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New Europe Print Edition Issue 1020

New Europe Print Edition Issue 1020

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New Europe Print Edition Issue 1020
New Europe Print Edition Issue 1020

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Published by: New Europe Newspaper on Mar 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yr of Publictionnumbr 10203 - 9 mrch, 20133.50
    ppxy d  p   xpd    iy.t , d  24 d25  fy, w  w p dp   y   dd, P lb w w xpd  w dd vy    p v Sv b w  i  w xp  dpp.t  w   ,wv d    …d bpp G w d    i    “”  ip .fw  , kpd  p  y d v  py  p’ d y.b pvd      xpd w   , d  w d  p vd     vy  d  pvy w   y   w y p . t p Pp’ Py (PP),  u, d dd ,p  w d d  , ydvp  m m, wpvd    ’   y 10%   v,dp  k  b.“p  k   d  p d i k   d    v  p   k  ,” b’ pk dnw p.p P V Pd, G P, d nw p    pd  vy  y p d  p . od  y  u pw   k     x p   y. “od    y i  pv . t w   d,  j  iy,    wd p,”  d.fy,  p Pp’Py w y ppd m m, pd w   dd w vwy  vd  y  i w d  y    w   iy d  d  y  w d iy pd dw.
EU beaten in Italian election
t i  dd     v  v   d   w.t   w G pd y  , w  pPp’ Py dpyd vy  p d , xd  k Sv b d m m.Sv b,  ppy   w,  w  S P l b, w  w pp w     pp d w  . t     S d  d   w c.
Global voices
t c m f w   b w  d  69 m,  w    d     pw d. Spk    v  id, n, ivy c,  D,   ud n, iq, t d .fooD Page 10conomicS Page 08Pages 3, 32
  cd d b pd y 
Page 06Page 32
r Swdp cD S uG d byz: n,tP p S S
PnSionS Page 04niGhbourhooD Page 11chin Page 11nrGY Page 12
The real winner 
3 - 9 March, 2013
Australia$3.4,AustriaEURO1.81,BalkansEURO4,BelgiumEURO3.50,HollandEURO2.69,CentralAsiaUSD7.5,CentralEuropeUSD5,Canada$5,Denmark:DKK19,95,EasternEuropeUSD7.5,FranceEURO3.04,GermanyEURO3.57,GreeceEURO4,HungaryHUF400,JapanY900,ItalyEURO3.62,Nordiccoun- triesUSD7,PacificRimUSD8.5,RussiaUSD4,SwitzerlandSFr4,UKGBP4.5,USA$2.95,allothercountriesEURO6
Onemoreup-to-dateOlympicinstallationisalreadyunderconstructionintheSchiniaareaatthenortheasternpartof theAtticaPrefecture,andwithina45-kilo-metredistancefromcentralAthens.
Post-warAustrianrestitutiontovictimsofNazitheftwasoften"half-heartedandhesitant,"saida14,000-pagereportpre-sentedbyanAustrianCommissionof Historians.
Hungaryhasunveiledadetailedmotor- wayprogramme,valuedatHUF1-1.1trillion,fortheperiod2003-2006.Theprogrammewillcoverthecompletionof 420kmofmotorwaysby2007.
Who wants Barnier andSimitis at gunpoint
EU sets the rules in the Balkans
 European Commission President RomanoProdispeakingtotheFYROM  parliamentinSkopjelastweekpavedthe waytotheUnionforthistinycountry. Proditoldthedeputies"byembarkingontheroadtoreconciliationandrecon- struction,youhaveshownyourwilling- nesstobuildafutureasamemberofour  Europeanfamily." ReadersmayknowthattheEUisnowtakingovertheNATOmissiontooverseethestabilityinthecountry.Thebirthcer-tificateoftheEuroarmywillactuallybe stampedandissuedinFYROM.Thisfact gaveagoodopportunitytoProditolay downtheUnion'spolicyintheBalkans.TheaimoftheEUpolicyiscompelling,yet simple:thegradualintegrationofthe BalkancountriesintoEurope,specificallytheEU.TheEUwillsupportandsustaintheprocessbyencouragingpolitical,social andeconomicreformsinthesecountries. However,Prodididnotchewhiswords whenitcametorealissueslikethe endemic Balkan hostility withneigh- bouringstates.ProdiproudlytoldtheSkopjeparliamentthat"Europeaninte- grationisthewaytoovercomeattitudes andstandpointsEuropehasinherited fromcenturiesofhistory.Suchasthe assumptionthatone'sstatemustcoin- cidewiththecountryonelivesin,the societyonefeelsathomeinandthe nationonefeelsloyalto.Weenjoyrights asindividuals--notasmembersofa particularethnic,religious,linguisticor  historicalgroup--whileorganisedcivil societyenjoyscertainprivilegesacrossthewholeEuropeanUnion."WiththisstatementProdinotonlyclari- fiedtheUnion'spoliciesintheBalkans butalsoshowedtoallthepeoplesofthe regionthewaythatleadstotheEuro- peanUnion.
