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Transcript of Melissa Kingston, morning session, Kingston v Adelman, 1/8/2013

Transcript of Melissa Kingston, morning session, Kingston v Adelman, 1/8/2013

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Published by AviS.Adelman
Transcript of Melissa Kingston, morning session, Kingston v Adelman, 1/8/2013
Transcript of Melissa Kingston, morning session, Kingston v Adelman, 1/8/2013

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Published by: AviS.Adelman on Mar 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Melissa Kingston, Deposition 1/9/2013 - Part 1/Morning SessionPage 1
Melissa Kingston Part 1.
00:00 VIDEO FILE M2U00076 
.Justin Please swear in the witness.Notary Would the witness please raise her right hand. Do you swear upon the testimony that you are about to give and cause number DC-12-10604 will be the truth, thewhole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?Melissa I do.Justin How are you today Ms. Kingston?Melissa Fine.Justin Do you want me to call you Melissa or Mrs. Kingston during the deposition?Melissa Either ones fne.Justin Just or the record I’m going to identiy mysel, since we don’t have a stenographer,as Justin Nichols, attorney or the Plainti. Would you mind identiying yoursel?Melissa My name’s Melissa Kingston, I am the Plainti.Justin And Mr. Lurich.Ryan Ryan Lurich here on behal o the Plainti.Justin And Mr. Kingston is here as well, husband o the witness. Ms. Kingston, could youtell us your ull name?Melissa Melissa Russ Kingston.Justin And what is your date o birth?Melissa 01-03-74.
Speakers.Justin Nichols Attorney or Avi S. Adelman, DeendantMelissa Kingston Plainti Ryan Lurich Attorney or Planti 
Melissa Kingston, Deposition 1/9/2013 - Part 1/Morning SessionPage 2
Justin And your Social Security number?Melissa I’d rather not give that out.Justin Can you give us the last our digits?Melissa I’d rather not give you my Social Security number.Justin Any portion?Melissa Any portion.Justin Could you give us your address?Melissa 5901 Palo Pinto Avenue, Dallas, X 75206.Justin Tank you maam. And have you ever been deposed beore?Melissa I have not.Justin And you’re a licensed exas attorney?Melissa I am.Justin So, do you need me to go over the rules and how it’s. I mean you were here yesterday and you understand that you’re under oath, that’s the same as giving testimony beore a judge and jury.Melissa I do.Justin Are under the inuence o any drugs or alcohol this morning?Melissa I took some Aleve this morning.Justin Is there any other medication or reason why you can’t tell the truth today?Melissa Not that I’m aware o.Justin Have you ever been convicted o any crime?Melissa I have not been convicted o any crime o moral turpitude, or raud or anything elsethat would be admissible.Justin Have you been convicted o any. Have you been arrested or any crime, elony, orcrime involving moral turpitude?Melissa No, I have not.Justin And how are you currently employed?Melissa I am a lawyer at the law frm o Friedman and Fieger, LLP.Justin And how long have you been there?
Melissa Kingston, Deposition 1/9/2013 - Part 1/Morning SessionPage 3
Melissa Since June o 2002.Justin And were you a lawyer anywhere else beore then?Melissa I was.Justin And where were you a lawyer?Melissa I was a lawyer or the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company.Justin But or about 10 years you’ve been employed at Friedman and Fieger, LLP?Melissa Tat’s correct.Justin And what’s your role - Are you an attorney, a partner, a shareholder, what is yourposition in the frm?Melissa I am called a partner.Justin Do you have any unearned stake in the frm?Melissa I don’t believe I have to give that inormation to you.Justin Is there any objection as to privilege?Melissa I think that is privileged.Ryan Proprietary, confdential, yes.Justin And what is your income at Friedman and Fieger?Melissa Again, I don’t think I have to give you that inormation. I think that is privileged aswell.Ryan Same objection.Justin Your employment with Friedman and Feiger, is that your only source o income?Melissa No it’s not.Justin What are your other sources o income?Melissa I have various investments that produce income.Justin Are you an employee anywhere else?Melissa No I am not.Justin Are you a contractor anywhere else?Melissa No I am not.

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