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Quantum Economics

Quantum Economics

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Published by Mark S Filby
The Ultimate Banking System for Earth. A Global Non-Profit Banking System designed for the benefit of mankind, forever eliminating our current failed system. The elimination of taxation, war, greed and ultimately death. The human condition freed from the bonds of fiscal peonage and debt driven economics.
The Ultimate Banking System for Earth. A Global Non-Profit Banking System designed for the benefit of mankind, forever eliminating our current failed system. The elimination of taxation, war, greed and ultimately death. The human condition freed from the bonds of fiscal peonage and debt driven economics.

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Mark S Filby on Feb 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright© Mark S Filby.
Quantum economics is a totally radical alternative to current global economic platforms. A unique combination of free market and closed economic policies, coupledwith total reformation of our traditional methods of banking and thinking towardsmoney. Quantum economics recognises the fundamental errors in current economic policies which are collapsing globally. Quantum economics addresses the critical error of allowing a currency to become a commodity, which allows for manipulation fromexternal forces, of which we may not know their agendas. It fully addresses theinherent problems with open economies and finally establishes total accountability fromevery sector of human endeavour, the legal and illegal activities of corporations,governments and individuals.Quantum utilises an intangible medium of exchange instead of tangible paper money,notes, cheques, cash or coinage. Electronic 'money' is available to all levels of societyfrom government and business to consumer alike. Another method of classifying thismeans of accounting for commerce is a form of "e" currency. Meaning the actualcurrency is not material but electronic. Therefore quantum as such is an alternative tocash or money. Quantum is the only viable future reality for today's electronic globaleconomy. It is the new global currency available to everyone with access to the internetor telephone.The current structure of the global economy, has at its base, a critical error in the usageof money, which is a debt based money creation and supply. With the tradability of themedium of exchange, money was allowed to become a commodity. Put in very simpleterms this means that once money became a commodity it allowed for people with anabundant supply to loan money at exorbitant rates, sometimes enslaving the borrower.This meant that current economic policies allowed people to become dependent off other peoples efforts. Whoever could create a shortage of money, and then supply thedemand, with interest, actually became a non productive member of society andsurvived or even prospered at someone else's expense. One only has to casuallyobserve the current global economic policies and the resultant imbalances to observethis fact taken to its extreme. Resource rich third world countries are servicingimpossible outcome debt scenarios, with the third world populations as virtual slavesto businessmen, bankers and their dictators.
What's wrong with money/ banking/ cash?
There is a perceived shortage of money or capital, when in actual fact; there is noshortage but a creation and usage problem. We have allowed banking to create debt
instead of governments actually creating sufficient money for society to function for the sake of its citizens.Capital flows around society often go undetected from country to country and bank to bank. There is no central registry to monitor the origin or destination of transactions.This allows 'laundering' of funds. This is how wars and all other illegal activities arefinanced. The fundamental error of globalisation without accountability. Overseas banks, diverse taxation laws- no common ground between global financial systems.The 'global village’ requires a 'closed' economy as opposed to the current 'open'economy. A system designed to be open to scrutiny and closed to fraudulence or crime.The elite use these so called individual 'rights' to hide their abuses of wealth.From fraud, forgery, theft, crime and the many abuses of wealth, the current economic platforms fall drastically short of being 'smart' or humane in today's society. Inessence, printed money and banking have reached their sensible use by dates. Cashmoney requires be printing, handling and physically transporting which makes it non-competitive with an electronic currency. As a tangible product it also means it can beremoved from circulation and laundered into other economies or utilised for illegalactivities. This is exactly how and why our planet is being gripped by drug usage andcrime. Printed and coined money has been abused since its inception. It was the bestthing available at the time, but today's society needs accountability from every level of society, and will embrace the solution. Put in simple terms cash and the current banking system are obsolete. Only complete denial from the reader could dispute thecurrent global situation.
Why will we change?
