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A Psychopath, a Feral Woman, and a Girl Scout

A Psychopath, a Feral Woman, and a Girl Scout

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Published by AaronTheBaron18

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Published by: AaronTheBaron18 on Mar 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Final Draft 8DemoFinal Draft 8DemoFinal Draft 8Demo
A PSYCHOPATH, A FERAL WOMAN, AND A GIRL SCOUTWritten byAaron Livingston1803 West State Street16413518295
Final Draft 8DemoFinal Draft 8DemoFinal Draft 8Demo
INT. DINING ROOMSHIRLEY, 40s, sits alone at a dining room table in a desolateroom. She is strapped to her chair. She stares into herlap. We hear a door open and shut. RICHARD, 40s, sits downon the opposite side of the table. He reaches out across thetable and places a bag of fast food in front of Shirley.RICHARDEat.Shirley shows no response. Richard slowly leans forward,visibly agitated.RICHARD (CONT’D)Eat!Richard leans back and takes a deep breathe. Shirley is muteand still. Richard abruptly stands up and throws his chairaside. Shirley flinches.RICHARD (CONT’D)I’m givin’you one last chance,girl! You eat your damn food oryou’re gettinit good!Shirley finally looks up. She promptly spits at Richard andthe saliva falls short. Richard looks down at the spit andlooks back up. He is livid.RICHARD (CONT’D)(yelling) You ungrateful bitch!Richard rips open the bag of food. French fries spill outeverywhere. He sifts through the munchies and unwraps aburger. He puts it up to SHIRLEY’s face.RICHARD (CONT’D)(maniacally) Open wide!Richard shoves the burger into Shirley’s slightly ajar mouth.He lightly slaps her twice on the cheek.RICHARD (CONT’D)Now that’s more like it!Knock, knock, knock. Richard looks toward the front door.Shirley’s eyes light up. Richard puts a finger up over his mouth to Shirley. Richard slowly turns and creeps toward thedoor. He takes a deep breathe and opens the door.
Final Draft 8DemoFinal Draft 8DemoFinal Draft 8Demo
EXT. - FRONT YARD - DAYA little girl, CINDY, 8, stands in the doorway. Behind heris a red wagon filled with girl scout cookies. Richard scansher up and down.RICHARD (CONT’D)Whatchawant girl?Cindy smiles.CINDYThe girl scouts are selling cookiesbecause we want to go to the OmahaZoo.RICHARDSelling cookies?Cindy nods her head. Richard looks reluctant but he obliges.RICHARD (CONT’D)Stay there a second.Richard turns around and slams the door shut. Cindy standsthere waiting. About fifteen seconds pass and we hearrustling around in the house. The door opens. Richard has a wad of dollar bills clenched in his fist.RICHARD (CONT’D)You go on and give me a box. I got money for ya.CINDYWhat kind, mister?RICHARDWhat?CINDYWhat kind of cookies would youlike?Richard is puzzled beyond belief.CINDY (CONT’D)We have thin mints, tagalongs, d-RICHARDMints.Cindy snatches a box and hands it to Richard. Richard handsover the money.2.

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