neoftheconfidentialdocumentsper-tainingtoDirectorateGeneralTrans-portandEnergy(DG-TREN)datedJanuary13,2003referringtoanInter-nalAuditingconductedbytheDirectorateGeneralRegionalPolicy(DG-Regio)onamajorERGOSE(GreekRailwayConstructionCompany)projectappearedinthelocalAthens(Greece)conservativedailyEleftherosTyposinitsnooneditionlastWednesday(February25,2003).Accordingtothereport,theproceduretoslapaheftypenaltyof564millionEuroagainstERGOSEhasstartedintheCollegeundertheDG(Regio).Pierre-JeromeHenin,spokesmanforregionalpolicy,EuropeanCommission,clearlydeniedtheexistenceofsuchapenaltysaying,"There'sno'heftypenaltyof564millionEuro,'whatsoever."Headded,"AnaudithasbeensenttotheGreekauthorities;theynowhavetheopportunitytopresenttheirargu-mentsinresponsetopreliminaryfindings;theirargu-mentswillofcoursebetakenintoconsideration whenthetimecomesforconclusion."TheleakoftheConfidentialdocumentseemstobeonlythebeginningofamulti-task"concertedpractice" which aims at undermining relationsbetweenCommissionerMichelBarnier,whoisseenbymanyas"theEuropeanconscienceoftheCom-mission,"andtheGreekgovernment,aswellasthepossibleaspirationsofGreekPrimeMinisterCostasSimitistothepositionofthepresidencyoftheCom-missionafterRomanoProdi.
New Europe
OPEC says will boostproduction
TheOrganisationofPetrole-umExportingCountries,pro-ducerofonethirdofthe world'soil,willprobablydis-cussboostingoutputatitsMarch11meeting.SaudiAra-bia,asOPEC'sbiggestoilpro-ducer,stillhasthecapacityto yieldlargervolumes.OPECsaidithadanotherfourmillionbarrelsadayofsparesupplyreadytouse,easilyenoughtocoverBaghdad's1.7millionbarrelsperdayofexports.Qatar'sGovernortoOPEC AbdullahbinHamadAl Attiyahsaidtheorganisation woulddowhatitcouldtosteadyprices,andwouldpro-ducemoreoilifthatwasnec-essary.Butheaddedthere werelimitstowhatcouldbedoneinthepresentenviron-ment.Meanwhile,crudeoilpricessurgedtoalmost toUSD40perbarrellastThursday,butsettledtoUSD37.26lastFri-day.AnalystsalsospeculatedthattheUSwoulddigintoitsStrategicPetroleumReserve,the600millionbarrelsofcrudeoilstashedinfourdeepsaltcavernsalongtheGulfCoastinTexasandLouisiana,ifthesit-uationworsened.
 An unprecedented white-collar conspiracy unveiled by New Europe
Croatia inches its waytowards EU membership
he European Union welcomed Croatia's applicationfor membership of the 15-nation bloc but diplomatssaid the country's patchy compliance with the internation-al war crimes tribunal remained a problem. "This is apowerful signal of hope in future development, stabilityand for peaceful co-existence throughout the region," saidEuropean Commission President Romano Prodi afterCroatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan presented his coun-try's membership request to Greek Prime Minister CostasSimitis in Athens. Greece currently holds the EU presi-dency."It shows that this region, which is an integral part of Europe, is resolved to set behind it forever the dramas andtraumas of its recent past," the Commission chief added.But Prodi warned that the road ahead would not be easy."These countries will be asked to bring themselves in line with EU standards," he said.Diplomats in Brussels said Croatia's dealings with theInternational Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) were a key problem. Cooperation withThe Hague-based court was an "obligation ... a conditionfor EU membership," said one diplomat.