We will change when we see a real advantage for ourselves and the democraticmajority. When we see that this system surpasses the current economic model andwhen we are prepared to accept the truth about how inadequate our current system is.When we as a society decide to take responsibility for our lives and decide to correctsociety's problems. When we acknowledge that most of our crimes, poverty, fraud andinequalities are rooted in our economic policies. Economic discrimination is potentiallysociety’s greatest problem.This new system will remove privilege and force some to become useful functionariesof society just like the majority. On the other end of the scale, it will also signal the endof unemployment. If we have the capacity to rectify many of our social ills and the onlylimitation that currently exists is our 'shortage of money' and the quantum systemrectifies this problem and practically removes any fiscal problems, then why would thedemocratic majority support a system for elitists or people evading their responsibility?
What is this new system based on?
A new system based on total accountability, will help work towards eliminating crime.The implications are incredible. The banking industry as you know it will betransformed. The new system will have only one point of record for every transaction,globally. This will eliminate fraudulent activities. As a society we can fully trace everyeconomic transaction on a global basis, we can then eliminate the so called tax evasionhavens, money laundering and most illegal transactions. Accountability from the bottom right up to and including the record keepers. A system that is totally open toinspection. If there is nowhere to hide money, there are very few areas for lies.This will be a non-profit banking system for the world.
Why will it be non-profit?
 Our global village needs a new system to rectify the current shortfalls beingexperienced in every sector of our communities. We need a new way to addressunemployment, poverty and crime on a global basis. We no longer are individualcountries with our own internal economies. It is time we accepted our role in society beyond short term profit outcomes. In essence we have to remove our bankers for thedemocratic majority. We can no longer disclaim our knowledge of how severe life isfor our fellow man, when we are presented with a solution. Can we tolerate peoplestarving to death because of profit? There could be no justification for change, if quantum was only changing the power base, not rectifying the problem. The actual'power' should be within the hands of the democratic majority, not with some elitistminority group of bankers, dictators or people who accept a system based on keeping people as slaves by utilising economic principles which were forced on society manyyears ago. Nothing justifies this behaviour.Current economic budgetary controls hinder mankind from solving its problems.Therefore if we remove the banking industry and maintain the medium of exchange asan institution for the benefit of society, then society would never again have to play theexisting banking game. The end of the current system. Current global economics provethat the current method is fundamentally flawed and failing pathetically. Imagine our global society with the 'profits' from banking being redistributed through all sectors of society. No longer would there be so many financial restrictions placed on society'sendeavours. Imagine a world freeing itself from poverty, starvation and “economicrationalisation", all because we decided to make a change.
Why did this problem arise?
The answer is basic ignorance. "The way it is" mentality and the non availability of computers and technology meant that society was not ready, willing, or able to solvethe problem.The current economic and monetary systems have not changed from the past. We still basically have the original system only modified for our times. Wealth was originally based on ones ability to conquer or steal. Today's society does not call for survival of the fittest anymore, but beckons us into the 21st century caring for each other. Whilstwe have evolved on a mental level of compassion, we unfortunately carry our primitive past within the confines of our economic policies.The reality of today’s society says that whoever has the most money rules. Not muchdifferent from our primitive past, when the biggest club or sword ruled. Money iscoined liberty. The masters control.Today’s economic platforms are based on feudal mentalities.
Why should it change?
We should change when it will be better for the majority; this is the essence of ademocratic society. We have fallen into the false belief that society is functioning because of money. When in actual fact society functions because we decide within our minds to make things happen. Money transformed from representing actual materialwealth in the form of gold or silver, to being a means of transferring value. Quantum

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QUANTUM ART/ECONOMY : The Project "quARte" from the first Program in Casciana Terme (Pisa) (May-31-01/2 June 2013) will develop by creating a platform of European cultural movement of Quantum Art,. The scope of quARte will be focused on the dissemination of creative content, capable of generating an high impact on emotional communication and innovative actions for the development of the knowledge
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