do will keep it from opening wider and wider until the vibrations of thein-pouring light are so powerful that they will vanquish every iota of darkness on the planet. Sodo not doubt for a moment that the light is winning
in the continuum, where Earth is rapidlyheading, the light already has WON
!11. We are delighted to see that the eruption of thevolcano in Icelandhas been attributed bysome to manmade technology, and rightfully so. This was not Mother
Nature’s doing,
nor wasthe direction of the windsthat disrupted airline traffic, stranding thousands of travelers andcausing untold financial losses in the many affected nations.Those were the intended effects asthe Illuminati are employing every means they can think of to create fear, chaos, confusion and
diversion to prevent official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial civilizations’ presence.Because that disclosure heralds the total uprooting of the Illuminati’s evil global empire, they
will stop at nothing to keep the televised introduction of our space family from happening.12. However, as likely as it may seem that the Illuminati were behind the plane crash and the
deaths of Poland’s president and other government, military and national leaders
, that is notthe case. The pre-birth agreements of all those persons included their leaving en masse at thistime for two reasons: This tragic loss to the people of Poland will inspire them to lift their sights
for their country’s course; and investigatio
n into the cause of the crash will lead into avenueswhere corruption, deception and betrayal exist so those can be brought to light.13. In this, there are both a difference and a similarity tothe death of Princess Diana. Thevehicle crash and the ambul
ance’s circuitous route to the hospital was the work of the peak of the Illuminati, England’s royal family;
and Diana’s physical leave
-taking also was a soul contractprovision with two purposes: Not only would many others be inspired to carry on reforms sheespoused to an extent that she herself could not had she lived; but also the years of the royal

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