 RichardFalk andDavidKrieger
OnIraqandthefailures ofdemocracy,p.4
‘Well, that concludes the formalities. Monsieur Depardieu is now officially yours...’ |
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 We found a little chicanery a decade ago, with leakeddocuments appearing to contradict official statementsafter an auditing of the Greek Railway ConstructionCompany over a possible penalty. We also reportedthat Croatia was inching its way towards EU member-ship, and indeed it was. Eventually, in 2013.Commission President, Romano Prodi was reassu-ring the Balkans, just as the EU was taking over fromNATO, saying that the balkan states had chosen thepath of reconciliation that would lead to the accessi-on into the EU and made the point that Europe hadovercome historical discords. In light of this, Austria was accused of being‘half-hearted’ in its restitution to victims of theft by the Nazis. As the Iraq war loomed,OPEC was considering increasing production to co- ver for Iraqi oil that was subject to sanctions, it wasalso intended to halt alarming rises in oil prices.
 n e  1 0  Y e A  R  S  A GO
The ‘anti-politics’ movement is apparently gaining ground in Europe.The recent Italian election saw a startling 25% share of the vote forcomedian Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement (M5S); it was, he clai-med, a blow against the political establishment, against the austere,subservient and technocratic Mario Monti, perceived as a Brusselsstooge, and the staid and comfortable centre-left and centre-rightparties that supposedly represent the extension of the status quo.The Five Star Movement’s electoral share is remarkable (Grillodidn’t run himself: under the movement’s own rules no one with aprior conviction can run for public office), and a welcome boost tothose who feel that politics is out of the hands of ordinary people.Having said that, the M5S, while scoring a massive and somewhatunexpected election result, were not necessarily the biggest winnersof the elections. That honour goes to Silvio Berlusconi, the disgra-ced former prime minister, whose political comeback managed to seehim come a narrow second to Pier Luigi Bersani’s centre-left PartitoDemocratico, which campaigned on a programme of anti-austerity and growth policies. Berlusconi has re-imagined himself as a popu-list, and promised all sorts of tax rebates and the like. Despite - ormaybe because of - his EU colleagues’ distancing tactics (the Europe-an People’s Party backed instead the campaign of Mario Monti – the biggest loser of the election), Berlusconi scored big. It allowed himto play the outsider card, despite being the ultimate insider; a formerprime minister, a man who until recently shared company with otherEuropean leaders at the top table of European decision making.Meanwhile in England, the junior coalition partner, the LiberalDemocrats, defended their apparently unimpeachable lead in theEastleigh by-election. They won; but only just, dropping their ma- jority by about 14 percentage points and securing an-ever-so-narrow  victory over the Eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). They increased their electoral share in the region by 24%, incontrast to the Liberals, whose vote dropped by 14%. The Conserva-tive Party, who have vowed to hold a referendum on EU membershipafter the next general elections, are perceived as the biggest losers,falling into third position, with a drop in vote by 13%.UKIP, hopeful of an upsurge in the anti-EU protest vote against thecurrent government, are confident of increasing their representationin the European Parliament in 2014. This may or may not happen; but for Eastleigh, the party campaigned on a self-confessed anti-po-litics campaign, a scattergun approach promising tax breaks, conces-sions and renewed policing and defence spending to all and sundry.They promised to be all things to all people.Of course, Grillo’s party did the same; and given the Italian circum-stances, it is perhaps no wonder they did as well as they did. But attheir heart they are simple malcontents, not a political movement.The Conservative Party in the UK are fighting a populist battle also,and they may be losing. Grillo will never be part of the political es-tablishment, like UKIP they have vowed to take it down; but suchtimes that create the conditions for protestations will not last. If M5Sand UKIP want to last, they might want to start adapting themselvesfor the long run. There is nothing wrong with wanting to overturnthe establishment. It just has to be done in a grown-up manner.Time to take off those red noses.
Send in the clowns?
3 - 9 March, 2013
Senior MEP: Bersani is the right manto do what’s right for democracy 
New Europe spoke with Spokeperson, Mr.Stefano Di Traglia, one of the closest ad- visers of Mr. Bersani, Leader of the PartitiDemocratici, about the results of the Italianelection and forming a government after therebuff from Beppe Grillo.
Right after the election results, Mr. Ber-sani underlined the need to open dis-cussions on a future government with Mr.Grillo.It seems that from the blog youreceived a negative reaction.
It‘s not a blog that decides if the proposal of Mr. Bersani is unacceptable, but the mem- bers of Parliament. Then, in the blog I alsosaw various comments and different opini-ons from the one of Mr. Grillo.In the Parliament everyone will be responsi- ble for his decisions. On our side, we propo-se a new idea of government, and if PresidentNapolitano will give Mr. Bersani the explora-tory mandate to form the new government,and I think that this will be the case, it will bethe occasion to present a concrete agenda.The strong points of our proposal are: mo-rality in politics, cutting costs in politics,conflict of interests, the anti-trust law, robustanti-corruption laws, social measures and ac-tions to boost economic growth.I think also that Mr. Grillo will have to esta- blish a discussion with his Parliamentarians.The voters pushed strongly for change, this was one of the topics of the phone call today  with President Hollande; we have to avoidthe populist wave of the past years, which brought to power right wing coalitions, thiscould happen again because of the austerity measures.I have to underline that this phenomenon isnot only an Italian problem and Europe un-derstands this.
