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From Seeds of Success

From Seeds of Success

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Published by Cheryl Inniss
This article is about the seed thoughts that manifest itself as success in whatever endeavor you like.
This article is about the seed thoughts that manifest itself as success in whatever endeavor you like.

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Published by: Cheryl Inniss on Mar 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From Seeds Of Success
bycherylinniss| on February 4, 2013
From Seeds Of Success
Do you know that in every seed is an orchard?You can go from
seeds of success
if you understood the above concept of the question askedabove. It is really very simple after you finish reading the rest of the article to see what I mean.Every thing that leads to success starts off with a little seed … of thought. As you know an apple tree will only produce an apple. Of course, that is before man startedexperimenting with cross-pollinating. But for the purpose of this post, we will assume that anapple tree ONLY produces apples.
From Seeds Of Success
So, what does the reference of from ‘
seeds of success
‘ really mean to you?Let’s look at the apple example given above. In every apple there are seeds, which if planted inthe earth will lead to another apple tree with more apples, and more apple seeds. As you see,the apple tree can produce an entire orchard from just one apple that has seeds … but ONLY if itis planted.
This is the same as your business, especially if you are looking at an online direct marketingbusiness. You sign up just one business partner … and they then proceed to grow their business by signing up another and …. the seeds just lead to success. A massiveconglomerate of ‘seeds’ that continue to grow.Someone once asked “How much money have you made in your network marketing business?”I honestly had to answer them with …”I don’t know” since the seeds that I planted are still payingme today. There is residual income that is still coming in from my very first sign-up.This is what network marketing is all about. You just plant seeds … allow them to grow … andmore seeds are planted. Just like the apple tree and the fruit that falls to the earth andgerminates and produces yet more seeds.
From Seeds Of Success
Well, you are probably wondering “How do I get from
seeds of success
for me?” … with somany network marketing companies out there … in so many different industries. Just to name afew …. health & wellness, energy, precious coins, weight loss, phone services, and so manymore.Where do you start?Well, ask yourself first … “
What am I interested in?
Find an already successful company. It doesn’t matter how much money can be made, if youare NOT interested in it, you will not be be enthusiastic about it. And excitement is a very strongattractive force for anyone who wants to join you. Also ask
“How fast can I get a return on (initial) investment or ROI?”
Most networkmarketers will quit if they don’t see a ROI within 45 to 60 days.Finally …
“Are you going to have training and a strong team?”
From Seeds Of Success
You can go fromseeds of successby joining a company that YOU fit into and is profitable. Plainand simple.The next question is …
“When do you want to plant YOUR first seed?”
The sooner you getstarted, then your seeds can start to grow, and you will be getting a residual income.Here are some benefits from my company1.Direct marketing company that trains you how to market and do a simple WordPressblog

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