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The Barre Village Improvement Society Inc.: More Than a Century of Service

The Barre Village Improvement Society Inc.: More Than a Century of Service

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Published by Craig Shibley
The Barre Village Improvement Society Inc. Formed in 1896 to serve Wonderland.
But what does it do?
And how much money does it still get from Wonderland?
The State most certainly hasn't a clue.
Perhaps an Outsider has already unwrapped this riddle....
The Barre Village Improvement Society Inc. Formed in 1896 to serve Wonderland.
But what does it do?
And how much money does it still get from Wonderland?
The State most certainly hasn't a clue.
Perhaps an Outsider has already unwrapped this riddle....

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: Craig Shibley on Mar 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1994 Annual Report
The Barre Village Improvement Society Inc. It’s been around since 1896.For 117 years it’s existed in Wonderland, MA 01005. Only the Barre Masonic Lodge chartered in 1800.And the Barre Library Association formed in 1885 have been around longer.
Acts of 1896 (State Archives)
Chap. 0192 An Act to incorporate the
barre village improvement society
.Be it enacted, etc., as follows:
 Section 1
. George R. Simonds, George A.
 , Albert R. Stone, James A. Carruth, Frances TV.
 , Clinton C. Cook, George N. Harwood, James B. Colby, Julia A. B. Smith, Adelaide L.
 ,Ellen A. Johnson, Pliny H. Babbitt, James F. Davis, John W. Rice, Oramel
 , Mary Brimblecom Martin, Catherine W. Brown, Lucy H. B. Harding, Henry Woods, Eugene A. Bassett, Samuel P. Mandell, John B. Renton, J. Henry Woods, Elizebeth W. Lee, Caroline E. Billings, Matthew Walker,
Charles G. Allen, Austin G. Wheelock, Joseph F. Gay-lord, Helen A. Goddard, Caroline W. Woods, Alice M. Hathorne, Lucy Rice, James O. Cook, Frank A. Rich, Asahel N. Elliott, Minerva A. Bailey, LouiseGorhani Wilder, Elihu L. Sawyer, William H. Whiting, Alexander G. Williams, Edward Flynn, Sylvester Both well, Isabel Chase Shattuck, Marianne Russell Bartholomew,George P. King, Alberto P. Clark,
E. Allen, Benery Ford, Mary G. Woods, J. Allen Rice, EstesHawes, Charles H.
 , Elizabeth L. Pierce, Nellie M. Conant, Clara Maria Rice, Harding Jenkins,T. Hanson White, J. Frank Barrett, Anna B. Comee, Mary Bates Atwood, Charles N.
 , TimothyH. Spooner, George E. Bates, James Crane, John L. Smith, Mary L. Cook, Alice C. Follansby, Benjamin F.Brooks, William C. Peck, Edwin J. Ames, Mary J. Rogers, Jennie R. E. Johnson, Charles S. Root, HenryW. Harwood, James N. Heald, Charles E. Haven, Ann J.
P. Smith, LizzieIngersoll, Herbert A. Knight, Alfred Holden, F. Eugene Williams, Annie M. Barry, Mabel Adams Munroe, P. Mirick Harwood, Justin F. Rice, Thomas P. Blakely, Abner R. Mott, Marshall H.
 ,Thomas B. May, AVilliam F. Tay, James B. Taylor, James A. Rice, Ernest E. Rice and their associates andsuccessors, are hereby made a corporation by the name of the
Barre Village Improvement Society
 for the purpose of constructing, repairing and maintaining sidewalks and crossingsin the public streets, planting and protecting shade trees by the roadsides, ornamenting and caring for public grounds and parks in the town of Barre, under the direction and subject to theapproval of the selectmen
of said town, with power to hold, maintain, improve and ornament any park, grove, or other lands in said town of which said corporation may become possessed, by purchase, gift or otherwise. Also to preserve natural scenery, curiosities and places of historic interest in said town; withall the powers and privileges and subject to all the duties, restrictions and liabilities set forth in all general laws which are now or may hereafter be in force, applicable to such corporations and notinconsistent with this act.
 Section 2
. Said corporation shall consist of 
not less than forty members
 , three fourths at least of whichnumber shall be residents of the town of Barre.
Section 3
. The management and control of the property and affairs of said corporation, subject to its by-laws, shall be vested in a board of 
twelve trustees
 , who shall be elected, four each year, for the term of three years : provided, however, that at the first election four trustees shall be elected for one year, four for two years and four for three years. Said trustees shall elect annually from their number a president,treasurer and clerk, who shall serve until their successors are elected and qualified. The treasurer shall give such bonds as the trustees direct. In the case of a vacancy on the board of trustees from any causesuch vacancy may be filled at any regular or special meeting of the corporation; and in case of vacancy inthe offices of president, treasurer or clerk, said vacancy may be filled at any regular meeting of the trusteesor at any special meeting, if notice of said election shall have been given. In the choice of members of thecorporation and the board of trustees, or the above-named officers, no distinction shall be made on accountof sex.
Section 4
. Said corporation may adopt such by-laws as it deems best for carrying out the purposes of itsorganization, and said board of trustees may make such by-laws for their government as they see fit: provided, however, that such by-laws contain nothing inconsistent with the provisions of law or this act.
Section 5
Said corporation may obtain by purchase, gift or otherwise, lands in the town of Barre not exceeding one hundred acres
in extent, and may hold, develop and administer the same for  park and pleasure purposes, the public to have free access to said lands and parks, under reasonableregulations to be approved by the selectmen of said town.
Section 6
. Said corporation may receive and hold for the purposes aforesaid any grants, donations or bequests, under such conditions and rules as may be prescribed in such grants, donations and bequests, if not inconsistent with the provisions of law or this act; and in the absence of conditions attached to any grants, donations or bequests all funds thus received shall be held in trust, the income only to be expended for the general purposes of the corporation as before mentioned; and such grants, donations or bequests,
whether in real estate or personal property, not exceeding fifty thousand dollars in value, in addition tothe one hundred acres of land before mentioned, shall be exempt from taxation so long as administered for the public purposes herein set forth.
Section 7 
The town of Barre is hereby authorized 'to appropriate and pay money to said corporation for the ' general purposes thereof, or for any specific purposes which may bedesignated 
 , and said corporation shall receive and use, in conformity to this act or as designated, all suchappropriations.
Section 8
. The
treasurer of the corporation shall, in the month of January in each year, file withthe selectmen of the town a copy of the treasurer's report, showing the income of thecorporation
and the purposes for which all sums were expended during the preceding year.
Section 9
. This act shall take effect upon its passage. Approved March 25, 1896.
On May 4, 2004 the organization would file annual reports from 1994 – 2003. Every non-profitcorporation organized under the laws of the commonwealth must file a non-profit annualreport with the Corporations Division on or before November 1st of each year. M.G.L.A. c180 §26A. Failure to file two consecutive years should result in the immediate dissolution of acorporation.However, the BVIS never met this fate.1996 Annual Report

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