This proposal will be only addressed to Mr. Grillo?
Mr. Bersani is going to introduce his propo-sal to the entire Parliament, then is the PDLready to accept a stronger corruption law?On the conflict of interests is it ready to ap-prove a law that resolves this problem?Then we have the anti-trust law. Whichmeasures to take on labor policy? We will present an agenda, but we are notsearching for a privileged role with any po-litical group, after that the single groups willhave to decide. The need for a change is bornmore from one side and this is evident.
 An important act of the Parliament will beto quickly nominate the presidents of theSenate and of the Chamber, this will bethe first occasion to test a potential coa-lition .What‘s the agenda of Mr. Bersani?
It’s not a mere assignment of seats, in the past years we saw in Italy the negative trend of al- ways having the winning coalition as presi-dent of the two chambers. Mr. Bersani wantsto change this trend, and he is open to share with other groups the responsibility to rulethe two wings of the Parliament. In that very moment we will be able to understand alsohow the various political groups are going tointeract on the interest of the country.
Europe is concerned about the Italiansituation, what‘s your impression aboutthat?
Europe is asking for a concrete and stablepath and I think that our coalition could of-fer the elements to govern as Europe is as-king at the moment.In the Senate we have this difficult situation, but I also think that tackling issues, measure by measure, we can offer some concrete ac-tion, we now have to convince Europe that we are ready to take tangible actions in thedirection of growth.This new wave, which was highlighted onthe world press as negative, can also be, witha responsible attitude, an important elementof positive change from the political point of  view.
he electoral system in Italy needs to beradically reformed if the country is toavoid the kind of gridlock it is currently faced with, a senior MEP has told New Europe.Gianni Pittella, vice-president of the Eu-ropean Parliament and member of the PartitoDemocratico, the party of Pier Luigi Bersani, thecentre-left candidate who is hopeful of receivingpresidential approval for forming a government,told New Europe that the new prime ministerneeds to address the flaws in the current electo-ral system that have contributed to the currentinstability.The Italian elections, held on 24/25 Februa-ry, fractured the political system, with Bersani se-curing a majority in the lower house, but failingto get the required majority in the senate. According to Pittella, there are two majorquestions that the new prime minister will needto address upon taking office. “Mr Bersani hasthe possibility of a renegotiation of the agree-ment with the EU to have more flexibility in line with the stability pact. This is vital for the econo-my, to give more jobs and improve growth”.“The second proposal is to cut the expen-diture of political life, through certain publicspending cuts, and to ensure in the reform of the political system – maybe a cut in the numberof MPs, and a possible change in the bi-cameralsystem. If Mr Bersani is trusted to form a govern-ment, these should be his main priorities”.Pittella said that recent quotes by Bersaniputting this election firmly in the context of growth versus austerity for Europe, needed to be taken seriously. He said that this was the bigissue facing the EU at the moment. The PartitoDemocratico, he says, are “fully with Europe”, but that current austerity measures pushed by in-fluential governments, such as Germany, as wellas by the European Commission, whose econo-mics commissioner, Olli Rehn, is a firm advocateof fiscal prudence.The election result, says Pittella, “is a voteagainst austerity, and against embedded politics.In Italy, like in Greece, Spain and Portugal, auste-rity has triggered an increase in unemploymentand poverty, and not only amongst the workingclass, but also the middle class”.“Then there are the embedded politics”, hesays. “In Italy there were instances, for instance, where some public funds were not used in an ap-propriate way, and the citizens protested becauseof this”. Former prime minister, Silvio Berlusco-nai, who staged a remarkable comeback at thiselection, for instance, has to answer to the electo-rate for his populist promises, says Pittella. OtherEuropean governments, notably Germany, whodistanced themselves from their centre-rightcolleague, backing instead the technocratic Ma-rio Monti, will not be so taken with his tactics,he says.Pitella dismisses speculation that there will be a quick re-election in Italy, in a re-run of thelast Greek elections, or that there will be externalEU pressure on the county to form a govern-ment quickly in an attempt to quell market ner- vousness.“Outside or German influence is not seen by Italians as a positive thing. If there is a lectureform Angel Merkel about austerity, the Italian re-sponse will be ‘what do you have to teach us?’ Idon’t think that there will be another election inItaly. This will be a great danger, not just for Italy, but also for the wider Europe.
By Cillian Donnelly By Federico Grandesso
Pier Luigi Bersani “Has the possibility of a renegotiation of the agreement with the EU to havemore flexibility in line with the stability pact. This is vital for the economy, to give more jobs andimprove growth” |
Change of electoral systemneeded for Italy 
Bersani expected to be asked to form government

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