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Quartz Composer

Quartz Composer



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Published by api-26084987

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Published by: api-26084987 on Feb 26, 2009
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Quartz for Revolution
By: Obleo BeckDocument Part 1 of 2February 2009
Quartz for Revolution
Quartz is an umbrella technology and includes many other technologies part of it. While wecan access anything we want from any giving system, here we are going to focus on the useof Quartz Compositions as a processing method. This method will include Core Video,QuickTime, Core Image, Core Audio and a few others by the use of Quartz Compositions,QuickTime and shell for the most part.Overview of the Quartz Process to use with Runtime Revolution and mac OS X.
Quartz Compositions is just one way we can access quartz related processes. The tutorials Ipresent in the most part will start here. The reason I will focus on this method the most is because this method stays in line to Runtime Revolution rapid development model.Using, and building Quartz Compositions are Rapid to develop and use, just like RuntimeRevolution. You will find there is no faster and more simpler way to add high end graphicprocessing to a revolution built app targeting deployment to OSX 10.5 and later. There areways to included this process with OSX 10.4, that starts removing the word rapiddevelopment. The OS X 10.4 -10.4.11 method will be presented in an advance tutorial at a latertime.
What differs between using Quartz Compositions from OSX v Tiger and Leopard.
The quartz related technologies that included Quartz Compositions and system widesupport began in OSX Tiger. It introduced a simple way to process stunning graphics to anymac OS X built app with out knowing advance mathematics and doing very low level coding.This method in Tiger was more geared to object-c built apps, but also included methods of using python as a bridge to 3rd party development IDE’s that had any kind of shell support.Runtime Revolution does have shell support with the syntax;(set theshellcommandto “/bin/sh/py”) and then linking a py script to the shell to run,using theshell functionwith in Revolution. That is how we can add quartz processing to OS X10.4 -10.4.11 . I personally feel this method (for OSX 10.4 Tiger) is an more advance method because we have to use a second language “Python” to get this process to work.In Mac OS X 10.5 and later (Leopard) ....
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Quartz for Revolution
What differs between using Quartz Compositions from OSX v Tiger and Leopard.Continued from last page...
In Mac OS X 10.5 and later (Leopard) we do Not have to program in any other language,other than write a few shell/command line terms. These terms are simple to do and there isreally no learning curve if you already have scripted with Runtime Revolution.What was added to this process in OS X Leopard gives us a great advantage. First off quartz is at the center of all things graphics in OSX 10.5, this includes how all things are drawnto screen. Apple really added some key things in Leopard that make it simple for us to usequartz processes with in our Revolution built apps.The addition of Quartz Extreme and GPU processing off screen are major keys to how wewill access these processes. The protocols set up in Leopard with quartz compositions, bridgesupport for every framework and command line tools built native into the default system are amajor help to us. These additions into the operating system with Leopard give us the key toopen a door and walk threw.
What you will need to add Quartz processing with in Runtime Revolution built apps.
First off Quartz is a mac only process. Started in OS X 10.4 but that method is not beingpresented at this time. mac OS X 10.5 will be needed to develop and to deploy to. (meaning theend user needs OSX 10.5 or later)This does eliminate many developers. You may be able to developed with a windows andlinux system with this process for an OSX 10.5 deployment. When I say may, what I mean is Ifind it very hard to test the processes script with out having access to the OS I am writing for.Many times there can be errors in a script and without access to an OS version it’s hard todeliver a error free solution to your user base. This means you can script this method with anyversion revolution supports to, as long as you test it on the deployed version (OS X 10.5) first.(If you plan on writing these scripts from windows and linux and have access to a macrunning Leopard. The best thing to do is to run the commands from the Terminal first to makesure it works with out error. Actually It is wise to do that anyhow it will cut down timedebugging any problems down the road.)
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