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The Jewish War of Survival

The Jewish War of Survival

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Published by le_chiffre4860
Treatment of WW II and the lying hypocrisy of the Allied powers.
Treatment of WW II and the lying hypocrisy of the Allied powers.

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Published by: le_chiffre4860 on Feb 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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byA R N O L D L E E S E — 1945 — 
I stood, as Mr. Richard Stokes, M. P., stood, for a negotiated peace, but, possibly, onvastly different grounds. Mr. Stokes was not interned, because he will not face the Jewish Menace. Since the beginning of the War, I did what little I could in favour of anegotiated peace, no matter which side was for the moment on top. I believe that theWar was, from the National standpoint, a disaster wrong and unnecessary. Forholding similar
views on other wars contemporary to them, such well-known men as:Pitt, Fox, Bright, Lloyd George, Ramsay MacDonald and the present Home SecretaryHerbert Morrison were not interned. There is of course a difference in my case, as I amattacking the Jews and they were not, and the Jew holds supreme power.I have attacked the Jews before and won a great moral victory over them. The Jewshad me imprisoned for six months in 1936 for what was said to be a "public mischief" inthat I mentioned in my paper, "The Fascist," the subject of Jewish Ritual Murder.Evidently judging me by their own standards, they thought to frighten me into silence.When I came out of prison I published a book on the subject, and they honoured me bymaintaining a silence so intense that it could almost be heard! They were afraid toadvertise it by taking another action against me. I defied them successfully and thebook has since been distributed all over the world. I hope therefore to do it successfullyagain. This War was Jewish and has never had any other object than the salvation of the Jews from Hitler. The first nine chapters of this book disprove the "causes" given fromtime to time by politicians and others for our being in a War which even the ignorantmob had sensed and labelled "phoney." The Tenth Chapter deals with a half-truthprevalent amongst the better-informed. The rest of the book completes my case that theWar was Jewish and that Britain was forced into it for Jewish purposes. The world hasonly seen one more stupendous bluff than this war, and that was Jewish too.Guildford, Surrey ARNOLD LEESE5th May 1945Dedicated to the hundreds of patriotic Britons who, with the Author, wereimprisoned without charge or trial during the Second World War.
PREFACECHAPTER I"We Are Fighting In Defense of Freedom" (Lord Halifax)CHAPTER II"We Are Meeting a Challenge to Our Own Security" (LordHalifax)CHAPTER III"We are defending the rights of all Nations to live their ownlives" and "fighting against the substitution of brute force forLaw as the arbiter between Nations." (Lord Halifax)CHAPTER IV"We Are Fighting Against the Violation of the Sanctity o Treaties and Disregard of the Pledged Word" (Lord Halifax)CHAPTER V"We Are Fighting Today for the Preservation of ChristianPrinciples" (The (London) Times, 17th Feb. 1940)CHAPTER VI"We Are Fighting As Our Fathers Fought to Uphold theDoctrine That All Men Are Equal In the Sight of God"(Franklin D. Roosevelt, 6th Jan. 1942)CHAPTER VII"We Are Fighting for Democracy"CHAPTER VIII The Theory That High Finance Caused the WarCHAPTER IXThe Object Is to Destroy Fascism and HitlerismCHAPTER XUnprepared and BlindfoldedCHAPTER XI Hitler Always Knew His Real EnemyCHAPTER XIIHitler Wanted Peace With BritainCHAPTER XIIIHow Britain Was Egged On to Make WarCHAPTER XIVThe Jews Acknowledge Their Power and ThreatenCHAPTER XVThe Jews Declare WarCHAPTER XVIThe Jewish WarCHAPTER XVIIThe Peace: Britain Defeated Whoever WinsCHAPTER XVIIIConclusionAPPENDICESI The War of Extermination
II What the World Rejected: Hitler's Peace Offer of April 1, 1936IIIThe Nuremberg TrialIVNew Appointments
 This book has entailed many hundreds of hours of labour. Working entirely byhand, with the aid of a few friends, countless difficulties had to be overcome. Owing tothe limited number of first edition copies produced, I asked my friends to make knownthe facts contained herein. The appalling events which have taken place in Europe since the Spring of 1945 aresufficient justification for all that I have written. As long ago as 1924 I stated that thereare two things worse, even, than war. The one is INJUSTICE. The other is a BolshevistPeace!ARNOLD LEESE
Chapter I 
Lord HalifaxEveryone is agreed that under Civilization there cannot be complete freedom. Thatis only obtainable under anarchy, with consequences few people would care to suffer. Therefore we may take it that Lord Halifax and others who say we are fighting forFreedom, mean Reasonable Freedom under civilized conditions. Freedom is divisibleinto (1) National Freedom, which is the subject dealt with in Chapter V, and (2) PersonalFreedom, dealt with here.Perhaps I have as good a right as any man to nail the lie that we fought this war indefense of Personal Freedom, since, for being actively anti-Jewish and for maintaining,like Mr. Richard Stokes, M. P., that it was better for everyone that the war should bebrought to an early close by a negotiated peace rather than that it should be allowed todrag on, I was incarcerated in Brixton Prison three and one-quarter years (with a shortinterval of a few weeks in a dirty Concentration Camp) without being charged or tried forany offence, imaginary or otherwise. I was jailed so that I might not divulge to others theresults of careful investigation into the menace of the Jew. But more of this anon.For the last ten years the economic policy of the Government of this country hasbeen mapped-out for them by an organization called Political and Economic Planning, orP. E. P., for short. It was my paper THE FASCIST which first (July, 1933) gave publicityto the existence of this Jewish racket. Until then its existence was a carefully preservedsecret. Israel Moses Sieff 

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