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80. Corruption in Pakistan

80. Corruption in Pakistan

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Published by murtazee

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Published by: murtazee on Feb 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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362Emporium Current EssaysIT*i^PUfilIEimi.iiCorruption and bribery have been the bane of every society in various degree throughoutthe ages. All prophets, saints, political and social scientists have crusaded against thevicious and malicious consequences of corruption.In our country corruption is just like the oil that makes the wheels of the government run,for the structure of our polity is such that people on all rungs of government havesatisfied their conscience one way or the other that graft and bribery are the only* waythey can make a decent living.With regard to corruption and violence Rousseau once said: "It was only when theserpent entered society in the form of private property that the life of man changed from prosperity to adversity."Corruption is the mother of gll evils. It breeds and promotes all others conceivable vicesin society. It is responsible for lawlessness, disorder, injustice, turmoil, frustration andanarchy. It not only ruins the institutions and the system but also brings aboutdeterioration and decadence in the moral, spirit, character and panache of people. Theliving standard to people and triumph or discomfiture of a government greatly lie with thedimension and scope of corruption in any country.Most of our governments have been dismissed on corruption charges but no one has yet been punished for being corrupt. Corruption has become a way life and acquired a newmeaning and respectability in Pakistan. Today, corruption originating from the top has permeated all strata and classes right to vendors and milkmen.Transparency International has listed Pakistan as the third most corrupt country in theworld after Indonesia and China. Transparency International has been formed by many persons who had once served in the World Bank and other international organisations.The cancer of corruption has eaten into the vitals of all institutions of Pakistan. So long aswe are aware of the inimicalEmporium Current Esk 
365\effects of corruption, we must not let it go on. \ world-wide, but as long as reasons for itare root .- ^ vsmust combat it with full rigour and vigour. In P& ^is primarily a product of bureaucratic culture whicv colonial in nature. \The administrative personnel do not perceive _• ascatalysts in the task of national reconstruction and deveK -cnt, for they see themselves asdispersers in favour and treat the masses as recipients of patronage.Although some people of our society are not jealous of other and do not like to competefor worldly needs since they think this may disturb their clam and cost life yet the evil of amassing more and more wealth at the cost of others had now entered our society, or instance, a few years ago, people looking for bridegroom for their daughters used to gofor an honest person. Now their primary consideration is to see that their prospective son-in-law must have maximum money.Our generation was advised by the ciders not even to look at ill-gotten money. The elderswere so particular about honest living that they would not accept an invitation to a mealfrom a person who lived beyond his means. Society used to abominate persons receiving bribes or indulging in other corrupt practices. People used to avoid to have associationwith persons known to be corrupt. Curiously enough, today we are least concerned aboutour responsibility to our countrymen. Our first and foremost concern is only to fill bagsof money by hook or by crook. Do we bear any mark of compunction on our faces andavoid facing the honest people keeping in view the apprehension of being wiggled?In Pakistan, corruption has become a way of life, bin ilinu the poor, feeding the rich -unshakeable and immutable. Children of corrupt officials with salaries often thousandrupees go to schools where free alone costs more than the salary of their parents. On theother hand, children of honest and righteous officials go to substandard schools, resortingto pillion-riding or hitch-hiking.Every government since the regime of Ayub Khan has patronised and promotedcorruption. At present, corruption is an art practised and patronised by all the haughty andmighty in Pakistan. It is being pursued most dishonourably without any fear andaccountability by the powerful and influential people.We have miserably failed almost in every domain including agriculture, education,health, population control, law and order362
Emporium Current EssaysEmporium Current Essays365..nd even defence. On the other band, >ve have made outstanding headway in corruption.If we scan Pakistan's history, we will learn that corruption was little known before theregime of Ayub Khan. Politicians like Liaquat Ali Khan, Nazim-ud-Din, Fazal Haque,Tamiz-ud-Din, passed away penniless. Even Sikandar Mirza worked for a living duringhis exile days in England. Today, unfortunately, the pace of corruption is promoted by thevery leaders whose first and foremost duty is to combat and eradicate it. Instead, thewhole structure and system of the government is being erected on incompetence,approach, nepotism, corruption and bribery which will, it not checked in an opposite way,utterly wreck every institution and department.At the dawn of this year, three Indian Federal Ministers resigned from Prime Minister  Narasimha "Rao's Cabinet following the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) chargingthem with corruption. They were accused of receiving, between 1983 and 1991, morethan 21 million dollars from a Delhi-based business magnate, Suredra Jain, to securecontracts or in exchange for favours. The Indian PM had given the CBI the green signalto charge sheet the three sitting ministers and to file cases against them in the SupremeCourt. Can our FIA take similar action against our minister?The bureaucrats and politicians across the political divide have combined into a mostsinister venture "of plunder. They do subvert any genuine attempt at accountability. Thetask of extinguishing the burner of corruption is made more difficult by institutionalfairly and legal loopholes.The long and strong hands of corruption seem to spare no sector, either it is small or big.The diabolical extent of corruption particularly in the police service has broken allrecords where police stations are sold to the higher bidders among police officer, who arethen free to make as mucli money as they can.Efforts of the FACC have ended in fiasco to punish the corrupt since the FACC has foundout many cases of massive fraud an heavy misappropriation. Unfortunately, the corruptare highly place and well-connected in a changing political scenario in which they havestrong political connections. That is why successive anticorruption committees over thedecades came with a bang and vanished with a whimper.The evasion of income tax by the landlords* mill-owners, business magnates andlawyers, etc., is pernicious to the economy of Pakistan and eventually burgeonscorruption in society.

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