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Table Of Contents

Before You Get Started
Special Cases
Buried Tubes in Firebox
Arbor or U-Tubes
Sloped or Hip Roof
Case Configuration Panel
Case type
Radiant section type
Convection section
Case description
Problem description
Job number
Item number
Reference number
Proposal number
Plant location
Ambient Air Conditions Panel
Ambient air pressure
Ambient air temperature
Ambient air moisture
Clear Selected Property
Clear All Properties
Clear All Heat Release Data
Clear All Temperature Data
Insulation specification
Heat release entry type
Flow basis for heat release curve
API530 Module
API530 Summary Panel
Tube Design option
Tube life evaluation
Tube type (for tube design)
Tube outside diameter
Tube inside diameter
Tube wall thickness
Tube metallurgy
Rupture stress curve
Print metal properties for inspection
Physical Properties for User-Specified Metallurgy Panel
Metal identification
Type of material
Poisson's ratio
Specific gravity
Limiting design metal temperature
Lower critical temperature
Material constant A per Table 2
L-M constant C per Appendix A.3
Yield stress
Modulus of elasticity
Thermal expansion
Thermal conductivity
Inside Heat Transfer Coefficient Panel
Tube length between return bends
Total mass flow rate for all passes
Number of tubepasses
Fluid pressure
Weight fraction vapor
TEMA fouling factor
Specific heat
Metal Temperature Parameters Panel
Fluid bulk temperature
Inside heat transfer coefficient
Coke thickness
Coke thermal conductivity
Heat Flux Parameters Panel
Tube Flux Type
Center-to-center spacing
Average heat flux around tube
Fraction transferred by convection
Planar peak-to-average factor
Operating Conditions Panel
Tube identification
Maximum design pressure (elastic)
Maximum operating pressure at Start of Run
Maximum operating pressure at End of Run
Metal temperature at Start of Run
Metal temperature at End of Run
Maximum local peak flux
Design life for stress
Corrosion allowance
Run length between SOR and EOR
Tube Life Evaluation Panel
Initial tube life
On-stream time
Operating pressure (Start of Run)
Operating pressure (End of Run)
Metal temperature (Start of Run)
Metal temperature (End of Run)
Corrosion rate
Required tube life
On-stream time per period
Box Heater Module
Box Heater Summary Panel
Box Heater Type Selection
Height (H)
Depth (D)
Flue Gas Opening Dimension A
Flue Gas Opening Dimension B
Height (T)
Gas Configuration Panel
Gas Space Configuration ID
Gas Space Definitions
Configurations with Identical Gas Spaces
Burner Locations Panel
Burner location/firing direction
Number of symmetric sections
Number of Burners in Each Gas Space
Local Coordinate X/Y/Z
Space from Last Burner
Along Axis
Valid Burner Coordinates
Burner Parameters Panel
Effective Flame Length
Minimum Jet Opening
Entrance Gas Velocity
Planar Half Jet Angle
Heat Release Factor/Burner
Nominal Pressure Drop
Burner Code List button
Burner Code Panel
Tube Locations Panel
Tube Coil Exists
Number of Tube Sections
Tube Orientation
Inside Return Bend
Tube Section Geometry Panel
Tube Outside Diameter
Tube Wall Thickness
Tube Ctr-Ctr Spacing
Tube Length
Tube Metallurgy
Tube Thermal Conductivity
Number of Tubes
Maximum Tube Length
Wall Size (Available)
Wall Size (Required)
Box Heater Tube Coil Geometry
Tubepass Sequence Panel
Number of process passes
Set process pass
Set tube number
Clear Current Pass
Clear All Passes
Tube Flow Direction Panel
Gas Space
Gas Space Wall
Wall Tube Section
Process Pass
Pass Sequence
1st Tube Flow Direction
Process Methods Panel
Heat Transfer Coefficient Method
Pure Component
Film Boiling Check
Critical heat flux
Fraction of critical flux for film boiling
Sensible liquid coefficient
Sensible vapor coefficient
Boiling coefficient
Process fluid coefficient multiplier
Tubeside friction factor
Process fluid friction factor multiplier
Surface roughness
Insulation Specification Panel
Number of Layers
Same as Front End
Same as Left Side
Minimum/maximum temperature
Maximum outside wall temperature
Average wind velocity
Material Thickness
Material Code
User Defined Materials
Optional Panel
Pressure in heater
Flue gas soot extinction coefficient
Mean beam length
Process tube emissivity
Refractory surface emissivity
Convection weighting factors
Momentum width factor for gas flow
Initial gas zone temperature estimate
Initial refractory temperature estimate
Stack Panel
Available Stack Items
Stack Items List
Add New Stack Item
Insert New Stack Item
Delete Stack Items
Reorder Stack Items
Soot extinction coefficient
Distance to first tuberow
Bridgewall temperature estimate
Stack Inlet Geometry - Shape
Stack Inlet Geometry - Width
Stack Inlet Geometry - Depth
Feed Stream to Radiant Section
