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2012 ConstitutionofPakistanTehreek e Insaf

2012 ConstitutionofPakistanTehreek e Insaf

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Published by Suleiman Ali Khan
2012 ConstitutionofPakistanTehreek e Insaf
2012 ConstitutionofPakistanTehreek e Insaf

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Published by: Suleiman Ali Khan on Mar 02, 2013
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T C P T--I
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
I N
The Constitution Revision Committee (CRC) of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was nominated by the Chairman PTI under the decision of the Cen-tral Executive Committee (CEC) to revise the Constitution of PTI, makingnecessaryadaptationstothelatestdevelopmentsinthepartyparticularlyinview of its phenomenal growth lately. The following persons were nomi-nated to CRC:Chairman: Mr. Hamid KhanMembers: Justice (Retd.) Wajeeh-ud-Din AhmedDr. Arif AlviMr. Ahsan RashidMr. Naeem-ul-HaqMr. Asad QaisarMr. Qasim SuriMs. Fauzia KasuriMs. Shamsa AliMr. Firdaus NaqviMr. Saifullah Sarwar Khan NyazeeMian Mahmud-ur-RashidChaudhry Ijaz AhmadMr. Aamer KianiSardar Azhar TariqMr. Shah Farman2
Introductory Note
T C P T--I
3The CRC met at Islamabad on 12th and 13th of November, 2011. The de-liberations of the CRC were spread over two days. The Committee also re-ceived input from Ms. Saloni Bukhari, President of the Women’s Wing, PTIPunjab, Mr. Shadab Jafri, President Punjab Insaf Lawyers Forum (ILF) andMr. Muhammad Madni, Head of the Punjab Youth Organization and hiscolleagues. During these two days of deliberations, a number of proposalswere finalized but a lot of area had yet to be covered. The existing Consti-tution revised by the previous Constitution Committee in 1999 was used asthe working draft.TheCRCagainmetfortwodaysatKarachithatison26thand27thofDecem- ber, 2011. Once again these were full day deliberations and the Committeehad the benefit of the views of Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi on 26th of De-cember, 2011. The same day a delegation of those members of PTI who hadrecently joined the party namely Messrs. Jehangir Tareen, Sikandar Bosan,Ishaq Khakwani and Awais Leghari met the members of the CRC and gavetheir views. On the 27th of December, 2011, Makhdoom Javed Hashmi gavehis views to the Committee.Despite having spent four full days on deliberations for the revision of theConstitution,anumberofmattershadyettobefinalizedforwhichthemeet-ing of the Committee was held on 5th February 2012 at Islamabad. Someof the members namely; Justice (Retd.) Wajeeh ud Din Ahmad, Dr. Arif Alvi, Mr. Qasim Suri and Mr. Firdaus Naqvi were in Karachi and joinedthe Chairman and other members of CRC at Islamabad through video con-ference. Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi also joined the deliberations that dayat Islamabad. Mr. Perwaiz Khattak attended the meeting of the Commit-tee at Islamabad and gave his suggestions. The meeting of 5th of February2012continueduntillateintheeveningandtheproposalsforrevisionoftheConstitution were finalized. A draft Constitution including these proposalswas prepared.The Committee again met on the evening of 10th March with Chairman Im-ran Khan presiding the meeting. The draft proposals finalized in this meet-ingwereplacedbeforetheCECinitsmeetingon11thMarch,2012. TheCECafter full day deliberation postponed the finalization of the draft to the nextmeeting.TheCommitteereceivedproposalsinwritingfromMr. RaoofHasan,Brig(R)SimonSharafandMr. AzamSwati. Someoftheproposalswasincludedinthe revised draft. Mr. Raoof Hasan did excellent editorial work on the draftproposals.

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