Bundle Panel
Bundle layout type
Heated tube length
Parallel passes (Convection)
Parallel elements (Stack)
Bundle width
Tube layout
Reverse staggered rows
Process inlet
Use ESCOA outside methods
Stack element bend radius
Stack element take-off angle
Tube Types Panel
Tube name
Tube internal
Add tube type
Delete tube type
Tubes page
FJ Curves page
Outside/airside f- and j-factors
Tubeside f- and j-factors
Low Fins page
Fin material
High Fins page
Stud Fins page
Fin bond resistance
Fin efficiency
Number of stud rings
Number of studs in each ring
Stud length
Stud diameter
Twisted Tape page
L/D 360-degree twist
Tube Sink Definition Panel
Fraction sink
Emissivity of sink
Fraction open
Convective weight factor
Sink temperature
Enter data for wall
Reset Current Wall
Reset All Walls
Radiant Box Panel
Heater type
Number of radiant tubes
Heat loss
Outside convective heat transfer coefficient
Tube Zones Panel
First tube in zone
Tube position
Tube firing
Heated lengths
Tube thermal conductivity
Tube emissivity
Process fouling factor
Longitudinal max/avg flux ratio
Radiant Box Process Conditions Panel
Fluid name
Process flow rate
Bulk temperature
Bulk temperature at wall
Viscosity at wall
Combustion Module
SG - Specific gravity
Oxidant Air Panel
Oxidant flow rate
Oxidant flow units
Excess oxidant
Incomplete Combustion
Oxidant pressure
Oxidant temperature
Oxidant moisture
Oxidant Gas Panel
Oxidant composition units
Oxidant composition
Diluent Panel
Diluent temperature
Diluent flow units
Diluent flow rate
Diluent weight fraction liquid
Gas Panel
Fuel composition units
Fuel composition
Liquid/Solid Panel
Convection Module
Distance from heater roof to center of first tuberow
Left wall clearance
Transverse pitch
Longitudinal pitch
Tube type
Tube material code
Unheated length/row
Unheated length between rows
Fins Panels
More Information on Fins Panels
Load from Databank
Databank type
Estimated inlet fraction vapor
Estimated inlet temperature
Estimated inlet pressure
Unset Bank Fin
Bank fin code
Fin type
Fin density
Over fin diameter
Split segment height
Split segment width
Fin base thickness
Fin tip thickness
Cylindrical Module
Cylindrical Heater Panel
Outside diameter
Wall thickness
Roof thickness
Floor thickness
Type of roof opening
Roof opening length
Roof opening width
Roof opening diameter
Roof opening inside diameter
Roof opening outside diameter
Configuration Panel
Tube circle diameter
Number of parallel passes
Process outlet location
Burner circle diameter
Number of burners
Burner nozzle diameter
Burner flue gas velocity
Location of burner center from X-axis
Flame length
Half jet angle from vertical
Tube Geometry Panel
Number of different tube sizes and/or C-C spacing per pass
Nominal outside diameter
Tube wall thickness schedule
Number of tubes in 1 pass
Center-center spacing
Effective tube length
Duty basis
Specified duty
Average radiant flux
Number of convection fluids included in specified duty
Insulation Loss Coefficient Panel
Insulation heat loss coefficients
Emissivities Panel
Flue gas extinction coefficient
Roof sink surface emissivity
Roof sink surface temperature
Flue Gas Circulation Panel
Induced flow factor
Maximum recirculation factor
Burner throat pressure drop constant
Weighting factors for convective heat transfer
Output Reports
Output Summary
Run Log
Data Check Messages
Runtime Messages
Input Reprint
Combustion Diagram
Combustion Stream Properties
Flue Gas Heat Release
Process Heat Transfer Coefficient
Metal Temperature
Thickness Design
Life Evaluation
Metal Properties
Convection Summary
Convection Flue Gas Monitor
Convection Process Monitor
Heater Temperature Profile
Cylindrical Firebox Monitor
API560 Specification Sheet
Gas Space Energy Balance
Flue Gas Flow Monitor
Box Heater Firebox Monitor
Burner Monitor
Flow Distribution Monitor
Gas Temperature Monitor
Tube Flux Monitor
Cylindrical Heater Profile
NOx Conversion Factors
Box Heater Firebox Tables
Cylindrical Firebox Tables
Stack Monitor
Property Monitor
No Tube Flux Monitor
Single-Zone Firebox Monitor
Stream Properties
Box Tube Numbers
Cylindrical Radiant Section Energy Balance
Test Cases
Test Case 1
Test Case 2
Test Case 3
Test Case 4
Test Case 5
Test Case 6
Test Case 7
Frequently Asked Questions
About This Version
Boiling Methods
Version 5.0
Calculation Procedures
Version 4.0 Service Pack 3
Version 4.0 Service Pack 2
Version 4.0 Service Pack 1
Version 4.0
Version 3.0 Service Pack 2
Version 3.0 Service Pack 1
Version 3.0
Version 2.0 Service Pack 2
Version 2.0 Service Pack 1
Version 2.0
Data Input and Data Check
External Interfaces
Graphical Interface
Version 3.0 Service Pack 3
Program Outputs
Radiation Methods
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